Star Ring Mission Chapter 224


Chapter 224 perish together

The moment Su Mo saw the torpedo, a chill suddenly rose in his heart, If it was hit by it, he had a hunch that the Helan might really be planted here, even if it didn’t sink, as long as it was damaged, it wouldn’t stand out from the encirclement.

It’s just that he was about to intercept the torpedo when he remembered that the concealed short-range rifle was out of ammunition, so he lowered the beam barrel on his shoulder.

Fiercely blasted past.

Unfortunately, it was misaligned and the refraction angle was not calculated.

Su Mo’s heart sank, and he swung the chain gun in his hand sharply.


Release the chain above, hurled the chain gun sharply, and the flying chain gun split section by section, accelerating twice.

Hit that torpedo in an instant!


A sky-piercing explosion rushed to the sky, and the huge shock wave made the entire hull of the Helan tilt.


In the control room, Qianchengxue asked anxiously: “What happened.”

“I don’t know!”



Ziqing and the others are also confused.

“I leave it to you here, I’ll go out and see!”

Qianchengxue temporarily handed over the command to Ziqing and Chen Xijie.

Su Mo was about to breathe a sigh of relief on the deck when he heard Qin Wang’s desperate cries.

“Su Mo, this way!”

Su Mo’s nerves tensed, and he controlled mecha to turn around and look over, only to see Qin Wang ignoring the bullets that fell from time to time in the sky, and pointed to the wrong place in a panic. In the distance to the sea, a similar torpedo could be faintly seen attacking.

His eyes were shrank, his mind was spinning rapidly, calculating the plan of interception.

In just a split second, Su Mo made a decision. He controlled the black steel messenger to break out and moved towards the deck railing over there at full speed.

The beam cannon was also immediately pre-judged and shot, and success or failure was once again in one fell swoop.

Seeing that the beam was about to hit the torpedo, the mutation burst.

The rear half of the entire torpedo suddenly disintegrated, the front warhead accelerated instantly, and the beam cannon passed the torpedo directly.

This scene completely stunned Su Mo.

“It’s over, it’s over.”

Qin Wang knelt down in complete despair.

However, at this moment, Su Mo suddenly passed Qin Wang’s side. He jumped off the ship and turned on the back jet device at the same time, and charged towards the attacking torpedo.


Qin Wang was also dumbfounded.

No accident, the black light messenger driven by Su Mo collided with the incoming torpedo.

Qianchengxue happened to see this scene just after rushing out.


The sky-piercing explosion devoured the black steel messenger in an instant, and at the same time, the violent explosion rushed to the sky with the sea water all over the sky.

β€œSu Mo!!!”

Qin Wang and the others shouted in disbelief.

Qianchengxue rushed towards the hangar without saying a word.

Soon Qianchengxue drove the Dawn messenger out of the hangar. She glanced at the black steel messenger’s silent Sea Territory, and just wanted to go down and get Su Mo up.

The fighter planes in the sky hit again, Qianchengxue could only be forced to stop and start to fight back.

She controls the mecha to load a concealed short-range rifle, and shoots at advancing missiles and fighter jets.

peng peng ~~

Suddenly Qin Wang shouted again in horror: “Torpedo!!!”

Qiancheng Xue controlled the Dawn Guardian and turned around to look Go, I saw another jamming torpedo from the left rear.

She narrowed her eyes, lowered the beam cannon, and fired at it!


A huge explosion shot into the sky.

One shot into the soul accurately hits the target.

Immediately Qianchengxue picked up the communicator and said to Ziqing in the control room: “Sink the large battleship behind the left side!”



Ziqing immediately ejected four torpedoes in return.

In an instant, the unremarkable ship was hit, a huge explosion covered the hull, and the hull began to sink.

Qin Wang said to Qianchengxue in shock at this time: “Corps Head, there should be another spy ship!”

“Which one?”

“I didn’t see which one launched.”

Qin Wang replied in a panic.

Qianchengxue controlled mecha and turned her head, looked towards everyone and asked, “Has anyone seen it?”


Everyone shouted the head .

After receiving the answer, Qianchengxue said to Ziqing and the others in the communication channel: “There is also a spy ship near us, find it and destroy it!”


Zi Qing and the others hurriedly responded.

In the control room, Zi Qing paused to pick up the communicator and asked in the public channel.

“Has anyone seen someone sneak attack Helan!”

“Who is so despicable, let us know, absolutely fuck him.”

“As soon as you said that, I remembered. I saw the Heiyu ship moved towards Helan and lost a torpedo. I thought I had missed it.”

“Overlord No. You don’t spit, the wicked will complain first.”

“Fart, I can see it clearly from behind you.”

“I think you put it in!”

“Damn it, I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you!”

The captain of the Overlord cursed violently.

Immediately, a very astonishing scene appeared, the Overlord suddenly accelerated moving towards the Black Grass and collided.

“What do you want to do!”

The captain of the Black Fish was also a little flustered.

“Kill your grandson, the people who dare to sneak attack us, go to hell together!”


The Overlord collided with the Black Grass, and the Black Grass was knocked out of a large gap. At the same time, the Overlord was also stuck on the Black Grass, and the two ships began to sink.

“Brother, go well!”

In the public channel, Captain a shouted to the Captain of the Overlord.

Qiancheng Xue and the others on the deck watched this scene and couldn’t help but feel awe.

In the public communication channel, Link ordered everyone heavily: “Everyone should stay away from the Helan as much as possible, and give it enough safe space to avoid being sneak attacked by someone with a heart. If anyone refuses to let it, they will be regarded as someone with ulterior motives, and anyone can sink it!”


Everyone responded.

At this time, Chen Xijie stood up suddenly, with a deep horror on her face.

“What happened?”

Zi Qing slightly startled, asked.

“It was scanned that a fleet of five ships is entering the battlefield, two of which are Pioneer-class battleships and three are nuclear-powered battleships.”

Chen Xijie said this When he spoke, his voice trembled slightly.

In the public communication channel, everyone said in shock: “How is it possible!”

“Could it be a mistake, how could the other party have such a strong force?”

“Yes, absolutely impossible! How can there be so many high-level ships now?”

In the cockpit of mecha, Qiancheng Xue naturally heard everyone’s conversations, although she did not She spoke, but she couldn’t help clenching her hands into fists, and her bones rattled.

I couldn’t beat each other at first, but now two Vanguard-class battleships appeared, which was completely crushed. There is no hope of victory at all, and everyone is powerless.

In the control room of the Xiangyun, Haruko respectfully reported: “Master Sagi, the Pioneer-class battleship Kaohsiung, and the Pioneer-class battleship Spring Tide led the fleet into the battlefield, and Lord Yoko Noo came in person.”

After Sagi heard Yoko Yeo’s name, his expression suddenly became awe-inspiring.

“Notify all fleets to transfer command! Follow Yoko-sama’s command.”


(end of this chapter)

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