Star Ring Mission Chapter 24


Chapter 24 Transactions

On the other side, Lan Xi caught up with Su Mo and walked towards the center of the stadium as a Safety Sector. There are a large number of surviving players gathered here, which is super lively.

There are talking and laughing players all over the place who gather to brag about their experiences.

Su Mo glanced at Lan Xi, and when she arrived at the Safety Sector, she was still subconsciously following herself.

In fact, Lan Xi didn’t realize that she had already reached her destination.

At this moment, a shout came from a distance.

“Lan Xi!”

Lan Xi slightly startled, stopped, turned her head to look in the direction of the shouting sound.

Not far away, a woman with short brown hair in business attire walked over with several girls.

“Sister Wu.”

Lan Xi said hurriedly.

“Lanxi, you’re fine, then it’s very good. I heard from the people below that your squad was destroyed, and I thought you were also killed.”

Wu Sister sighed in relief said.

“Sorry for disappointing you, it was my mistake that caused the whole team.”

“Don’t talk about those, you are lucky to be alive as a life player. “

Sister Wu is comforted.

Suddenly a sudden voice sounded.

“Yo! Isn’t this Lan Xi? You are not dead, it seems that the rumor is true.”

I saw three very fashionable girls leaving Come here, the lead is a beautiful woman with a very good figure, bulging front and back, and perming big wavy hair, but her words don’t sound as pleasing to the eye as they look.

“Tang Zhi, what do you want to say.”

Lan Xi bit her lip and looked towards her.

“I didn’t want to say anything, I really feel chilled! Someone! In order to survive, to actually hang out with the teammates who murdered him, this character is not just a problem, it’s simple. What’s more serious is, does this count as selling the team for glory and accepting a thief as a father? I feel extremely sad for your dead team members. Hey~ Our dream guild, how can there be such a person, Sister Wu, I said That’s right.”

Tang Zhi said with a helpless sigh.

“It’s not like that, Sister Wu, it’s my fault, there are misunderstandings. It’s just self-defense and counterattack, the cause of the team’s destruction is my reason, and I’m willing to take responsibility for this and accept the guild’s punishment.”

Lan Xi explained somewhat disappointedly.

“Yo, this is forcing an explanation for the upper thigh. The arms and legs are really turning out.”

Tang Zhi poked hard without caring.


“What’s wrong with me, do you want to do it if you don’t win?”

There was no smug look on Tang Zhi’s face. Cover up, she has long been unhappy with Lan Xi, why is she more popular than herself, this time she will definitely be ruined.

“You are very noisy.”

Suddenly, a cold voice interrupted Tang Zhi’s words.

“I can’t sit still so soon, do you want to speak for her? This sexual entrapment is not eating less, right? Don’t forget, she can sell her teammates and lick you, maybe one day she will turn around and give it to you.

You stab, when the time comes you regret is useless.”

Tang Zhi looked towards Su Mo provocatively, she could see that Su Mo was like a person with a bit of ability.

“Even if she’s bad, she’s far better than someone like you who can only slander others with words, with a twisted heart and a good skin. And who is reliable, who is unreliable , I know in my heart, I don’t need you to remind me.”

Su Mo replied faintly, although he hates communication very much, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to look at people.

“Oh, the relationship is a cheating couple mixed together, wearing a pair of pants. I have to admit, Lan Xi, your ability to seduce people is really good.”

Tang Zhiya said angrily.

“Jealousy is beyond recognition. I only saw a mad dog barking.”

Su Mo replied coldly.

After Tang Zhi heard it, her blood pressure was soaring, her anger was soaring, and her delicate face was a little distorted.

“Who are you scolding!”

Tang Zhi and the girl behind her drew out their pistols, as if they were not good at it.

“Want to do it? I think you should give up this stupid idea, or do you think there are more of you?”

Su Mo didn’t have any fear, but his eyes were cold. There was a hint of danger in his eyes.

Tang Zhi instinctively took a step back.

“Okay, that’s enough, don’t talk about it. The guild will handle this matter. As for you, we don’t welcome you, please go away.”

Sister Wu was also at this time. Opened up.

Su Mo didn’t reply to Sister Wu, he turned his head and said something to Lan Xisu.

“I’m leaving.”

Before Lan Xi could react, Su Mo turned and left. She wanted to say something, but in the end she didn’t. After all, it was said before, and the Safety Sector was here, as if it was time to part ways. She looked at the back of Su Mo leaving, feeling a little dazed.


After Su Mo left, he started shopping around the Safety Sector.

There are players everywhere, it’s super lively, Su Mo takes a look from a distance. At least five thousand players gathered in this stadium. It’s also because the venue is big enough, otherwise it would be really crowded.

A large number of players are in groups, and they should belong to small groups or guilds.

Of course there are people who wander, and they seem to be very wary.

After all, in this case, the individual is at a disadvantage. Once the group is targeted, it will be unlucky to a large extent.

It’s also just a game, otherwise the order would have collapsed long ago.

At this time, Su Mo saw that the stadium was in the central area, and a large number of people were gathering and it was very lively. There were even people lining up, and there were also many wanderers who ran over with various things.

Su Mo couldn’t help but take a hint of interest and walked over to take a look.

At this time, in the center of the stadium, there was a very handsome young man with dyed golden hair and a luxury watch from this world. He was half lying on a chair with a beautiful woman in his arms.

There are several tall girls around him, either hammering his feet, pinching his shoulders, or feeding him canned fruit.

Standing all around him was a thug in a black suit, armed with a weapon, and an older steward.

At this time, a young male player asked with a flattering smile while holding a first aid kit.

“Master Ye Jing Young, look at this.”

Ye Jing glanced and said lazily: “One first aid kit, 100 yuan.”

“Can you give me more.”

“en? I don’t understand the rules. We Young Master Ye only quote once. If you are not satisfied, you can leave.”

The subordinate next to him warned. .

“Okay, okay!”


“Young Master Ye, look at me, this is the best body armor.”

“30 yuan! Next.”

“What about my barrel of gasoline?”

“10 yuan, next, if you have anything good, just take it Come out, what you have is money.”

“Also, listen to me, everyone. You don’t come in to make money, you put things on your body, and maybe one day you will be a fart, when the time comes. There’s not even a dime left. Why don’t you just sell it to me, and you can go out and fight. No matter what it is, as long as it is valuable, you will accept it!! There are also high prices for gold, silver and gold points, silver points. Now the official exchange The ratio is 1 gold point can be exchanged for 10 grams of gold, 200 per gram, which is 2,000 yuan. 1 silver point is equivalent to 10 grams of silver, 2 per gram, which is 20 yuan, and I pay 1.1 times unlimited!”

Ye Jing shouted extremely proudly.

(end of this chapter)

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