Star Ring Mission Chapter 232


Chapter 232 Unrest (One Update)

“Call all fighters online, pass my orders to suppress the riots, any Anyone who resists will be killed.”

Qianchengxue gave the order without hesitation, quick sword cuts through tangled hemp! If the situation is not controlled as soon as possible, there may be problems in the city of Last Dawn.


Su Mo and the others immediately moved towards the elevator and ran.

Soon after, Su Mo re-logged into the game, and blaring sirens continued to blare throughout the north camp.

Tanks and green shield mecha drove out, accompanied by a large number of combat players.

But this time, instead of going to the defense line, they went to Auroville.

Su Mo simply copied a rifle and followed along.

When Su Mo entered Auroville, he immediately noticed the difference. Along the way, he saw many stragglers squatting on the ground with their heads in their hands, some carrying a backpack and carrying Several backpacks, apparently just grabbed.

But these are not important, the important thing is that in Su Mo’s field of vision, the outlines of these people have all become red.

He could probably feel it too. It was because of the influence of the bracelet that it became like this.

This means that these people are enemies and instinctively feel threatened and need to be killed.

Seeing this, Su Mo finally understood why Auroville was in chaos.

The original order of this world was very fragile. Under the blessing of the rules, there was no accidental collapse.

Thinking of this, Su Mo couldn’t help but shock the head, this game is indeed very unfriendly to casual people.

Under this kind of rule, scattered people can either fight against the whole world, or join a guild and continue to fight against the world.

Su Mo continued to walk forward into the city, when he heard gunshots in the distance.

peng peng ~

No accident, it should be that some unlucky person who resisted was killed.

At this time, Su Mo saw a male player with an oversized backpack on his back, hiding in the corner of the alley, and he walked straight over.

The other party naturally noticed it, and when Su Mo approached, the other party decisively raised his head, raised the automatic pistol in his hand, and shot at Su Mo.

Unfortunately, it was of no use. The second-generation armor was added to the body, and Su Mo, who had been strengthened, easily evaded by sideways. At the same time, he raised the gun in his hand and smashed the opponent’s hand with one shot.


The opponent clutched the drenched with blood’s hand in pain, and instinctively stepped back.

Su Mo raised his hand to face the opponent.

“Don’t kill me, I just want to protect myself.”

The male player pleaded pitifully.

It’s a pity that I haven’t finished speaking yet.


Su Mo shot in the head, he doesn’t believe the other party’s nonsense. If he just wanted to protect himself, he could crouch down and surrender. From the moment he was sneak attacked, he was blacklisted by Su Mo.

He ripped open the other party’s backpack, which contained all kinds of messy things, and even some things were stained with blood.

It can be seen that this guy is also ruthless, and he should have killed a lot of people in the chaos.

At this time, there was a loud bang in the center of the city, followed by black smoke billowing up. Su Mo looked at it and was a little surprised. Even heavy weapons were used in the suppression battle.

It seems that the resistance is stronger than expected.

However, Su Mo is not optimistic about those stragglers at all, it is not because they are not good at battle strength. Rather, they themselves are killing each other, and it is more impossible that they are their opponents.

It will not be long before the riots are suppressed.

Sure enough, when Su Mo came to the central square of Auroville, he saw a crowd of scattered players surrounded by heavy weapons.

They all put their heads in their hands, and most of them were crying out for grievances.

“You’re wronged, we really didn’t attack you, and we didn’t loot everywhere!”

“Yes, we’re wronged.”

At this time, Su Mo saw Qian Chengxue, Sun Li and the others gathered not far away, so he moved closer.

“Sister Xue, how do you deal with these casual players? They all say they are innocent. Many of our people have been killed by sneak attacks. Now we want to investigate them. It is difficult to find out who has a problem. Kill them all, right?”

Tang Yao (Deputy Corps Head) hated to gnash the teeth, you must know that Auroville is now in charge of her, and many of her subordinates died for no apparent reason.

If Qianchengxue hadn’t stopped her, she would have already ordered to kill all the wanderers.

Qianchengxue said in a tranquil voice: “Kill them all, we will become the public enemy of wandering. If we are led to the rhythm, we will usher in endless trouble.”

” So what should we do, we can’t just forget about it, can we?”

β€œIt can’t be done like this.”

β€œIf we let them go and they make trouble for us every day, then what? Do?”

Sun Li and the others were a little anxious.

Su Mo stood by and listened. He was a little curious as to how Qianchengxue would solve it.

“Follow me!”

Qiancheng Xue calmly moved towards the banned wandering walk.

Sun Li and the others quickly follow.

Qianchengxue walked in front of the crowd squatting and wandering. She said to everyone: “Hello everyone, I’m Qianchengxue! I’m also the owner of Dawn City.”

“Lord Qianchengxue, we have been wronged.”

“We didn’t do anything, please let us go.”

The squatting wandering crowd suddenly Boiling, one by one called injustice.

At this time, Qiancheng Xue pulled out a silver white automatic pistol from her waist and fired three shots at the sky!

Bang! boom! boom!

All around the elite fighters, all guns raised, a posture ready to shoot at any time.

All of a sudden, the crowd of players who had been boiling and wandering all quieted down.

Qianchengxue’s indifferent and clear eyes swept over everyone present, and said coldly: “The reason why Auroville is open to you for free is because I insist that everyone is a family. principle.”

“Now you have broken this harmony, and everything is void. I know many of you are wronged, but I’m sorry, I can’t tell the difference, so from now on At the beginning, all wanderers will be expelled from Dawn City. Anyone who resists execute without any mercy! Of course, if any of you can get the guarantee of the members of this guild, you can stay, and the rest will not be discussed!”

Su Mo secretly gave Qianchengxue a thumbs up in his heart, he was decisive enough, and he handled it very appropriately.

Of course, the casual players on the scene were also mourning.

“Aiya, I’m dead.”

“How can people play this?”

Of course they don’t want to leave, just kidding. It’s hard to survive, and now that the Cup of Earth is announced, the situation is even more chaotic.

The death rate is higher when going out, this game is unplayable.

Unfortunately, it’s useless. Qian Chengxue’s subordinates wouldn’t be polite to them. They stepped forward and started expelling in groups.

Lin Zinuo came to Su Mo and said helplessly to Su Mo: “Hey, don’t think about a better life in the future.”

“It’s not your people who are being driven out, you Why are you so emotional?”

Su Mo glanced at Lin Zino.

(end of this chapter)

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