Star Ring Mission Chapter 226


Chapter 226 Deep Sea Giant Beast

Jiang Hanqiu did not respond to Yoko Ye, but directly cut off the communication.

Yoko Noo gave the order in a rage.

“Give me a lock on that ship and sink it!”


The subordinates present shuddered and responded quickly.

The next second, suddenly the entire control room blared a screeching siren.

a The operator shouted in horror: “Report! A large number of carrier-based aircraft have been scanned, and they are approaching this Sea Territory.”

“Report! A large number of ships have been scanned from the periphery. !”

“Report, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Sparrow was scanned!”

“Report! The Pioneer-class battleship Fengyan was scanned!”

“Report! The Pioneer-class battleship Haixi was scanned!”

In an instant, the entire radar screen was filled with red dots, and their entire fleet was found to be surrounded.

“Report! We are surrounded by Heavenly Dragon Guild’s Thirty-Fourth Sea Battle Legion!”

“Damn! Order Kaohsiung to turn her bow immediately to lock Fengyan. Spring Tide The left rudder is full, lock the Haiti for me, who wins and who loses is not necessarily!”

Yoko Ye was also extremely unwilling, and roared with lost self-control.

However, at this moment, in the control room of the Spring Tide, the sound of the alarm became more rapid and harsh, like a talisman.

A large red dot suddenly appeared on the radar scanning display.

In the central area of the battle, the sea water was suddenly lifted, and a building spanning several kilometers, the whole body was constructed of dark steel, and the body was filled with dark launch tubes, like a mechanical warfare weapon of the giant beast in the ferocious deep sea. Β· The fury of the deep sea emerges.

Next second!

peng~ peng~!

The fury of the deep sea is fully powered, red light flickers strangely all over the body, and the huge number of black launch tubes on the huge body open the lids one after another. Extend a missile.

There are thousands of them!

Thousands of missiles turned into a streamer, moved towards Kaohsiung and Spring Tide.

The Kaohsiung and Spring Tide immediately poured down interceptor missiles and close-in guns.

It’s a pity that under the saturation blow, the interception firepower network it built was broken in an instant.


The two Pioneer-class battleships were instantly covered by fire, and the huge explosions continued to baptism the two ships.

The Fengyan and Haixi, which entered the battlefield at the same time, and the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier formation frantically carried out saturation strikes against other fleets.

The streamer from the sky pierced through the rainstorm and hit the ships, causing screams all over the place.

In this scene, Zi Qing and Link and the others couldn’t say a word. It was really hell one second before and heaven the next.

Until now they don’t know what’s going on.

When the explosive fireworks dissipated, almost all the naval battle formations of the Amaterasu Guild were paralyzed or semi-paralyzed. The two Pioneer-class ships, Kaohsiung and Spring Tide, were burning with raging flames, but fortunately they were carried down.

At this moment, a circular part in the center of the steel giant beast Β· Wrath of the Deep Sea cracked like a flower bud, exposing a huge launch port, and a terrifying lightning flashed inside the launch port.

Here we go!

In an instant, a beam of destruction blasted past the fortress of deep sea fury.

Be the first to hit the Spring Tide!


The Spring Tide all split up and in pieces with a sky-high explosion.

At this time, the main guns of Fengyan and Haixi were also loaded, and they blasted towards Kaohsiung from left to right, accurately hitting the front and rear of their ships.

With the huge explosion, the huge Kaohsiung began to sink slowly.

“very good, look at the flag is the Heavenly Dragon guild.”

“Wow, the Heavenly Dragon guild is mighty and domineering.”

“That’s right! Too strong. It’s done.”

“It’s not enough if you don’t make a move, it’s amazing!”

For a time, everyone cheered and marveled.

On the Helan, Qiancheng Xue saw that the situation was set, she suppressed the shock in her heart and controlled mecha to jump into the sea.

With the huge waves, Qin Wang and the others realized that now is not the time to be happy, Su Mo is still in the seabed.

The mecha keeps sinking, Qianchengxue keeps looking for the trace of the black steel messenger, living, then must see the person dead, then must see the corpse.

She couldn’t let Su Mo fall into the deep sea, so she might not be able to find the body and couldn’t be resurrected later.

As the Dawnguard mecha continues to deepen, Qianchengxue finally sees a black spot in the deep seabed.

Qianchengxue increased the power output of the jet device, Dawn mecha dived quickly, getting closer to the black spot,

Finally Qianchengxue finally saw clearly, the black spot It is the black steel messenger, but the current black steel messenger is extremely damaged, more than half of the entire body is damaged, the arms are directly missing, and the chest is also severely deformed. It can be seen how fierce the formidable power of the torpedo is.

Qianchengxue’s brows were almost twisted into a ball, and she accelerated to sink again, no accident, she sank in front of the black steel messenger.

She controlled mecha without the slightest hesitation, raised her hand and grabbed the shapeshifting cockpit and began to slam it hard.


After some tossing, Qianchengxue unloaded the entire damaged and deformed cockpit, and she directly pulled the cockpit and rushed up.

On the deck of the Helan, everyone looked at the sea with great concern.

“They won’t have anything to do, right? Why haven’t they come up yet.”

“Don’t crow talk nonsense.”

At this moment, there was a loud bang. .

Qiancheng Xue controlled mecha to rush out of the sea and landed directly on the deck of the Helan.

Immediately after Qianchengxue savagely disassembled the damaged cockpit, crash-bang seawater flowed out. Su Mo motionless was lying on the driver’s seat, and the second-generation mechanical armor on his body was also severely deformed by the explosion.

β€œSu Mo!”

Everyone went up.

At this time, Lin Zinuo came up from the bilge wet, she just went to close the faulty valve.

As soon as she came up, she saw Qin Wang and the others surrounded by a group, she ran over suspiciously.

“What’s wrong!”

“It’s Su Mo. He fell into the sea with the anti-torpedo before, and he was just salvaged.”

Qin Wang quickly explained to Lin Zinuo.

Lin Zinuo’s expression changed slightly when he heard it.

“Get out of the way!”

She immediately leaned forward, took off Su Mo’s damaged mechanical armor helmet and breastplate, put her cheek against his chest and listened, Put your fingers in front of Su Mo’s nostrils again.

Immediately, Lin Zinuo shouted with a look of surprise: “There is still a hint of heartbeat!”

“I’ll call a doctor now.”

Qin Wang several people said with joy.

“It’s too late.”

Lin Zinuo was anxious to die at this time, Su Mo’s breath was so weak, it would be troublesome if he died when the doctor came over.

“What should I do then?”

“I’m coming!”

Lin Zino folded his hands and pressed Fiercely against Su Mo’s chest a few times.

“No response!”

Zhou Qian and the others said in a panic.

Lin Zinuo lifts the head to look at Su Mo’s face, and she can’t care too much now, so she extends the hand to hold the back of Su Mo’s neck and raises her head slightly .

She reached out and squeezed Su Mo’s nose, ready to get close to give Su Mo artificial respiration, but when approached, she paused and hesitated.

Zhou Qian and the others looked at Lin Zinuo who was preparing for artificial respiration, and when they saw her stop, they made suspicious voices.


(end of chapter)

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