Star Ring Mission Chapter 222


Chapter 222 Bloody Battle in the Grey Sea

Soon the Helan joined the large fleet, and one on the edge The ships gave way to the Helan, allowing it to enter the formation-type central area.

At the same time, Helan was added to the wireless public communication channel.

“Welcome to the Helan! We will win!”

“Yes, let those bastards know how good we are.”

“Want to eat We are not afraid of breaking the big teeth.”


The entire fleet was in a state of excitement at this time, and there was no fear at all.

“Thank you for your praise, but the most urgent task now is to smash the siege of the other party. I am willing to fight side by side with you, Legion, to advance and retreat together in life and death!”

Qianchengxue is contagious , and said very firmly to the crowd.

“It’s our pleasure!”

The crowd responded.

Link also announced at this time: “All listen to my command, shift 12 degrees to the left, and accelerate forward.”



“Now start to divide the fleet, Seagrass, Greystone.”

The entire formation began to shift course and dash forward!

No accident, the intercepting troops also adjusted their routes accordingly, and the troops on both sides would soon enter each other’s attack range.

At this time, the sky was pouring rain, and high-speed fighter jets roared. These fighter jets took the lead in long-distance attacks!

A long-range missile was ejected, turning into a streamer of light.

Link immediately gave the order: “Don’t mess up, listen to my order, three-stage interception! First stage, destroyer Big Iron, Seagrass launches interceptor missiles, second stage, Mimi, Victory .Enable the interception of rockets, if not intercepted, the peripheral fleet will use short-range guns!”


Everyone responded.

In the rainstorm, ships fire interceptor missiles methodically!


The streamer from one after another in the distance exploded in midair, but a large number of streamers still passed through the interception and continued to strike, followed by the second wave Intercept the rocket salvo! A lot of blasts again.

In the end, only a small number of missiles passed through the two layers to intercept. Only a small number of missiles passed through the layers of interception and hit different ships, but even so, the ships that were hit also exploded, and many ships began to sink directly. It can be seen that the ships composed of large troops , the quality is really not very good.

Helan, in the control room, Qianchengxue looked at the command of Link, and also secretly applauded, this command was very stable.

At this time, Ziqinghui reported: “The long-range missiles and long-range torpedoes are ready, do you want to launch a first round attack?”

“No, wait a little closer, and wait until the other party enters our most Good range, give them some color and take a look! Check all the launch units and let the ship enter a state of attack.”

Qianchengxue didn’t mean to shoot rashly.


Zi Qing responded with an attack.

In the command room of the Xiangyun, Haru Zihui reported: “The first round air support effect is not very satisfactory.”

“That’s just an appetizer, order the rear fleet to dash forward with the Xiangyun. , prepare to attack, the plan to close the net begins!”

Sagi didn’t intend to hide behind, he was confident that he could defeat the Helan and the others.

“Understood, the 3rd Fleet is approaching.”

“The 5th Fleet is approaching from the side and will provide fire support.”

” The air formation will launch a second round attack.”

A total of ten nuclear-powered battleships, five long-range support aircraft carriers, and thirty submarines participated in the frontal interception. As for destroyers, light cruisers, cruisers, frigates, diesel battleships, etc.

On the Raft, Link watched the red dot of the densely packed approaching, and his hands behind his back couldn’t help clenching into fists, and the bones made a rattling sound.

“It is estimated that there are still four minutes and thirty-two seconds before entering the War Zone.”

The adjutant on the side reported nervously.

“The ships of the first echelon, the firepower is loaded and ready to shoot, the second echelon of ships is loaded with firepower and waiting for the order, the third echelon of ships is on alert, and the Helan is free to judge.”

Lin Ke issued orders in an orderly manner. He separated the Helan from his own command system. The reason was very simple, because he did not understand the performance of the Helan. For this reason, he intends to use the group fleet as a bunker for the Helan, and let the Helan play freely!


The adjutant responded quickly.

Without any accident, the troops of both sides quickly entered the fighting range, and both gave orders to fire at the same time.

Swell! Bloated!

One torpedo was ejected from the launch port of the ship and fell into the sea moved towards the opponent.

At the same time, a large-caliber ship-borne artillery fired violently.

The two sides desperately poured various types of missiles.


In the rainstorm, ships are hit and raging flames! The battle is fiercer than expected!

In the command room of the Hurricane, the adjutant kept reporting: “The Seagrass was badly damaged, and the Greystone sank”

The bad news kept hitting everyone.

“Lord Link can’t keep going like this. There are more and more ships packed by the enemy, and we are about to be surrounded.”

Link’s face was tense. Said: “It’s okay if we don’t, if we are cowardly now, then we will be broken up, when the time comes it is the fish on the meat board, let someone slaughter!”




At this time, groups of fighter jets roared. Since the long-range attack effect was not obvious, the enemy began to attack at close range.

In the command room of the Helan, Chen Xijie said, “We are locked by more than seven fighter planes! They beat them down.”

Qianchengxue was not polite to them, the reason why she kept holding back and did not launch an attack was because she was accumulating strength, which did not mean that he was easy to bully.


On the deck, the launch units of the Helan were deployed one by one, and the missiles rose into the air, whizzing away at an extremely fast speed.

At this time, Su Mo was driving the black steel messenger and stood on the deck, lifting the head constantly looking at the sky and breathing the missiles, but he didn’t do anything!

Because those missiles were all intercepted when they were close to the Helan and exploded in the sky.

Then a fighter jet in the distant sky was shot down.

Su Mo controlled mecha to turn his head, looking towards the battle of the fleet ahead. He couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Compared to this, he was not optimistic.

Our ships sank one by one, and the ratio of battle damage has reached three to one.

The number itself is not as many as the opponent’s, and the battle damage is much higher than the opponent’s. This is almost a war that is unlikely to be won.

But there is one thing that makes Su Mo very concerned, Helan has not launched a large-scale attack yet.

Su Mo is still very confident about the Helan. If it launches an attack, the battle situation will not be passively affected by this situation.

It’s a pity that Su Mo didn’t have the mood to think about this soon, because the attack on the Helan failed, which completely angered those fighters. They’re playing the old trick again! Bombing at close range, if not, suicide attack.

(end of this chapter)

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