Star Ring Mission Chapter 221


Chapter 221 is not optimistic

In the control room of the Rafale, everyone is cheering for the victory just won.

Suddenly, an operator reported in surprise: “Lord Link, we received a communication request from an unknown ship, and our radar did not scan each other.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this, what’s the situation? If the communication request is received, but the other party is not scanned, there is only one possibility.


Link had a bad hunch.


The operator is immediately connected to communication.

At this moment, Qianchengxue’s cold voice sounded, and she said in a leisurely manner: “Hello, this is the Helan number, and I am Qianchengxue, the tenth Corps Head of the Dawning Guild.”

Hearing Qianchengxue reporting her home, the other members of the control room also showed excited expressions on their faces.

“Helan is also here, this time we can’t be considered for a big increase.”

“Yes, it’s like a tiger that has grown wings. “

Link coughed to signal everyone to be quiet, and then replied very politely: “Qianchengxue Corps Head, I’m the commander of the Wind Fleet, Link, I’m glad you came to participate in this time.” We are honored to be able to fight with you.”

“Captain Link, I am also very happy to be fighting alongside you, but I have to solemnly remind you that we have entered the enemy The encirclement of the enemy has been closed. The enemy you defeated before is just a bait that the enemy deliberately revealed. This Sea Territory has been sprinkled with special monitoring devices. All our every move has been captured by the other party, and the other party is now shrinking the encirclement network. .”

Qianchengxue calmly announced.

However, when everyone heard her words, they immediately frowned.

“What! We’re surrounded?”

“Everything is quiet! Qianchengxue Corps Head, what advice do you have for the current situation and what should we do? “

Link suppressed his shocked heart and asked calmly.

“Inform everyone to form a good formation and fight against each other. I will join you. The brave will win, who will win and who will lose, not sure!”

Qiancheng Xue Shi Shi Domineering replied.

“No problem, I’ll inform everyone!”

Link took a deep breath, and now he can only do it according to Qian Chengxue’s proposal.

“Then please!”

After Qian Chengxue finished speaking, he hung up the communication!

Soon the fleet that had just won the battle was notified by Link’s group.

“Dear fellows, let me tell you a very unfortunate thing. I just got the latest news from the Helan. We are surrounded by the enemy. Now the Helan is approaching us, it Will fight side by side with us.”

This sudden news is like a basin of cold water pouring on everyone’s forehead, quieting everyone who was cheering excitedly, but it did not kill them Passionate heart.

“It’s good, I’m afraid of them!”

“Yes, don’t we still have the Helan!”

“Fuck them!”

“That’s right, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.”

There were excited voices throughout the public channel.

“Very well, that’s what I want. If you look up to me, Link, please follow my unified command.”

Link said excitedly.

“My Zhang Wang represents the blade fleet willing to obey your command.”

Zhang Wang was the first to express his stance, obviously the situation is very tense now, and the time for life and death is approaching. If the Helan had not reported the news earlier, it is estimated that the enemy would have flanked their faces before they could find out, and it would have been too late by then.

“We are willing to listen to Lord Link.”

“Yes, Lord Link, you can announce your order.”

Link saw everyone In response, without being polite, he directly opened the mouth and said: “Listen to my order, all the ships adjust their routes, form a conical lineup, and leave enough space in the abdomen to let the Helan close! Since the other party wants to eat Us, then I’ll pierce its belly.”


On the sea where the rain poured, the fleet began to adjust the lineup in an orderly manner.

Everyone’s blood is boiling at this moment, no one is afraid of death, and everyone is ready for a desperate fight.

In the control room of Xiangyun, Haruko reported to Sagi Hui: “Sir, the target fleet has started to form a system, and actively moved towards Helan, which seems to be ready to welcome Helan to break through. Do we want to speed up and attack it?”

“There is an old saying in Z country, “The lion beats the rabbit, and we use all our strength! According to the plan, how long does it take for the air fire support we want to reach the battlefield?” .”

“Master Sagi is wise, we need air support, and we are expected to arrive at the battlefield in an hour.”

Haruko’s respectful report.

Sagi raised his hand, adjusted his watch, and said in a chilling voice: “The order is to continue to shrink according to the plan, and after an hour, everyone will launch an attack! No matter who sinks the Helan, it will be a bloodbath of shame. Whoever, remember a great achievement!”


Haruko responded excitedly.

In fact, compared to the fleet that fell into the trap, the Helan was what Sagi wanted to destroy the most, because it was a testimony to shame.

In the command room of the Helan, Ziqing kept reporting: “It is estimated that in 50 minutes, we will meet the fleet. And the opposing fleet gives us the best position in the formation, and we can receive Good protection and fighting.”

“Very good.”

Qianchengxue answered in a deep voice.

Su Mo said to Qianchengxue at this time: “I can’t help much if I stay here. I’ll drive the mecha and wait until the battle to see if I can help a little.”


Qiancheng Xue slightly nods.

Su Mo immediately left the control room, the rain was getting heavier and heavier outside, he stopped and lifted the head to look at the dark sky.

My heart is getting more and more irritable, and I always feel a bad premonition.

At this time, the large fleet of ships in the distance is rapidly approaching, and the rendezvous is imminent.

Su Mo took a deep breath and ran away without thinking too much.

In the control room, the Helan suddenly sounded a harsh siren again.

“What happened?”

Qiancheng Xuexin shuddered!

“We scanned a large number of air units from us up ahead, approaching quickly, and it is expected to cut into the battlefield in about ten minutes!” They themselves have more troops than them, and they are generally more advanced. This is the rhythm of planning to wipe out the whole without leaving a trace of life.

“Don’t be chaotic, continue to join the fleet, front soldiers with generals and stem water with earth! We were never afraid when we fought alone, let alone now! Whoever wins or loses loses? Be sure to share our radar scan information with Raofeng from now on.”

Qianchengxue’s beautiful face became colder and her eyes sharper.


Zi Qing and the others were also infected and regained their confidence.

In the command room of the Raowind, Link looked at the radar information shared by the Helan.

The whole expression became more and more solemn, and the form was not optimistic. Maybe I couldn’t get out of it today.

(end of this chapter)

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