Star Ring Mission Chapter 23


Chapter 23 Safety Sector

The guard players were also surprised to see Su Mo and the others who were killed, but did not say much. What, let alone embarrass them, they opened a gap.

“Come in.”

Su Mo hurriedly got in. At this moment, they were finally safe for the time being. Sun Duoxiang and the others sat directly in the Safety Sector, mouthing open. Breathing heavily, he grumbled desperately.

“Who in TM is telling me that this game is easy, I will definitely give him two slaps, and come here all the way, it’s like half my life.”

This chapter Hao also said to Sun Duoxiang with admiration: “Brother Sun, it’s fortunate that we several brothers listened to you, otherwise I would have quit the game long ago.”

“Small meaning.”

Sun Duoxiang waved his hand and said proudly.

At this time, among the guarding players, a man and a woman came over, and they said to Su Mo and the others.

“We need to check your body to see if you have been bitten or infected. If not, you can move freely.”


Su Mo and the others are nothing but cooperative.

Soon they finished the inspection and left, and Su Mo and others were lucky and did not get infected.

At this moment, Captain Wang brought a group of brothers over, and beside them was a shrewd middle-aged man in a suit and tie.

“Sun Duoxiang.”

The shrewd middle-aged man shouted with a smile on his face.

Sun Duoxiang turned to see them, got up quickly, and hurriedly replied: “Director Chen Xin, why are you here?”

“Of course I’m here to welcome you, I hope The stars hope that the moon finally wants you to come, you don’t know how much the guild is worried about you.”

Chen Xin held Sun Duoxiang’s hand with great enthusiasm.

Sun Duoxiang’s expression was sluggish, what’s the situation? I seem to be just an ordinary guild member, and this Chen Xin recruited himself into the guild at the beginning, but a serious executive, what is the wind today, so enthusiastic about himself.

Zhang Hao and a few people on the side saw this scene, and the eyes of Sun Duoxiang became more and more respectful. Brother Sun was really an executive of the Wuji Guild.

“Thank you.”

Sun Duoxiang replied a little stiffly.

“By the way, who are these?”

Chen Xin looked towards Su Mo and the others.

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly said to Chen Xin, “This is Zhang Hao, and the few next to him are his brothers. They all want to join our guild.”

Listen When it came to Sun Duoxiang, Chen Xin was even more excited, he simply fell in love with him.

“As expected of you, you didn’t just come to Safety Sector alive. You also brought so many members, haha! Don’t worry, I’ll have someone go through the membership procedures for them.”

No wonder Chen Xin was so excited, fuck their guild lost a lot of people and the number of people plummeted. However, if this is the case, forget it, after all, this game has a high mortality rate. But the most pitiful point is that a large number of guild members finally escaped to the Safety Sector, but they were dug up.

He was about to be scolded to death by the people above. At this time, Sun Duoxiang successfully returned and brought back a few new members. It is simply provide timely help!

“Uh, just give them four.”

Sun Duoxiang quickly explained for fear of Chen Xin’s misunderstanding.

“Then these two?”

Chen Xin looked towards Lan Xi and Su Mo suspiciously.

Lan Xi replied politely: “I am the Guild of Dreams, and I already have a guild.”

“Oh, what a pity, such an excellent and beautiful girl. But since you are He is a friend of Sun Duoxiang, that is our friend, and our Wuji Guild welcomes you at any time. You can rest assured that our treatment here is very good, definitely better than your original guild.”

Chen Xin also started digging corners, joking that such a beautiful girl, even a vase, can attract a lot of people, not to mention that Lan Xi doesn’t look like a vase.

“No, thank you.”

Lan Xi politely declined.

Chen Xin then turned his attention to Su Mo as a perennial recruiting executive. He has a good eye for people, and he can feel that the young man in front of him is an expert, not to mention that on the way, Captain Wang has already told him how fierce this guy is.

“Then this”

“This is my big brother, I tell you, he is super strong, one person can play five zombies, no, ten It’s not enough for him to kill. You don’t know how awesome he is. He singlehanded and killed a butcher who was more than four meters tall. We were able to get here alive, all thanks to my big brother.”

Sun Duo Xiang relentlessly touted Su Mo.

“Yes, we can all prove that Su Mo big brother is super strong.”

Zhang Hao and the others echoed.

Chen Xin looked at Su Mo’s eyes more and more hot, he rubbed his hands and asked Su Mo.

“This brother, do you have a guild?”


Su Mo replied lightly.

“Then brother, you can think about it and join our Wuji Guild. It’s easy to say in terms of treatment. You can ask what you need, and I can satisfy you. If I can’t, I will definitely satisfy you. , I will also want to apply to the guild.”

Chen Xin looked at Su Mo, if he could recruit a top expert, it would be no different from winning the lottery.

“No, I have no intention to join the guild for now.”

Su Mo replied simply.

“Mr. Su Mo, you don’t have to refuse in such a hurry, you can think more about it, our Wuji Guild is very good in terms of reputation and all aspects, everything is easy to discuss. And Sun Duo Xiang is not also in the guild, if you come to our guild, you will not only have a companion, you will definitely be very popular.”

Chen Xin was also very disappointed after hearing Su Mo’s words. But he didn’t give up, he strongly invited him, and at the same time gestured to Sun Duoxiang with his eyes to help him say good things.

“Yeah! Big brother, just think about it.”

Sun Duoxiang also persuaded, joking, if you don’t hug such a thick thigh, then Just an idiot.

Unfortunately, Su Mo is still not interested at all.

He still insisted on replied: “No need, I have no intention to join any guild for the time being.”

Of course, this is more or less to deal with. The reason for this is more of not seeing it.

“Well, we won’t force it, but Mr. Su Mo, if you change your mind, you can come to our Wuji Guild at any time.”

Chen Xin regretted Answered, he knew that the person in front of him was not so easily moved.

“big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang didn’t know what to say for a while.

Su Mo turned his head and looked towards Sun Duoxiang, indifferently said: “You guys go back to the guild, I still have things to do.”

After Su Mo said that, he left, and Lan Xi hurriedly followed along.

Leaving only Zhang Hao and the others looked at each other in blank dismay, Sun Duoxiang wanted to catch up, but hesitated and gave up, as if there was no reason to follow.

After all, it was temporary together at the time, and now in the Safety Sector, it is normal to be separated.

So he squeezed out a smile and said to Zhang Haoji, “Let’s go through the formalities.”


Zhang Haoji The people nodded answered, they knew very well how many catties and how many taels they had. Without the help of Su Mo, they would not have survived the Safety Sector at all. Now they are very satisfied with joining the Wuji Guild.

(end of this chapter)

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