Star Ring Mission Chapter 223


Chapter 223 sneak attack

Su Mo looked at the roaring fighter jets, and turned on the hidden close-up on his left arm. Cheng Gun, moving on the ship, launched an attack against the incoming fighter jets in the sky.


In the command room of the nuclear-powered battleship Xiangyun, Sagi looked at the battle report and was very satisfied, he asked.

“What’s going on with the Helan.”

Haruko reported to Sagi Hui: “The air support is powerfully suppressing the Helan, and the other side is overwhelmed, and our fleet is giving the other side a strong Strike! In addition, Xiangyun has entered the combat range, whether to attack!”

“Start! Let them know what trembling is!”

Sagi waved his extremely confident hand!

However, at this moment, the Xiangyun system suddenly issued a harsh alarm!

“Warning that the ship is locked!”

Sagi’s expression suddenly changed, and he immediately shouted!

“The left rudder is full!”

The tone barely fell, and the Helan, which had been immersed all the time, was like a sleeping lion, suddenly opening its eyes!

Qiancheng Xue gave the order the moment Xiangyun entered the combat range.

“Main battery firing! Missiles, torpedoes! Pour!”

A purple beam of light slammed towards Xiangyun at a very high speed, while Helan fired sky-filled missiles and one after another torpedo.


The tail section on the side of the Auspicious Cloud was hit instantly.

A huge explosion swept away, and then all around the fleet was hit one by one.

The fleet that was suddenly attacking was directly suppressed.

In the control room of the Auspicious Cloud, Samu and the others were hit by the explosion, and they were instantly turned over.

Then they struggled to get up.

The operator reported anxiously: “The bottom tank area of Y23 on the right side of the ship is seriously damaged and is flooding!”

“Close the isolation valve!”

“The adjacent cabin is being closed!”

“Immediately control the Xiangyun to retreat back!”

Although Sagi was extremely unwilling, the Xiangyun had not yet started its first show, and was attacked by the other party. Give a yin. But reason told him that the good luck this time the other party missed the key point, it does not mean that the next time the luck will be so good.

In a one-on-one situation, the Auspicious Cloud is no match for the Helan.

“It’s under control!”

“Report, the third formation fleet was baptism by the firepower of the Helan. More than half of the ships were damaged to varying degrees, and the Mahe sank.”

One by one very bad news came.

Samu’s expression became more and more gloomy. He had expected the Helan to be strong, but he still underestimated its strength.

“Lord Sagi, this can’t go on like this, the other party is planning to forcibly tear open an opening to break through!”

“Order the seventh formation to speed up, at all costs to intercept the other party, At the same time, order the aircraft carrier formation and the air bombing formation to increase their attacks. In addition, let the forward troops concentrate their firepower and inflict heavy damage on the Helan!”

Sagi issued the order extremely calmly.

As long as the opponent is restrained, it is only a matter of time before the opponent is eliminated.


In the heavy rain, more and more ships came over and launched a fierce attack on Link and the others.

Although their single-hulled ships are not as powerful as the Helan, they can’t hold a large number.

Soon the Helan was completely unprepared, and the situation was back on track. At the same time, ships tried to pour torpedoes and artillery fire on the Helan.

Link immediately sensed that he gave orders without the slightest hesitation.

“Put me on top! Don’t let them easily attack the Helan!”

“Understood!” Other captains agreed with the voice. They kept intercepting those torpedoes and shelling ships, and some even used their own ships as shields to induce those torpedoes to attack themselves.


A ship sank heroically, and the scene was extremely tragic.

On the deck of the Helan, Su Mo controlled the black steel messenger to move back and forth with super-fast hand speed, and kept shooting at the fighters coming from the suicide attack in the sky!


Occasionally an approaching fighter jet is blown up.

But they couldn’t hold back these crazy guys. In an instant, a fighter jet slammed into the deck of the Helan.

Big bang! Take away a dozen people directly.

“Missile! Stop it!”

At this point a player shouted anxiously.

Su Mo turned around and looked over, only to see a missile breakthrough short-range artillery! moved towards Main Gun Base Attack.

He pushed the power rod to the bottom without saying a word, controlled the black steel messenger to collapse and rushed over.

Leap to your feet when you’re near, swinging your chain gun to sweep across.


The missile was directly split in half and exploded on the spot.

The black steel messenger fell straight to the ground in the explosive flames, and the thick armor of the whole body was not serious except for some burns.

In the cockpit, Su Mo let out a long sigh. He also felt awkward. This black steel messenger was too bulky. He couldn’t use his hands and feet on the ship, and he couldn’t play its role.

It’s not that the Black Steel messenger is not easy to use, but this is not his home ground. In layman’s terms, Su Mo is like a Berserker playing long-range output.

Black steel messenger is only suitable for frontal slamming and standing. Just now Su Mo was hit by that missile. If the blue mecha before, would have suffered a lot of trauma, but black steel messenger is farting Nothing happened.

Su Mo suppressed the irritability in his heart and continued to raise his hand to shoot fighter jets frantically against the sky.


However, a prompt popped up.

“Hint: The magazine is empty, the spare magazine: 0!”

Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightly, the bullets were exhausted, and he could only open the missile launch port in his abdomen. , and shoot the four missiles out

Helan command room, Qianchengxue’s expression became more and more cold, she could see that the situation was getting worse and worse, don’t look at the two sides now that you are fighting back and forth ‘s inseparable.

It’s only a matter of time before your own ship group loses, after all, the strength gap is there.

Zi Qing opened the mouth and said: “Sister Xue, Master Link’s communication.”

“Connect it.”

Qiancheng Xue simply Replied.

Soon Link’s voice sounded in the communication channel: “Qianchengxue Corps Head, you can also see the situation now, although there is your strong fire support, the enemy’s fleet is getting more and more outflanked. More, the fire support is getting stronger and stronger, our ships are sinking one by one, and the situation will only get worse and worse. So I am thinking, or we should try our best to create opportunities for the Helan to break out of the siege. , you find a way to forcibly break through.”

“Don’t say that, since we chose to fight side by side with you, how could we escape alone! I believe everyone, we will break through together!”

Replied by Qiancheng Snow Chilling.

However, just as Qiancheng Xue finished speaking, there was a loud bang, and the whole Helan shook violently!


Lin Zinuo and the others staggered and almost didn’t fall.

“What’s the situation?”

Zhang Wenjing solemnly replied .

“We were hit by an unknown torpedo! The bottom of C3 area C5 area is damaged, C2 area is seriously damaged, sea water is pouring in!”

Chen Xijie was shocked and replied, she didn’t know , How the Helan was sneak attacked.

“Close the nearby hatch!”

“No, no response! There is a problem with the emergency shutdown line! You must find a way to close it manually!”

Zi Qing Respond quickly.

“I’ll go!”

Lin Zinuo volunteered.

“The impulsive force of the seawater poured in is very strong! Don’t be too reluctant.”

Ziqing reminded Lin Zinuo worriedly!

“It’s okay, I have the second-generation armor! I’m going!”

Lin Zino ran out without looking back.

On the deck, Su Mo’s control of the black steel messenger also shook violently. He also had an unfathomable mystery on his face. What happened?

The Helan, which was protected by so many ships, was hit without warning.

Before Su Mo figured out what was going on!

There was a whistling sound in the sky.

A group of fighter planes attacked again in a bombing formation, and missiles came one by one. In order to prevent them from being intercepted by close-air artillery, those missiles split instantly when they approached, turning into a sub-warhead, and two. The second acceleration rushed down!

In an instant, some warheads took advantage of the moment Helan was damaged, and the breakthrough firepower intercepted, and strikes were on the ship.


Different areas on the Helan received a lot of damage, two of the anti-aircraft guns were pulled out, and the flames burst into the sky.

Not even the heavy rain could be put out.

In the control room, Zi Qing anxiously reported: “The enemy air forces are increasing! And they are focusing on us!”

“Pour missiles and shoot them down!”

Qianchengxue also felt that the more he fought, the more aggrieved.

“But we have less than 40% of the missiles left.”



On the deck, Su Mo calmed down and looked all around. Suddenly, he noticed that behind the right side of the Helan, a ship of his own suddenly ejected a twelve-meter-long, full-body shark in their direction. , which also has a special torpedo with a special red shield on its head.

After the torpedo fell into the water, it quickly moved towards Helan.

“Fuck, there’s a lurking insider.”

(end of this chapter)

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