Star Ring Mission Chapter 236


Chapter 236 Occupy (Add more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (Five more)

Chen Shan controls the black steel mecha and jumps up , a shot pierced through the tentacles and plunged directly into its bloated body.

Splattered thick blood.

The other six black steel mechas were also unequivocal, also dodging the attack, one shot and one shot horrible to see wounds on his body.

At this time, I saw Su Mo controlling the tearing claw, one claw tearing and sweeping the tentacles, controlling mecha to jump up very dexterously, stepping on Kazami with one foot, jumping twice, jumping to In front of Kazami’s head, he swept his paw.


one after another The hideous eyeball was smashed by the claw.

Type III Kazami screamed in pain, and immediately split hundreds of tentacles, moving towards Su Mo and sweeping over.

Su Mo controls the tearing claw mecha, a back-flip, deftly dodges the attack.

Eight Taiwan second-generation mecha attacked, and a face-to-face hit the Kazami in front of him. Of course, this Kazami is also tough enough. If it were replaced by an ordinary Type III Elite Kazami, he would have been killed long ago.

This Type III Kazami instinctively felt fear, and its frantic control tentacles swept across indiscriminately, temporarily forcing Chen Shan and the others back.

I then turned around to flee.

Seeing this scene, Chen Shan scolded in the communication channel: “Damn! This damn monster has become a fine, don’t let it run away!”

After Chen Shan finished speaking He lowered the beam cannon on Mecha’s shoulder and fired at it.

Other brothers also lowered their beams to attack and replied.

“Got it!”


Soon one after another beam strikes on Kazami’s bloated body, blasting one after another bloody Wound. It’s a pity that it’s useless. This guy is determined to escape, and he simply doesn’t have the slightest sense to stop and fight, but his mouth makes a harsh sound.

The Kazami, all around densely packed, rushed over immediately.

All of a sudden, Chen Shan and the others were stopped by a group of cannon fodder. They waved their gray long spear and swept across, and the sweep was a piece.

But these kazami came up like they were dying.

The black steel mecha itself is a bit bulky, and there’s no way to dodge it completely. No accident, a lot of small kazami jumped on the mecha and kept biting.

“fuck off! ”

Chen Shan controlled mecha and stretched out his left hand, grabbed those small kazami and squeezed them directly.

Although the armor of black steel mecha is thick, these small kazami can’t be broken for a while, but it’s annoying to have too many.

At this time, Su Mo controlled the tearing claw to pass by the small Kazami at a very fast speed, and jumped to a steel building, and the sharp claw penetrated directly into the steel wall. , the whole mecha sticks to the wall like a gecko. Immediately, Su Mo controlled the tearing claw to step on the steel wall and jumped towards the seriously injured Type III mutant Kazami.

Type III mutant Kazami also felt the danger approaching, and suddenly stopped and turned around, looking towards Mecha, the tearing claw that rushed over from the side, and extended tentacles, trying to block it. At the same time, it split bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, frantically accumulating heat radiation beams, ready to kill Su Mo with one blow.

Unfortunately, the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is cruel.


The blocked tentacles are instantly torn apart by the left claw of the Tear Claw.

Su Mo and Type III Kazami looked at each other, tearing the claw mecha red pupils, staring at Kazami, his eyes swept across his body.

In the control room, on the control screen, there is a red lock box, which locks the chest of Type III Kazami a little.

“Weakness Locked!”

Su Mo controlled the tearing claw, and the right claw slammed into his chest, accurately hitting the locked point inside.

Immediately, the Type III elite mutant Kazami’s inner core body was penetrated, and it let out a cry of despair.

The huge body began to swell, and the next second it exploded, turning into a rain of blood, and a strange fire floated out.

Su Mo took out a glass jar and put it away.

Chen Shan saw this scene in the distance, sighed helplessly, Su Mo’s strength is really strong, he regrets not pulling Su Mo into the Heavenly Dragon guild earlier.

Otherwise you can add a new hero.

After more than ten hours, Su Mo, Chen Shan and the others thoroughly cleaned the Dawan Bay base.

Although impossible is 100% cleaned up, it is basically cleaned up, and the rest is basically no threat.

In Su Mo’s opinion, it is cool to cooperate with professional personnel, and they can cooperate tacitly without any command at all.

Looking at the people on his side again, Su Mo couldn’t help but shook the head and smiled dumbly.

At this time, Lin Zinuo was taking over the base with people, and they were excited to open warehouses one by one.

Excited cries were constantly emitted.

“A lot of supplies!”

“A lot of weapons!”

Most of the material reserves are kept in the Baihe port area, and the buildings here are basically nothing damaged.

The only pity is that the dock is half collapsed.

But it doesn’t matter, it collapses and collapses, just dig it up.

Su Mo drove mecha to Chen Shan and the others.

“This time, many thanks.”

“If you are so polite again, I will be unhappy. It is all brothers who can help, I will never delay. .”

Chen Shan interrupted Su Mo while pretending to be unhappy.


Su Mo nods.

“By the way, brother, do you want to come to our guild? Although there is no way to join in, but you can act with us, basically there is no difference.”

“No need. .”

Su Mo still refused.

“Brother, I’m not being long-winded, I just want you to think about it. It’s not as good as it used to be. As soon as the rules of the Earth Cup come out, it means the war has officially started, and all influences are undergoing large-scale changes. You guys The Dawning Guild I belong to must have made major adjustments recently.”

“You mentioned this, just I wanted to ask why the Heavenly Dragon Guild cut the following subsidies.”

Su Mo is wondering about this.

“That’s right, you know the rules are there, and the five dragon heads’ mission of producing and collecting supplies has been completed, and they can almost quit. Their biggest responsibility and obligation now is stability. Outside. Brother I think you are definitely not a person who is willing to be mediocre. When you figure it out one day, come to us. Let me say something bad. In future hegemony, you are impossible to count on the Dawnbreaker Guild to collide. From now on, you will be one A giant war body collided.”

Chen Shan further explained to Su Mo.

“I see.”

Su Mo replied indifferently.

“Okay, then I won’t say anything more. This thing should be over. I have to take someone back. It’s not easy to explain if I’ve been away for too long. See you later.”


Chen Shan said goodbye to Su Mo.

“Okay, bye.”

Su Mo waved his hand.

Chen Shan controlled mecha, turned his head and led his subordinates to exit the bay base.

Lin Zinuo and the others hurriedly got close to Su Mo and shouted excitedly: “Su Mo, we really don’t need to share with Chen Shan and the others in this base?”

“No, people don’t look down on this place yet.”

Su Mo shook the head, he can now be sure that the words Qianchengxue said before were really without any moisture.

“very good, with this bay base, we can definitely return a big mouthful of blood. Although it is unlikely that we will be full, at least we will not starve to death. Let’s go, let’s go to announce the good news to Sister Xue, Let her send someone over.”

Lin Zinuo was extremely excited.

“Wait, I have something to explain.”

Su Mo suddenly stopped Lin Zino.

“What’s the matter?”

Lin Zino stopped and looked towards Su Mo.

“Remember to explain to everyone, never let me know about the mecha I’m driving.”

“Simply, everyone here is trustworthy. .”

Lin Zinuo solemnly vowed replied.

“Sun Duoxiang!”

Su Mo didn’t say much, turned his head and shouted at Sun Duoxiang who was in a daze in the distance.

“Big brother is here!”

Sun Duoxiang eagerly ran over, he looked at Su Mo with admiration, thinking that the boss is the boss, and he is getting more and more awesome . Even the reinforcements that were called were a complete mess. When I hugged this thigh, I really did it right.

Su Mo opens the cockpit and jumps off the mecha.

“You did a good job, drive mecha back, stay in the Martial God guild, don’t reveal anything, tell me if you have any trouble.”

“Okay, boss Don’t worry!”

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly nodded.

(end of this chapter)

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