Star Ring Mission Chapter 235


Chapter 235 Help (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (four shifts)

At this time, the mecha squatted down, The cockpit opened, a funny silhouette, and climbed down a little bit from above.

“Isn’t this Sun Duoxiang?”

Lin Zinuo was even more confused.

Su Mo also opened the cockpit at this time, jumped down from it, moved towards Sun Duoxiang and walked over.

“big brother! I’m here, you see how good I am, I took the risk of revealing the stuffing and driving mecha. You don’t know how hard I have been during this time. In order to prevent the stuffing from being exposed, I learned It will take me a long time to control mecha’s movement.”

Sun Duoxiang asked Su Mo for credit with a sad face.

“I see, it’s well done.”

Su Mo patted Sun Duoxiang’s shoulder and climbed directly onto this second-generation machine’s top mecha Β·Tear Claw !

It seems that I kept it at first and played an important role.

Otherwise, at this juncture, where can I get the second-generation mecha. To know that other equipment has depreciated, this equipment has become more and more popular.

The tearing claw soon merged and jumped in place, landing directly fifty meters away.

This burst of bouncing power surprised everyone.

Su Mo controlled the tearing claw to move a little bit, and its performance was top-notch in all aspects. Of course, the defensive power is still not as good as the original black steel messenger. However, the difference in speed is no problem to throw ten streets, so it is very suitable for Su Mo’s appetite.

“Wait Su Mo, even if you have mecha, we won’t be able to take down this base. You must know that Sister Xue had the main force of Legion’s first six groups, and that’s all. returned in low spirits after failing.”

Lin Zinuo hurriedly called Su Mo, she was afraid that this guy would have a stroke, so she went straight to work.

“I know, don’t worry, I didn’t plan to let you fight, you just need to be responsible for the aftermath.”

Su Mo lightly saying .

“What, are you kidding me?”

Lin Zinuo and the others couldn’t turn their heads.

At this moment, the ground began to tremble, and a large army seemed to be approaching rapidly in the distance.

Zhou Qian and the others were also a little flustered. Who would come over at this time, could it be an enemy attack?

Thinking of this, they held their weapons nervously.

Not very long, I saw seven second-generation mecha black steel appearing in the field of vision. Then moved towards them at a high speed and rushed over, and behind them were three hundred green shield mechas, as well as one after another heavy tanks and rocket vehicles, so many that the scalp was tingling.


“Haha, brother, here we come.”

The first black steel made a rough and thick voice to support none other than the other one. It’s Chen Shan.

When Lin Zino heard this voice, he also reacted. Isn’t this Chen Shan and the others?

“Su Mo, why did you invite them here?”

“Yes, is there a problem?”

Su Mo replied calmly.

“No problem.”

“Then don’t worry about it now.”

“Don’t worry about it!”

Lin Zinuo Excited replied, she thought, worried about a hammer! If such an elite force cannot defeat the Gulf base, her name will be written upside down.

Su Mo controlled mecha moved towards Chen Shan.


“Why are brothers being so polite, that base is the one you want to fight?”

Chen Shan asked cheerfully road.

“Yes, but this base is not very good.”

“It’s fine, if I read correctly, this base has experienced baptism once before, The fixed defense weapon is almost destroyed.”

Chen Shan’s eyes are very sharp, just a glance at it, he knows the situation.

“By the way, if possible, try not to damage the internal equipment.”

Su Mo thought for a while and asked, because he completely took down the Hongshan Bay base as a The stronghold is also a good choice. After all, it is more concealed than the City of Dawn.

“No problem, I’ll let the brothers below say hello.”

Chen Shan answered in the affirmative.

“That’s fine, let’s go.”

After Su Mo finished speaking, he took the lead in moving towards the bay base and rushed over. Chen Shan also not to be outdone, and rushed up with many brothers.

Zi Qing and the others came back to his senses in astonishment, turned their heads and looked towards Lin Zinuo.

“Sister Zinuo, what about us?”

“Look at it, the firepower support will be fine, so we won’t go up and cause trouble.”

Lin Zi Nuo said a little embarrassedly.


Zi Qing and the others nodded in response.

At the Gulf base, Kazami, who was wandering aimlessly, opened his mouth and made a special harsh sound after feeling the threat.

Suddenly, one after another red sarcoma egg shattered behind him, and Kazami crawled out in different shapes.

At this time, Su Mo and Chen Shan were the first to rush into the bay base!

The huge Kazami came up one by one, and Su Mo controlled the tearing claws and swept them with both claws. Each kazami was torn into pieces, just like cutting tofu, there was no sense of obstruction, and you could feel how sharp these claws were.

In addition, the seven people from Chen Shan are also very brave, their gray long spear in their hands sweeps everything.

Their eight second-generation mechas are like killing gods, clearing the way and killing them!

The green shield mecha who followed behind raised their heavy rifles and attacked monsters in all directions, shooting accurately.

As for other weapons like tanks, fire in an orderly manner!

peng~ peng~!

A Puppet zombie and Kazami were beaten into a sieve.

The firepower is a mess!

Lin Zinuo and the others at the back looked at Su Mo and the others who were pushing forward, feeling a little dazed.

“It seems that this bay base is not too difficult?”

As soon as these words were said, Lin Zino patted his face and quickly reminded himself.

“Calm down, these are not our fighters.”

In less than forty minutes, Su Mo and the others pushed to the belly of the Gulf base, which is Qiancheng. Snow retreat area.

At this moment, a towering red sarcoma shattered inside.

A bloated body with a height of more than 30 meters, densely covered with strange red lines, and sticky tentacles all over the body. A Type III Elite Mutant Kazami with one after another infiltrating eyes appeared on its head.

This type III elite mutant Kazami was extremely furious, and its evolution was interrupted by these ants, and compelled by circumstances broke out of its shell ahead of time.

However, although the evolution failed, compared to when Qianchengxue attacked, its aura was still much more tyrannical.

“It’s big enough, I don’t know if it’s resistant to killing, brother, how about we get a head start.”

Chen Shan looked at the monster in front of him, and his blood was boiling.

“You say.”

“Whoever kills this monster will invite everyone to dinner.”

“Okay, I’ll order this meal. .”

Su Mo replied in a deep voice.

“That’s not necessarily true, let’s go!”

Chen Shan controlled the black steel mecha to rush forward, so fierce, he didn’t care at all, the monster in front of him was more than double his size .

Su Mo and several others also rushed up from different directions not to be outdone.

Kazami was instantly provoked, his eyes all turned into eerie deep red, and then one after another thermal radiation beam moved towards Su Mo and the others indiscriminately and swept over.

Chen Shan pushed the power control lever to the end, and the whole mecha burst into flames in a short time, the speed increased sharply, and the attack suddenly evaded.

One after another The beam of light brushed past him and exploded on the ground.

At the moment of approaching, Kazami stretched out tentacles and swept over.

(end of this chapter)

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