Star Ring Mission Chapter 238


Chapter 238 Bad Vegetables (Second Update)

Qiancheng Xue hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded slightly, which is a promise. Then she spoke to everyone present.

“Everyone should eat and drink, I’ll take care of something.”


Everyone responded.

Then Qianchengxue and Ye Haitang went out, and Sun Li, who was standing by the side, quickly followed.

A moment later, they came to Qianchengxue’s office, Qianchengxue greeted politely.

“Elder sister, what would you like to drink.”

“No need for younger sister, elder sister is actually here to persuade you. I heard that you refused to be included.”



“Younger sister, listen to elder sister’s advice, don’t be stupid, Star Ring game is not the same as before, after no subsidies, this is A bottomless pit that burns money. To put it poorly, your family property simply cannot afford to burn it. You can’t even repair the Helan now, and the more you lose later, the more the loss will outweigh the gain.”

“Elder sister, I have already decided on this matter.”

“Younger sister, listen to me, the rules of the Earth Cup decide that we are impossible to win the championship. How strong will those regular guilds be? I don’t need to say that you should have a good idea in your heart. From the original participants, we are destined to focus on participation. To put it badly, the reason why I am still insisting is because the elder sister wants to participate until the end, see if you can Get an assist.”

Ye Haitang earned and well-meant advised.

Qiancheng Xue could not help falling into silence.

Ye Haitang persuaded sincerely: “younger sister, elder sister will not cheat you, you must stop your losses in time, disband Legion now, let me collect it, and you can get a lot of money back. , including the Helan number, I am also willing to pay a sum of money alone. I am not good at saying that, I accept these things, in fact, the greater the probability is a loss, because the guarantee is not guaranteed one day in the future, it will suddenly be lost in my hand, but I I am willing to lose money, because I can afford it, even if there is a big blood loss, but these are not important to you.”

Qianchengxue was also a little moved when she heard Ye Haitang’s advice. She knew that Ye Haitang was trying to win over her, but no matter what, she was the elder sister who was more polite and respectful to her.

“Thank you Elder Sister Xie, but I have made up my mind, so you don’t need to persuade me. I will give it a try anyway.”

Ye Haitang sees Qianchengxue She is so determined, she will not say more, although it is a pity that the collection failed.

But at least Qianchengxue didn’t defect to Ye Wuhen, that’s enough!

“Okay, since younger sister said so, I won’t force it anymore.”

“Thank you.”

Qiancheng Xue thanked again. .

Ye Haitang sighed slightly and was about to leave.

At this moment, Lin Zinuo charged Su Mo excitedly.

She shouted excitedly to Qianchengxue: “Sister Xue, good news! We have established the Hongshan Bay Base.”

Lin Zinuo didn’t notice Ye Haitang at all They were also present.

As soon as these words came out, Ye Haitang’s expressions were also a little unnatural. Qianchengxue still had the spare power to open up wasteland bases?

In fact, not only Ye Haitang and the others were surprised, Qian Chengxue herself felt incredible.

“Zino, you’re not kidding, how could you guys be able to hit the Hongshan Bay base?”

“Yes, it’s impossible!”

Sun Li also thought it was too ridiculous, but they personally led people to try it.

“I’m not kidding, it’s thanks to Su Mo.”

Lin Zino pointed at Su Mo excitedly.

Su Mo is also in pain.

“Wait, I’m not doubting Su Mo’s strength. The problem is that there are too many monsters in that base, and it’s simply not something that one person can solve.”

Sun Li It has been considered restraint. If Lin Zinuo was referring to someone else, she would have long been regarded as the other party’s mental disorder.

“No, Su Mo invited Chen Shan and the others to help! We’ve taken down the Hongshan Bay base after we crushed dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. Now we can get a large amount of supplies to replenish. , and there are related parts for repairing the Helan in Hongshan Bay, we can repair the Helan.”

The more Lin Zinuo said, the more excited he was.

Sun Li asked Su Mo in disbelief.

“You really asked Chen Shan for help?”

“Well, what’s wrong? What’s the problem.”

Su Mo replied normally , isn’t it normal to help each other?

Qiancheng Xue and Ye Haitang after hearing Su Mo’s answer.

The expression is completely uneasy, you must know that their five dragon heads serve the Heavenly Dragon guild, when will they turn around and they can be used as foreign aid.

For a while, Qianchengxue and Ye Haitang looked towards Su Mo, and everyone’s eyes were different.

Lin Zinuo, who was still elated at first, suddenly became acutely aware that Qianchengxue and Ye Haitang’s eyes on Su Mo were different.

My heart suddenly throbbed, and I thought to myself, bad food!

No matter if Qianchengxue and Ye Haitang appreciate it, or something else.

In short, isn’t this finding a competitor for yourself?

Ye Haitang’s heart is like a stormy sea. She thought Su Mo was a potential stock at first, but she didn’t expect, she still underestimated the other party, this guy was able to ask Chen Shan to take action in turn, It looks like I really need to pay attention to him when I look back.

Ye Haitang took a few deep breaths to calm down and said to Qianchengxue with a smile.

“Younger sister, good luck.”

“Thank you for your praise. By the way, elder sister, please walk slowly. I still have something to do here.”

Qianchengxue politely replied, please go to Ye Haitang first, she needs to figure out the situation now.

“Okay, since you have something to do here, then I won’t stop here.”

Ye Haitang was very smooth and witty, turned around and left.

Sun Li lowered her voice and asked Qianchengxue: “Sister Xue, do you want to go online and take a look.”

Qianchengxue thought for a few seconds, and finally shook her head and rejected.

“Wait for the banquet to end.”


Sun Li nodded replied.

Qianchengxue couldn’t help but glance at Su Mo more than once.

Then he naturally turned to Su Mo and Lin Zino: “Thank you for your hard work. Since you’re here, let’s have dinner together.”


Su Mo doesn’t have a problem either, he’s really hungry, and it’s good to have something to eat.

In addition, after eating, you can just go back to rest, and there is nothing left for him.

Late night! After the banquet was over, Qianchengxue went online immediately.

She left Auroville with a group of troops without any hesitation, and hurried to the Hongshan Bay base.

As for the biggest hero, Su Mo, he went home to sleep after the banquet, and he was too lazy to participate in the rest, so he simply let them finish.

After a long journey, Qianchengxue finally came to the periphery of Hongshan Bay Base with her people.

She saw the flag of the Breaking Dawn Guild on the steel barrier of the Hongshan Bay Base from a distance.

At this point, she became more and more confident that with the Hongshan Bay Base, their situation could be greatly eased, at least for a short time.

(end of this chapter)

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