Star Ring Mission Chapter 227


Chapter 227 Low-key

At this time, the cockpit of the Dawn Guardian opened, and Qiancheng Xue quickly jumped down , At the moment of landing, he saw that Lin Zinuo was about to give Su Mo artificial respiration.

A strange emotion flashed across the icy face, but it was soon disappeared.

Facing the expectations of everyone, Lin Zinuo’s expression also became very unnatural, and then she finally made up her mind to die.

You can’t be on the spot.

However, a dramatic scene appeared at this time. Just when Lin Zino’s rosy lips were about to touch Su Mo, Su Mo suddenly opened his eyes.


A mouthful of seawater sprayed directly on Lin Zino’s face.

Qin Wang and the others who were all around were stunned, and their mouths in astonishment couldn’t close.

Lin Zinuo, who was sprayed with sea water, blushed immediately, clenched her hands into fists, gave Su Mo a punch, and then stood up panting with rage.

β€œcough cough!”

Su Mo is also innocent, he really passed out before. He didn’t expect the formidable power of that torpedo to be so powerful that even the Black Steel Messenger couldn’t handle it.

Even if he wears the second-generation mechanical armor, he will be shocked to death by the huge impact.

But all thanks to the gene potion he has used to detonate the fire, his life form has also improved. The function of the whole body has also been greatly strengthened, and it has been forcibly carried.

Besides Zhou Qian, Qin Wang, and the others also looked very hard, and wanted to laugh but felt it was inappropriate.

But this scene is really embarrassing.

Su Mo took a few breaths and turned his head to look towards the sea in the distance. When he saw a sinking enemy ship, he said in surprise.

“We won?”

Zhou Qian and the others came back to his senses at this time, looked at each other, and then exclaimed.

“That’s right! It’s really too strong, and I don’t know which faction it is.”

“We have absolutely no comparability with them.”

Thousand Chengxue lifts the head to look at the huge fleet that appeared in the distant sky, and the terrifying fortress-level war weapon, looked thoughtful and said: “Don’t guess, with such a large-scale army, it can only be the Heavenly Dragon guild. .”

“Then Corps Head, do we want to help?”

“What do you think we need to do?”

“Uh, like what? There’s no need to do it.”

Everyone glanced at the enemy fleet, either sinking or on the way to sinking.

The firepower of the two sides is simply not the same level, it is completely the rhythm of the father hitting his son, it is estimated that it is not very long, and the entire army will be wiped out.

“Everyone listens to the orders, rescues the injured, and repairs the Helan as much as possible. The battle here will be over soon, and the main event will be staged soon!”

Qianchengxue simply said to the crowd.

Of course, everyone present understood what Qianchengxue said. Everyone seemed to have been beaten with blood, and they rushed to rescue and repair the damaged area of the Helan.

At this moment, a Pioneer-class ship in the distance was moving towards Helan rapidly approaching.

Su Mo immediately noticed it, and he reminded Qianchengxue: “It seems that a guest is visiting.”

“Ready to welcome!”

Qiancheng Xue turned her head and glanced, her expression became very serious.

A moment later, the Pioneer-class battleship Haixi approached the Helan. A woman with short hair and a bright face, wearing a uniform blue uniform took several subordinates to the Helan.

Qianchengxue greeted him and greeted respectfully: “Welcome to the Helan. I am Qianchengxue, the tenth Corps Head of the Dawning Guild. Thank you very much for your rescue. Who are you?”


“Thousands of Snow? That’s the Helan! I heard Xiao Wen Corps Head mention you guys, and you’re really amazing. With so many loose boats, you can fight the other side to this level, I really admire them.”

The woman in front of her looked around and said with a smile that she came here because the strongest ship in the spontaneously organized fleet is this ship. Under normal circumstances, this ship should be the command ship.

“You know Xiao Wen Corps Head?”

Qiancheng Xue was also a little surprised.

“Of course I know him. He is the 16th Legion Corps Head. I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jiang Hanqiu, the Deputy Corps Head of the 34th Army Naval Battle Legion of the Heavenly Dragon Guild.”

Jiang Hanqiu explained very easily.

Su Mo asked with some puzzlement: “Excuse me, Legion, who also belongs to the Heavenly Dragon Empire, the strength of you and Xiaowen Corps Head.”

Qianchengxue heard Su Mo asked this question and also looked towards Jiang Hanqiu curiously. If Xiao Wen had half of Jiang Hanqiu’s strength, the satellite would not have been shot down, and the problem is that Xiao Wen’s Corps Head’s ranking seems to be ahead of Jiang Hanqiu’s, is it possible that Legion’s ranking is not based on strength divided.

Jiang Hanqiu naturally saw the doubts between the two, she explained with a smile: “You guys are very strange, why does Xiao Wen Corps Head rank ahead of us and feel that the strength is not as good as our Legion? In fact, it is not the case, Xiaowen Legion’s organization is land battle Legion, most of their troops are on land to conquer cities. And they are very weak in the sea, and when they attack Haifeng Island, they lost a lot of ships, so that the sea force is weak. , so that the other party can take advantage of it, and compelled by circumstances, they approached for help. At that time, we, the Legions who were fighting at sea, were far away, and we had things to do, so we couldn’t get out for a while.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Su Mo nodded slightly, and his confusion was finally resolved.

Qianchengxue opened the mouth and said: “Lord Jiang Hanqiu, then let’s attack the Haichuan island group quickly, the other party should get the news of the defeat here soon!”

Jiang Hanqiu smiled calmly and said: “Don’t worry, we will leave the Haichuan Island affairs to us, you just have to follow us to watch the show. In fact, the original Amaterasu Guild opened up wasteland satellite bases, and we were too lazy to interfere. But since they don’t know how to trouble us, we naturally won’t be polite. Of course, please don’t tell us what you see next, which will easily expose some of our data. Although we are not afraid of others knowing, But in the end, you have to keep a low profile.”

“No, I will inform everyone. But do we really need our help? Although the Helan was seriously damaged, it can still be done. To a little strength!”

“No, we can do it, look over there!”

Jiang Hanqiu extended the hand and pointed to the distant sky.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue turned their heads and looked over, their expressions unnatural.

In the distance in the sky, black fighter jets like locusts appeared, and the entire sky was covered. They roared and flew towards Haichuan Island.

This is the rhythm to level the Haichuan Islands.

Everyone was dumbfounded for a while. They had never seen such a large-scale air force formation.

And there are several large unloaded platforms inside, all of which Su Mo have never seen before.

“Surprise, not only our thirty-four naval battle Legions, but thirty-three air battle Legions are here. Our Heavenly Dragon guild doesn’t bully others, but it’s not the turn of others to bully us. I want to find it back.”

Jiang Hanqiu said in a very good mood.

(end of this chapter)

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