Star Ring Mission Chapter 239


Chapter 239 Return gift (adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (three more)

To be realistic, Qiancheng Snow will return I have been worrying about how to maintain the Helan, not to mention the development.

Standing aside, Sun Li kept wiping her eyes, she still couldn’t believe it.

“Sister Xue, is this bay base really ours?”

“Yes, we will have two large stations in the future.”

Qianchengxue answered with certainty.

In the apartment, Su Mo was lying on the bed, he did not fall asleep, but turned over the forum.

The recent forums are very lively, especially after the announcement of the Earth Cup rules, countless posts can be poured out every day all.

Su Mo browses these posts patiently, he needs to pay special attention to the trend of the market.

Although they are just a nobody, it is difficult to steer the market. But if you want to survive better, you have to watch the market.

At this moment, an eye-catching post came into his eyes, shocking, Divine Immortal fighting, and bringing disaster to the fish pond.

Su Mo clicked in and took a look. I saw that the landlord uploaded a series of video clips, and I saw that on the vast sea, a ship full of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers with carrier-based aircraft were matched with frigates. Driving, followed by a carrier-based aircraft taking off in an orderly manner.

The swarms of these carrier-based aircraft moved towards one direction.

not very long In the distant sky, a swarm of fighter planes like a swarm of locusts emerged, and all the gathered carrier-based aircraft groups merged into it.

In the center of these fighters, a giant jammer with a disc on top of it is constantly releasing jamming sources.

not very long, a giant strategic city appears on the horizon in the distance.

These fighter jets successfully approached their targets silently and without being scanned by the opponent’s defensive radar.

At this moment, four round-shaped fighter jets with a metal-like FDE-03 pulse fighter on their heads came out. They sent out special pulses, which paralyzed all the electronics on the nearby ground in a large area. equipment, including intelligent anti-air weapons.

The next second, the approaching fighter jets poured out missiles one after another, shooting at the city.


The explosion and flames rushed into the sky along with the black smoke.

In an instant, the huge city was reduced to a fire sea. After the first hit, these fighters did not turn around and leave directly, and did not give the opponent a chance to counterattack.

This scene is not only staged in this city, but in multiple large cities at the same time, and this city has basically never been seen by anyone and is not particularly famous.

However, the specific information was still revealed by the player who left the message.

“MMP, it’s too much. Players from country M have carried out precise surgical strikes on the Heavenly Dragon guild, attacking all the cities that are the main production areas, headquarters and strategic locations.”

“It’s too shameless to have a sneak attack!”

Su Mo read the post carefully, he couldn’t help but shock the head, this battle was really fierce. Judging from the disclosure of the post, at least more than 20 cities and 40 strategic locations have been hit by large-scale air strikes, and the loss is simply immeasurable. And the enemy is not ordinary cunning, they shield the defense radar and other equipment, and then pour out a long distance, and then withdraw!

When the combatants of the Heavenly Dragon guild reacted, the other party also evacuated.

Su Mo withdrew from this thread and carefully rummaged through popular posts, only to find that the Heavenly Dragon guild still had no response, as if it was not his own city that was bombing.


Su Mo said to himself, if it was to keep a low profile and not willing to speak up, now the rules are out, and the other party has hit him in the head, There’s no reason to indulge each other like that.

At this moment, someone suddenly posted a message and shouted: “Everyone, go to the M country player forum section, it’s amazing!”

Su Mo curiously clicked on the other party’s forum , the result was a headline post.

The Feymus far-space base is destroyed!

Su Mo clicked in, glanced at it, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He just said, it’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives.

The official guild of the M country, the Free Victory Guild, was taken over by the Heavenly Dragon Guild with nuclear mines in the largest remote base of Phimes in the southwest part. And the combat weapon in charge of throwing was photographed after returning. It was a light blue III-generation deformed mecha, and a short video was attached to its post.

I saw an eighteen-meter-long whole body made of blue rare metal, and the fighter plane with the canard frame template was vertically moved towards the ground and fell freely. When it is on the ground facing the street, the designated parts of its body extend its hands and feet, and at the same time, all parts of the body are automatically folded, and in an instant, it becomes a very special mecha landing, and the movements are very gorgeous.

Su Mo was a little jealous when he saw this third-generation mecha, and he knew it was a good thing at a glance.

Unfortunately, this kind of good stuff is destined to be very rare. It is estimated that even the Heavenly Dragon guild has few units. After all, the second-generation mecha is difficult to get.

Su Mo closed the thread and continued browsing the forum after an hour or two.

He lost interest and was basically cursing. Because now everyone is desperately attacking each other, it can be said that the chaos is like a pot of porridge.

Su Mo put his phone aside and turned off the lights to rest.

A few days later, Su Mo, as always, entered the Dawning Group building in a very good mood, ready to go to work.

At this point, Su Mo’s phone pops up a message.

He opened it and looked at it, and found that it was a message in the Wechat group, and it was [email protected]

“The latest Legion structure adjustment, because Legion has a large number of professional personnel and production tasks are reduced, so the logistics pressure is reduced. In order to maximize the optimization of resources, after careful consideration, it was decided to change the Twelfth team from the logistics team to the combat team. As for Legion’s logistics, each team will be responsible for it.”

At this time, the group suddenly boiled.

Zhou Qian was the first to bubble up: “very good, we’ve finally turned positive.”

Tang Yao (Deputy Corps Head): “Congratulations! Our Legion’s strength is going to be strengthened again. One point.”

Chen Meng (group leader of the third group): “Congratulations! It deserves its name!”

Su Mo was also a little surprised that the Twelfth group turned into a battle group .

Just then Su Mo heard some other group members walking by, they were discussing the Legion change.

“Did you read the notification in the group just now that the Twelfth group has been converted into a battle group.”

“I see, as expected, the Twelfth group has recently made so many contributions. , and performed so well.”

“I don’t think so, you said it might be because of that Su Mo.”

“I can’t tell, it’s a pity that kind of Why didn’t the great god fall on our group.”

“Okay, stop daydreaming, by the way, the great god named Su Mo is handsome or not, I haven’t met him yet.”


“I don’t know either, he must be handsome, I heard he is a very uncle.”

Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightly, then lowered his head and moved towards the elevator .

(end of this chapter)

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