Star Ring Mission Chapter 225


Chapter 225 mutation

Haichuan Island Group, a fully armed elite player, is cleaning up dead monster corpses. At this time They have taken over this huge island base.

The head is a man in uniform, white gloves, and a katana pinned to his waist. It is Sawagi.

At this time, a player came up and saluted Zemu.

“Sir Zemu, we found a silo in the central area of the base, and found a satellite rocket inside. After preliminary inspection, the integrity is very high, give us a little time to repair.”


“Well done.”

Sawagi is satisfied nodded.


Suddenly, a worried look appeared on the face of the man reporting to him.

“If you want to say something, just say it directly, don’t worry!”

“It’s Mr. Sawagi, I’m just worried about those who come to make trouble now, I’m afraid of sudden accidents. Changes.”

“Haha, you don’t have to worry about this, they have already gone to the sea to feed the fish.” conceited confidence.

In fact, it is exactly what Sawagi said!

Just after the fleet of the two Pioneer-class battleships cut into the main battlefield, they immediately launched a first round attack, and the sky-filled missiles poured out directly.

It sank and damaged more than 30 ships in an instant.

And all its attack ships were blocked in front of the Helan, and the Helan, which was protected in an instant, was directly exposed to the enemy’s sight.

In the control room of the Helan, Chen Xijie reported in a panic: “All the ships in the front row were defeated, and we were exposed! The other party came after us.” The opponent’s main gun is locked!”

Zhang Wenjing shouted eagerly.

Qianchengxue directly said solemnly in the communication channel: “Don’t mess up! The main gun is loaded, all the missiles are loaded! We are not easy to bully, even if we die, we will pull a back.”



Zi Qing and the others’ eyes were firmly replied.

They were ready to take the final blow to see if they could replace an enemy ship, because there was only one chance.

Because after the end of the confrontation, if there is no accident, the Helan should no longer exist.

In the command room of the Spring Tide, a woman in uniform with a proud look and a ridiculous expression was looking at the operation screen.

The adjutant next to him respectfully reported: “Sir No Yoko, the other party locked us and seems to be planning to perish with us!”

“an arrow at the end of its flight!”

The corner of Yoko’s mouth raised slightly, she was very happy because she caught a big fish this time.

At this time, the gunner reported: “Lord Yoko Ye, the main gun is fully charged.”

Yoko Ye raised his right hand and gave a neat sweep.


The Spring Tide instantly moved towards the Helan and shot a dazzling blue beam of light.

At this time, in the control room of the Helan, Chen Xijie shouted hysterically to Ziqing: “The other party launched an attack!”


Zi Qing also punched the launch button without the slightest hesitation.

Here we go! The main gun of the Helan also shot a dazzling purple beam of light.

The two light beams touched in the midair section, while deviating from the firing track, landing on the sea flanking both ships.


The waves of the sky rolled up.

On the Helan, Zhang Wenjinghui reported: “The beam attack is offset, and it’s all missed.”

Before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, Chen Xijie trembled and said: “Not good, Another Pioneer-class ship of the other side attacked us.”

I saw Kaohsiung firing missiles in the sky.


Zi Qing shouted in a hoarse voice.

“No, it’s too much!”

Zhang Wenjing finished speaking.

A missile broke through Helan’s fire protection net and fell directly on the hull.


The huge explosion shock made everyone in the control room overturned!

When the explosion ended, Zi Qing got up with difficulty and asked.

“Check the damage!”

“Report, the launch unit was damaged in a large area, and the nearby anti-aircraft was damaged”

Zhang Wenjing got up and looked at A red prompt box pops up on the operation screen to report.

“Our teeth were removed!”

Chen Xijie said bitterly in response. In fact, she was right. If Kaohsiung was willing, she could attack with a wave of main guns. , to hit the Helan heavily, rather than using a missile attack.

At this time, a communication suddenly popped up.

Zhang Wenjing reported in a deep voice.

“The enemy sent a communication request.”

All the people present were silent for a while.

β€œTake it!”

Zi Qing couldn’t help but said solemnly.

At this time, Yoko Ye connected in the communication, she spoke in fluent Z language.

“Hello, I’m Yoko Ye, you should thank me. If it wasn’t for me to show mercy, you would have gone to the sea to feed the fish.”

“What do you want! “

Zi Qing bit her lip and asked with a tight face.

“It’s very simple, as long as you surrender, I can spare your life!”

Yoko Ye put forward the conditions very simply, and the Helan is also a pioneer class and a top-level weapon. , it was sunk, which is a pity.

“Dream, we will not surrender!”

Zi Qing and the others refused directly without thinking.

“It’s a pity if you have the backbone, I can only feed you the fish.”

Yoko Ye cut off the communication arrogantly.

In the control room of the Spring Tide, Yoko Noo gave orders without the slightest hesitation. If you don’t get anything, you will destroy everything. Kindness to the enemy is cruelty to yourself.

“Order Kaohsiung’s main battery to attack and destroy Helan!”


After receiving the order from Yoko Ye, Kaohsiung turned around The main guns re-locked on the Helan.

In the control room of the Helan, Chen Xijie sighed and said, “We are locked.”

Everyone bowed their heads and ended.

It is not that they are unwilling to resist, but that there is no hope, and all they can do is to quietly meet death.

However, just as the Kaohsiung launched its attack, a beam of light slammed over in the distance, hitting the bow of the Kaohsiung in an instant.

The huge explosion caused the Kaohsiung ship to deflect, and its main gun attack directly crooked.

The sudden change made everyone dumbfounded.

In the control room of the Spring Tide, Yoko Ye asked angrily: “What’s going on!”

A subordinate next to him stood up and reported urgently: “Lord Yoko Yeo , scanned an unknown ship entering the battlefield from the side, and the other party sent a communication request to us, it seems to be the ship of the Heavenly Dragon Guild, do you accept it?”

“hmph, from the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Ship, interesting! Accept!”

Yoko Ye replied with a playful smile on the corner of her mouth.

Soon the communication was connected, and a clear female voice came from the communication.

“Hello, I’m Jiang Hanqiu, the 34th Legion Deputy Corps Head of the Admiralty of the Heavenly Dragon Guild.”

“I’m the Corps Head of the Seventh Marine Corps of the Amaterasu Guild. Β·Yoko Ye, Vice Corps Head Jiang Hanqiu, what are you looking for? Didn’t you see I was busy?”

“Yoko Ye, don’t you think your current behavior is a bit excessive? These children are just not very sensible, they just broke into your defensive area by mistake. As for such a big dead hand, is this too bullied the weak?”

Jiang Hanqiu said in a tranquil voice, it’s really too much for so many regular troops to bully a group of militiamen.

“Since brat is ignorant, I’ll help you educate. Is there a problem?”

Yoko Ye sneered.

“Hehe, it’s just you who deserve it? When will it be our turn to discipline you? What I just said was just out of politeness, just to be polite to you. You really are As before, I just push my nose on my face, I need to clean up!”

Jiang Hanqiu responded directly and domineeringly.


Yoko Ye was about to explode with rage in an instant.

(end of this chapter)

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