Star Ring Mission Chapter 231


Chapter 231 Changes

Soon the two of them followed to the door of the office, and Ye Wei had already entered.

Lin Zinuo took Su Mo and ran directly to the door of the office to steal the sound, but this time Su Mo didn’t complain, because he was also very curious, where did Ye Wei get the confidence.

At this time, Ye Tian was sitting in the main seat in the office, Ye Wuhen was talking to Qian Chengxue earnest and well-meant advised.

“Younger sister, you’d better think about it clearly. If you miss this village, you won’t have this store.”

“No, I know every decision I make. “

Qianchengxue’s tone was as cold and resolute as ever, without any wavering.

“It’s quite confident, but you don’t look at whether you have that capital. It’s not good to say that the times have changed. You should have seen that, the Cup of Earth rules have been opened, In the end, only one guild could win, and the Heavenly Dragon guild will no longer give us subsequent capital injections, which means that the bonus period has passed.”

“father also decided to reduce the Legion and personnel, the entire guild Just keep two Legions, one is the Legion of the big brother, the other is the Legion of the eldest sister, and the rest of the sister Legions will be disbanded and sent back to the factory to work. Take out the elite personnel and equipment, and add two Legions, so that you can also get one more Legion. A huge amount of compensation. Otherwise you can only play in the mud yourself, without the capital of the General Guild, when the time comes you will lose your money.”

“You don’t have to worry about it.”

Thousands The city snow simply remained unmoved.

“I’ll let you down the stairs, don’t be ignorant. With your real industry, you can’t support the cost of the game at all.”

Ye Wei’s eyes were a little annoyed.

Ye Tian, who was sitting on the main seat, brows slightly wrinkle. Although the merger plan is compelled by circumstances, it is also the general policy set by the group.

The five dragon heads entered the game this time, to put it bluntly, to collect supplies for the Heavenly Dragon guild. Most of the produced and collected supplies have now been delivered.

Originally, if the rules of the Earth Cup have not changed, the Heavenly Dragon guild can still play with them by the way.

Now that the rules are out, the Heavenly Dragon guild is naturally unlikely to pour resources on them. Of course, it does not mean that the Heavenly Dragon guild has completely cut off subsidies to them. It is just that most of the subsidies have been moved to real industry subsidies. Now the Dawning Group must shrink its online layout.

The elites are concentrated in two Legions, so that when the war comes in the future, the Dawning Guild can not only continue to contribute, but also minimize the losses. After all, the ultimate purpose of capital is to make profits.

After securing the Dawn Group’s position, it can reduce losses.

To put it bluntly, in the absence of subsidies, entering the game is a complete loss.

“You don’t need to worry about these matters, I will solve them by myself.”

Qianchengxue replied without a trace of emotion.

At this time, Ye Tian also opened the mouth and said: “Xiaoxue, I have always been fair to my children. Since you have decided this way, I will not forcefully incorporate your Legion. But from now on, the group I won’t give you any more financial support.”

“Thank you father.”

Qianchengxue saluted Ye Tian.

Ye Wuhen’s face suddenly turned ugly when he heard Ye Tian’s words. It stands to reason that Qianchengxue’s Legion should be compiled by himself.

When the time comes, you can recycle it at a very low price, and you can bring it up a level with your own strength. Now it’s gone.

But he knows Ye Tian’s temperament very well. Since he speaks, it is basically difficult to change his words.

So he gestured to Ye Wei with his eyes and took the next step.

Ye Wei understood the accusation:

“father, I don’t want to talk about her, you can see that she dispatched the Helan to fight without the guild’s permission, The Helan was badly damaged, and there was no big picture at all. Before I came, I saw the approval of the repair funds uploaded by Qianchengxue, and it was obvious that there was no money for repairs. I think the Helan should be taken back for the big brother. To maximize the benefits. And for the sake of being a family, the big brother might be able to give her a lot of money.”

After hearing this, Ye Tian turned his head and looked towards Qianchengxue, He tapped on the armrest and said solemnly.

“Xiaoxue, I didn’t want to talk about you. Since you shot down the Helan, I won’t say anything about how you want to use it. But now that you can’t repair it, I’ll sell it to you. big brother.”

“father, I didn’t know such a big change happened when I applied for materials before, but now I know, I can repair it myself, and I don’t need to sell it at all.”

Qian The city snow is methodically replicated.

“It’s ridiculous, how much money do you have, can we not know?”

Ye Wei said with a sneer.

Ye Heavenly God’s feelings changed for a while, to be honest, he really wanted to take back the Helan and help Ye Wuhen, after all, he is the future family heir. But he remembered Xiao Wen’s words again, and he couldn’t help but have some concerns, so he stood up.

“Since that’s the case, let’s not say more, you can do it yourself.”

Ye Wuhen couldn’t sit still at this time, the Helan was very important to him. . In fact, not long ago, the Heavenly Dragon guild successfully launched a satellite, and now the world map where they are in Star Ring has been displayed.

The entire continent of the world is deformed, completely revolving around a huge inner current ocean.

There is a fog-covered area in the center of the ocean. Obviously, the central area will be the largest occupation area in the future, so ships are extremely important.

Helan must be in hand.


Unfortunately, Ye Wuhen just opened his mouth to speak, but Ye Tian’s warning eyes turned him back.

Su Mo and Lin Zino, who were eavesdropping at the door, saw that they were about to come out, so they quickly wanted to step back.

As a result, I hit someone directly.

Lin Zinuo and Su Mo turned their heads and saw that Sun Li and the others also came running at an unknown time, and they were also eavesdropping.


“Don’t you, let’s dodge.”

Sun Li quickly pulled Lin Zino and Su Mo to the side to hide .

Not long after, the door to the office was pushed open. Ye Tian walked out with Ye Wuhen and the others, and they left straight away.

After they left, Qianchengxue also walked out of the office.

Sun Li and the others immediately surrounded them with worried expressions on their faces.

“Sister Xue, is our Legion over?”

“Yes, the guild really stopped giving us money?”

“We What should I do?”

Facing the eager eyes of everyone, Qianchengxue rarely showed a smile, slowly raised her hands, signaling everyone not to think about it, and then said to Sun Li and the others with a smile: “Don’t panic, I assure you, our tenth Legion will not be disbanded, nor will it be merged into other Legions. There are difficulties, but I will find a way to solve them, but there may be real layoffs. Of course, it’s not a complete layoff, it’s more a job adjustment, that is, some people are adjusted to work in other positions.”

Hearing Qian Chengxue’s words, Sun Li and the others bowed their heads one after another.

Su Mo brows tightly frowns, he saw the rules of the Cup of Earth yesterday and knew to be bad.

But didn’t expect the reaction is so strong, but it’s normal. When conglomerate enters the game, the focus is on profit. Who does the business without profit or even losing money?

At this moment, a subordinate ran over gasping for breath, and she saw Qianchengxue hurried forward.

“Sister Xue, your phone is off and I can’t get through. I finally found you. The major event is not good. Auroville is in chaos. Many stragglers attack people everywhere and snatch supplies.”

After Qianchengxue heard this, she was very calm and not too surprised.

With the announcement of the Cup of Earth, players in the game will inevitably become polarized. On the one hand, powerful players will frantically collect supplies and staff members in order to compete for hegemony. On the other hand, people who feel hopeless will snatch resources and equipment as much as possible, and quickly sell them in exchange for a pot of gold, so that they can leave the game.

After all, the materials and equipment in the game will soon depreciate on a large scale.

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