Star Ring Mission Chapter 228


Chapter 228 Opportunity

Qian Chengxue and Su Mo and the others don’t know what to say anymore, head Melon buzzing.

“In order to express my gratitude, Miss Qianchengxue. You can let the Helan go with us to the Haichuan Islands to witness the final result.”

Jiang Hanqiu solemnly invited Qianchengxue, she The reason for this is also very simple. She wanted Qianchengxue to witness the end of the war with her own eyes, as a thank you for their patriotism.

“It’s a great honor! I just have a question that I’m very confused about.”

Qianchengxue responded frankly.

“You can feel free to ask, as long as it doesn’t involve confidential matters, I will be happy to answer you.”

Jiang Hanqiu is very friendly and unassuming.

“Why can’t the Amaterasu Guild develop peacefully with us? Shouldn’t we all be united?”

Qianchengxue asked in the heart for a long time. .

Su Mo also pricked up his ears at this time and listened carefully! He was also very curious about this question. In fact, it wasn’t just the Amaterasu Guild who came to make trouble, but also the players from the M country. He had personally experienced it.

Jiang Hanqiu was also stunned for a moment, then sighed, and said seriously: “Logically speaking, I shouldn’t tell you about these things, but I believe Xiao Wen Corps Head’s vision is still very good, Let me tell you a little bit. The reason why all of us fight so fiercely is because the rules of Star Ring have not been announced, and no one wants to let each other develop well, and they have been restricting each other. And previous The rule of the first ring of the time Star Ring is that all of us have to decide a guild or a player to be the winner and get the first round reward. That is to say, except for our own people, everyone else is an enemy.”

“so that’s how it is, when will the rules be announced?”

After Qianchengxue heard the answer, the doubts in her heart immediately disappeared without a trace.

Jiang Hanqiu raised his wristband and glanced at it, the one-dimensional civilization progress bar: 49.9%!

“Come on, you can look at the bracelet, when the one-dimensional civilization progress bar reaches fifty percent. Star Ring should announce the first round rules, and when the one-dimensional civilization ends, Star Ring will It will be officially opened, and other matters cannot be revealed too much.”

“Thank you, Mr. Jiang Hanqiu for your answer.”

Qianchengxue thanked.

“It’s alright, the time is almost up, the opposing fleet should have been wiped out, we can set off.”

Jiang Hanqiu was in a very good mood.


Qianchengxue nodded replied.


Haichuan Islands, players of Tianzhao Guild are orderly and efficiently rebuilding the defense system structure in every corner of the island group.

They were full of energy and kept shouting slogans.

“Aid! Aid!”

At this moment, the multi-functional radar tower on the island suddenly issued a harsh siren.

The fiery Amaterasu Guild players who were doing their jobs stopped one after another and looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

At this time, a player pointed to the distant sky in horror.

“Enemy attack!!”

Everyone looked up and saw the sky in the distance, with black fighter jets flying over in groups.

Immediately, the players of the Amaterasu Guild threw away the guys they were working on and rushed to the nearby defensive facilities in an attempt to evade and counterattack.

At this time, all the anti-aircraft weapons on the island are fully deployed, whether it is interceptor missiles or anti-aircraft guns.

Unfortunately, in the face of absolute crushing strength, these defenses are extremely pale.

The black locust-like fighter jets, after entering the attack range, pour out bombs and missiles one after another without the slightest hesitation.

The three islands outside the central island of Haichuan were bombed infinitely in an instant.

All the hills and lands were bombed over and over again.

When the Helan followed the Heavenly Dragon guild’s fleet to the outskirts of the Haichuan Island group alone, Su Mo and the others in the control room looked at the scene in front of them, their blood boiled, it was so cool .

The three outer islands were bombed to ruins, and it is basically unlikely that any player will survive.

In the control room of the Tide, an adjutant is reporting with Jiang Hanqiu.

“My lord, the three outer islands of Haichuan Island have all been leveled, leaving only the main island in the center. All bombers and ships are already on standby, and they will be surrounded by water, as long as you order it. It can be completely erased!”

“Don’t worry, send a message to the other party and find a way to contact their senior management.”

Jiang Hanqiu replied lightly.


The adjutant at the scene responded respectfully.

After a while, with the efforts of the correspondent, through negotiating with the correspondent of the other party, the communication link with their high-level communication was successful, and then a low voice sounded in the communication channel.

“Who are you?”

“Introduce yourself, Jiang Hanqiu, a small leader of my Heavenly Dragon guild, has been surrounded by me. And you guys I must have also gotten the news. Your sea fleet has been sent to the sea by me to feed the fish. I know that there are satellite rockets on the island. If you are willing to surrender and hand over the satellite rockets, I am willing to give them to the rest of you. , a chance to live.”

Jiang Hanqiu lightly saying.

“Haha! You underestimate us, we are absolutely impossible to give it to you, if you have the ability, go to the island to get it!”

The man in the communicator replied with great pride.

“That’s nothing to talk about.”

Jiang Hanqiu directly hung up the communication.

There are many subordinates on the side, all of them ordered: “Deputy Corps Head, let’s go to the island, let’s fight and take down that rocket satellite.”

“No need, The other party won’t give us a chance. This is reality, not making a movie. They won’t be that stupid.”

“No, think twice!”

“No Having said that, I have made up my mind! Order all ships and fighter planes to level the central island, and let them taste our warm greetings!”

Jiang Hanqiu gave the order without question.


Although everyone was a little unwilling, they still accepted it.

In the depths of the underground base on Haichuan Island, groups of mecha gathered together, headed by a heavy-duty mecha.

Mecha In the cockpit, Sawagi cut off the communication, his eyes were very gloomy.

He had a very strong premonition that this woman named Jiang Hanqiu was very difficult to deal with. The traps he made near the satellite rocket base probably didn’t work.

The other party It shouldn’t be sending someone to die.

It’s a pity, he also destroyed the satellite inside the rocket and replaced it with a huge bomb with formidable power.

Sawagi now had to face the worst possible outcome, so he squatted while driving a heavy mecha while saying to all around subordinates: “Start!”

Beside him The seven green shield mecha immediately surrounded Sawagi’s mecha, and at the same time they controlled the mecha to hold each other’s mecha shoulders, using themselves as shields.

Their purpose is very clear, which is to ensure that Zemu can survive the bombing. It is really impossible for them to die together with so many mechas, and it is also convenient for the body to be found in the future.

“I’m so proud of you! Thank you for fighting side by side!”

Zawamu said chillingly to many of his subordinates.

(end of this chapter)

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