Star Ring Mission Chapter 229


Chapter 229 The Cup of Earth

“This is our glory!”

The audience replied in unison.

The next second, bombs, shells and missiles fell on the center island base.


The whole island instantly turned into a fire sea.

In the control room of the Helan, Su Mo couldn’t help but say something.

“The Heavenly Dragon guild is really strong!”

“According to me, listening to the father and the others chatting, the Heavenly Dragon guild has more than 150 Legions, and the total battle There are more than 20 million people.”

Qianchengxue lightly saying.

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but take a breath.

“So many Legions?”

“Not just many, but also very elite. Let me give you an analogy, if the Auroville we built is a Level 3 city, like The Heavenly Dragon Guild has won at least 50 of that kind of city. And none of the Five Dragon Head Guild won the Level 2 city, and according to some players who like to wander around, the Heavenly Dragon Guild has won at least ten. Level 2 cities, there are countless other bases!”

“This is too strong, so why haven’t we heard of it before?”

“It’s normal that we haven’t heard of it. , The Heavenly Dragon guild has always been very low-key. They disdain to respond to anything online. When did you see the content of the forum they showed off? As for the last sea breeze island incident, in fact, we broke it out. This kind of behavior is It’s a taboo, but Heavenly Dragon guild won’t pursue it, after all, it can’t be cold to support the hearts of the companions.”

Lin Zinuo asked curiously at this time: “We have so many Legions, are we stronger than country M?”

Qianchengxue regretfully called the head: “Not for now, although They don’t have as many regular players as us, but unfortunately, they are all soldiers.”


Everyone was speechless.

At this moment, everyone’s wristbands suddenly vibrated.

Su Mo and the others subconsciously raised their wristbands and saw that the progress of the one-dimensional civilization above jumped to fifty percent.

Then a prompt pops up.

“Everyone who has been called, I am honored to inform you that the Earth Cup competition will officially start in 30 days (real)!”

“Rule 1, defeat all enemies , only one guild or individual will win!”

“Rule 2, before the end of the Earth Cup, all players who belong to a guild are not allowed to quit their guild.”

“Rules 3,???”

Winning reward: ? ? ?

See this sudden news notification.

Su Mo and the others were dumbfounded.

“What’s the situation!”

“Only one guild and individual can win, and they can’t quit the guild, Isn’t that forcing us to fight hard?”

Sun Li said in a voiceless voice, knowing that at this point in the game’s progress, more than 70% of the players belonged to the guild.

A large part of the rest of the walk is not on the table.

“Wait, shouldn’t we also fight the Heavenly Dragon guild?”

Lin Zinuo asked in confusion.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Qianchengxue reprimanded Lin Zino.

Lin Zinuo realized that he had said something wrong, and quickly stuck out his tongue.

“I was wrong.”

Qianchengxue stared at the hint on the bracelet, her brows furrowed.

Of course, it’s not just Qianchengxue and the others who are also worried. In fact, all players in the entire Star Ring are immediately boiling after receiving this news.

In the control room of the Tide, Jiang Hanqiu looked at the announced rules.

Touching his forehead, his skull was very painful, and the original joy of victory was indifferent.

The published rules are no different from the previous time.

The only difference is that there is an additional prohibition to quit the guild, which is a patch.

Because the previous time Star Ring was in the Earth Cup competition, after half of the battle, all participating countries stopped fighting, all the guilds were dissolved, merged into one guild, and the bUG directly won the victory!

Sure enough, the bug is not so good, and the retribution is coming. This time, it is estimated that the countries will really fight to the death.

Of course there is one more thing Jiang Hanqiu doesn’t know, this is just an appetizer, and the main event is yet to come.


In the middle of the night, Su Mo opened his eyes, took off his helmet, and let out a long breath.

This urgent combat mission has finally come to an end, and they returned to Auroville Seaport not long ago.

To be honest, although there are some problems with this mission, the overall result is still good.

But Su Mo was not happy at all, because the newly opened Earth Cup competition gave him a very bad premonition,

He couldn’t imagine that if everyone What would the scene be if it were all serious.

When the time comes, it is estimated that when you see a stranger, you have to be extremely vigilant, not to mention playing players from other countries, there are so many players in your own country.

Thinking of this, Su Mo picked up his phone and went to the forum to check the relevant information.

Sure enough, the news of the Cup of Earth was pinned to the top, and the click-through rate and the number of posts exploded.

Su Mo opened the post and saw all kinds of worries and inquiries in it.

“Only one guild and player can win, how can this game be played!”

“God, who will save me! I am in a temporary stronghold, there are thousands of I’m an enemy now, and I haven’t been dismembered when I’m online.”

“Silence for the upstairs!”

Su Mo flipped through the post for a while, and then he was incredulous. Wiping his eyes, he saw a post about the Cup of Earth posted by the Heavenly Dragon guild, and it was quickly topped the headlines of this forum.

He took a look without the slightest hesitation.

“Dear fellows, don’t panic, don’t be confused by the cup of earth, there is a saying, even if the end of the world is about to come, we can’t mess ourselves up. Don’t be foolish for yourself. Killing, I call everyone to go out together first and destroy other players! At the end, we will decide the winner by ourselves.”

This remark placed on the top of the Heavenly Dragon guild instantly made everyone enlightenment.

“Good guy, bug hard card!”

“Damn, isn’t this illegal team formation?”

“This is a good idea, it really makes me I have no reason to attack my own people, I really can’t.”

The post is full of praise! His ideas were recognized by the public.

Su Mo also slightly nods, this is really the best way to defeat the enemy players first and take the victory into your own hands.

When the time comes I can do whatever I want inside.

When Su Mo exits the post, he sees a new post from the Heavenly Dragon guild.

Su Mo clicked in and took a look, and became more and more surprised.

The Heavenly Dragon guild officially announced that all single players who can win the Cup of Earth or players with extremely outstanding contributions , will get 1 billion bonus!

Seeing this reward amount, Su Mo’s eyelids couldn’t help but jump, a lot of money.

However, the following post replies are not very good-looking.

“This is too little. Country R next door announced a bonus of 2 billion!”

“This is what country E announced to give 3 billion!”

“Country M announced to give 5 billion!”

“Fuck each and everyone is so fierce, then we give too little.”

“Are you stupid? The bonuses they give are divided among groups, how much can one person get? The awards we announced here, you can take a closer look, it is an individual, not a group, it is not a dream to get rich overnight.”

“66666! Then we can fight!”

(end of this chapter)

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