Star Ring Mission Chapter 237


Chapter 237 Headache (One Update)

Imperial Capital, in a simple office.

The President of the Council was sitting at his desk, holding a document and reading it carefully, he put it down for a long time, sighed slightly.

At this time, Tang Qin held a cup of freshly brewed tea and gently placed it in front of the head of the council, respectfully asked.

“President of the Council, you seem to be very troubled. You must be worried about Star Ring.”

“en. ”

The head of the council took over the tea and nodded lightly, which was a default.

Tang Qin was a little puzzled and asked the head of the council.

“I don’t understand the President of the Council. After the announcement of the Earth Cup rules, shouldn’t we need more spare no effort and find a way to win? But why do you want Wulongshou Group to lay off staff at this juncture? , reduce the number of online personnel, and at the same time cause a large-scale game recession?”

It stands to reason that everyone should be more crazy shopping when the Cup of Earth begins.

A bitter smile appeared on the president’s face, and he was also a little wanting to cry without tears. He sighed and said to Tang Qin: “You know the truth, is it possible that I don’t understand? Everyone doesn’t understand.

Understand? The reason I cut the subsidy of the five dragon heads and let their people quit is to let them quickly restore the order and production of reality. Let me tell you the truth, due to the influx of people into the Star Ring game, the reality is All aspects of the world are going to be unable to hold on, and to put it bluntly, maybe the supermarket will be out of stock tomorrow.”

“What, what’s going on? is it possible that it is you, the president of the parliament. The previous speech was too successful?”

Tang Qin looked at the head of the parliament in surprise.

The president’s expression was also slightly embarrassed.

“Don’t say that, I just do my duty to lead everyone, but everyone’s enthusiasm for the kingdom is far beyond imagination. Of course, apart from this, there is another very important reason, because there are many people in Star Ring was successful in making a fortune, which triggered a chain reaction, and countless people rushed in.”

“But isn’t this what we originally wanted?”

“Yeah. , but extremes are always wrong, because under the influence of the fanatical atmosphere, many people in reality resigned to play Star Ring. Even those who stayed were basically absent-minded and inefficient at work, and that was the case in the end. Of course, this phenomenon It’s not just us, other countries are the same, otherwise everyone will tacitly announce the rules of the Cup of Earth, and quickly pour a pot of cold water to reduce the heat.”

“But this way our battle plan will Won’t it be affected?”

“You don’t have to worry about this, and the materials are almost ready, and the next is a brutal bloody battle. As long as you can persist in finishing this game, that’s fine. A lot of preparations can only be exchanged for useless effort in the end, balance is king.”

The Speaker of Parliament said in a tranquil voice.

“en. ”


Inside and outside the tenth building of the Breaking Dawn Group is super lively.

I couldn’t sit still, so I cleared the office area and put it on a table temporarily.

A projection device is also specially installed to connect the images of each area together.

Each table is filled with sumptuous delicacies, a variety of seafood and chicken, duck, beef and mutton.

A total of about 100,000 people have gathered, and the tenth Legion of the Dawning Guild is more than 180,000.

At this time, the noisy crowd quieted down, and I saw Qianchengxue entering the venue. She was wearing a black formal suit, her silver white hair was scattered to her waist, and she was wearing a concealed microphone device on her ear.

“Sister Xue.”

“Sister Xue.”

The employees along the way shouted with wet eyes.

Qianchengxue kept nodded in response.

Soon she walked to the makeshift stage in the center and bowed to everyone.

“Good evening everyone, thank you very much for coming to the practice banquet I prepared for you. Due to limited conditions, I hope you don’t mind!”

“We don’t mind, Very good.”

The brothers present responded with a smile.

At this time, Qianchengxue’s voice was slightly hoarse, she bowed again to everyone, trying her best to suppress her inner sadness, and said to everyone: “Everyone doesn’t mind, just tonight. Eat and drink well, I will spend a good night with you. After tonight, you will go to a new post. In fact, my heart is also very painful. For various reasons, we cannot fight side by side until the end. , this is also my biggest regret.”

Everyone bowed their heads when they heard Qian Chengxue’s words, and some of the girls sobbed out in a low voice, really reluctant to be here.

β€œwu wu ~”

β€œDon’t be too sad, everyone, your previous efforts will not be in vain. I will take your efforts and continue to struggle, No matter what the outcome is!”

Qianchengxue looked at the saddened people and felt relieved, in fact, she felt more pain than anyone else at this time, she single-handedly brought out the staff and laid off and transferred more than half of them.

Of course she didn’t want to do this, there was really no way.

On the other hand, the Council issued the latest production targets, which are extremely large.

There is an urgent shortage of manpower at the factory. Of the 100,000 people on site, 80,000 are going to the factory, and there are thousands of people who are going to leave their jobs to find another way out. The rest are also going to different places. Production companies hold different positions as administrators.

“Sister Xue, we miss you”

“Yes, Sister Xue, we want to follow you.”

Everyone replied with red eyes.

Qianchengxue bowed again to the crowd: “I believe that our separation this time is only short-lived, and one day we will fight side by side. Also, don’t worry, you change to As long as you are willing to work overtime, the final benefits are also considerable. Of course, compared to here, it must be a lot more hard work, but you can rest assured that I will try my best to give you all the benefits you can get. “

“Sister Xue, we believe in you!”

Most of the people present shouted. In fact, Qiancheng Xue has a very good position in the hearts of the people below, because she has never Don’t treat employees harshly.

At this moment, Sun Li came over and handed her a glass of red wine.

Qianchengxue took it, raised the red wine in his hand, and faced everyone.

“This glass to you! Cheers!”


Everyone picked up the glasses next to them and drank them all.


At this moment, there was a burst of applause, and then I saw Ye Haitang wearing a bright red dress and various jewels, elegant and poised walking in. .

The originally noisy cafeteria suddenly quieted down. Everyone present was whispering, and their faces showed confusion. At this juncture, how could Ye Family executives come over.

“Younger sister, your speech is really good.”

Ye Haitang walked up to Qianchengxue and praised her.

“Why are you here, elder sister?”

“Could younger sister take a step to speak?”

Ye Haitang said to Qianchengxue very kindly.

(end of this chapter)

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