Star Ring Mission Chapter 220


Chapter 220 is weird

Soon under the command of Ziqing, the Helan drastically changed its sailing route and moved towards the direction of the large army.

It was a particularly smooth sailing all the way.

In the control room, Ziqing made a puzzled sound not long after finishing the operation.


“What’s wrong?”

Qianchengxue asked when she noticed something was wrong.

“I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Not long after we adjusted our forward direction, the ships surrounded by us also adjusted their forward angle, which happened to be the best interception angle. Of course, this is nothing to us. Substantial impact, after all, I am approaching the large army,” explained Ziqing.

“It doesn’t mean that it has no effect. If we want to break through the siege, it will have an impact. Don’t you think that we are approaching the large army, which is very smooth?”

Qianchengxue’s eyes became colder, she She always felt that something was wrong, and she even had a very strong feeling that she was like a duck being driven by the other side to the place they delineated.


Zi Qing and Chen Xijie didn’t know how to answer Qian Chengxue, so they couldn’t say that it would be bad to get close to the main force smoothly?

Su Mo calmly suggested: “I don’t think we have to merge with the big army, the sea is so big and our ships are so powerful, we can get close to the big army while looking for a breakout. Opportunity, let’s see if we can force a breakthrough! Even if they do hit their ships, as long as there are not many battleships and they are not the main battleship, they can completely forcibly sink the opponent.”

Qianchengxue lifts the head slightly. Glancing at Su Mo, he gave the order very decisively.

β€œDo as Su Mo says!”

She very much approves of Su Mo’s advice.


Zi Qing and Chen Xijie responded at the same time.

Immediately, Ziqing steered and continuously adjusted the forward sailing of the Helan, while Chen Xijie continued to input commands to maximize the power output and accelerate the Helan.

Qiancheng Xue is staring at the red dot on the radar!

I saw that the red dots also changed accordingly, and they also began to adjust the channel, and some ships in front of the Helan reacted the most.

If you continue to move forward according to the current trend, you will definitely collide with the enemy!

So Qianchengxue ordered again: “Change direction, change course!”


Ziqing quickly adjusted the sailing route.

It’s a pity that it’s useless, no matter how you adjust it, the other party will also adjust, and things seem very strange.

To know that Helan’s radar performance is far superior to the other party’s, normally Helan should be able to see them, but they can’t see Helan, how could it be so accurate to respond .

It feels like being stared at by invisible eyes.

The expressions of Lin Zinuo and the others also became extremely ugly, everyone fell silent, and the atmosphere seemed very strange.


There was a sudden thunder in the sky!

It was only at this time that everyone realized that the sky had changed. The originally clear sky had become dark and oppressive at some point, which was a little breathless.

It was followed by a torrential downpour.

Everyone present looked towards Qiancheng Snow.

“Sister Xue, I feel as if we are staring at a poisonous snake. How does the other party grasp our every move?”

Sun Li asked very puzzled, you know The sea is not the same as the land. It is very difficult to outflank a target from a long distance at sea. Unless you can lock it, it is just looking for a needle in a haystack. No matter how many ships are given to you, it is not very useful, let alone such an accurate encirclement.

And judging from the red dots scanned by the radar, the distribution of the opposing forces is also very subtle. They are all big red dots with a group of small red dots, and there is no local weak area.

“Then there are only two possibilities. One is that we have spies on board.”

Qianchengxue said in a tranquil voice.


Sun Li was the first to blurt out. From her point of view, the selection of this time has been very careful, and basically they are trusted and trusted.

“That’s because they used a special method to monitor the entire area.”

Qianchengxue said very keenly.

“If they use early warning aircraft or the like, there is no reason why the Helan can’t detect it. Unless they are not in the air, but in the water?”

Ziqing said halfway Suddenly reacted.

Speaking of this, Ziqing immediately turned on the special reconnaissance facility of the Helan, the KBD sonar echo detection device, which is specially used to detect all foreign objects near the ship at close range, and most importantly, it is used to avoid Threatening objects such as reefs, mines, etc.

Sure enough, a foreign object floating point was swept not far from the Helan.

“I found a foreign object.”

“Go over and fish it up!”

Qianchengxue immediately gave an order.


Zi Qing immediately operated the ship moved towards Foreign Object Floating Point!

A few moments later, a mechanical object with a shape similar to a sea urchin, covered with green seaweed, was brought up to the control room.

Chen Xijie squatted down to check, and said to Qianchengxue with a very ugly face: “Sister Xue, we estimate that we are trapped, this is a monitoring buoy in the DSC relay area. It can monitor everything in the Sea Territory within a certain range. , the other party must have sprinkled this thing in a large area throughout the entire Sea Territory, and we have entered the trap prepared by the other party in advance.”

“That does not mean that the other party knows exactly what we do, we are the biggest The advantage of ‘s has been canceled? Fortunately, we did not choose to break through at first, otherwise we would definitely be hunted and besieged by the other group alone.”

Sun Li said with great joy.

“But even now, our situation is not very good. We are now forced to join the army.”

Seeing that there is no hope of breaking through, Su Mo opened his mouth to remind road.

“I’m surprised at one thing, the other party just let us join the army together? is it possible that they plan to kill us together?”

Lin Zino was puzzled asked.

As soon as these words came out, everyone fell silent, and looked at Lin Zinuo with a very ugly expression.

Lin Zinuo was also very embarrassed to see everyone looking at him. Maybe he was right.

Su Mo shook the head helplessly.

At this time, on the southeast side of Helan, a nuclear-powered battleship, Xiangyun, was advancing at a constant speed.

In the control room, a young man with sharp eyes, his hands behind his back, and a very conceited young man looked at the Sea Territory market where the information was gathered.

“Lord Sagi, the Helan is even more cunning than we thought. It not only saw through Mr. Muhe who was trying to approach. And there was no immediate choice to break out of the encirclement, the original planned separate encirclement and suppression plan was estimated to be invalid. I’m done.”

A flamboyant female adjutant beside her respectfully reported.

“Haruko, you are underestimating each other, they are not ordinary cunning! Not only did they not enter the trap we prepared for them, but they also explored the entire encirclement. But it doesn’t matter, he is the only one now. The way out is to go to meet with the big army, it was originally a meal in the plate, just to destroy it together.”

Sagi raised his finger and pointed to the center of the big plate, and declared conceitedly.

“Yes! Mr. Sagi.”

(End of this chapter)

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