Star Ring Mission Chapter 241


Chapter 241 Help (Add more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader in water) (five updates)

In addition, the Heavenly Dragon guild has been mainly focused recently In the Free Victory Guild, there is no one to take care of them.

And the reason why they dare to do things now is more or less like the fox which exploits the tiger’s might.


Sun Li left a little disappointed.

After Sun Li walked away, Qianchengxue turned to look at Su Mo and said, “Are you very confused, why should I endure it?”

“No, in order to survive , I still understand for the time being.”

Su Mo shook the head.

Qianchengxue continued to look at the Helan, which was being repaired, with her hands behind her back. Although she had laid down this bay base and replenished a wave of weapons and supplies, it was far from enough.

She has only one chance to wage war, and that chance must pay off well, or she’ll be even worse off.

Three days later, Su Mo was dining in the company cafeteria, when he heard other colleagues beside him annoyed and complained.

“Those guys are sick, they’ve been bombing us for three consecutive days. We’ve shot so many fighter jets from them, don’t they feel bad about it?”

“Ok. Now, let’s get rid of the anger, it’s strange that they will feel distressed, bear it!”

“No, who can bear it once every three days.”

“Hey. “

Su Mo eats silently, he also thinks it is too much, but I have to say that Qianchengxue’s judgment is really accurate.

Just then, Su Mo’s phone rang and he subconsciously took it out.

It turned out that the caller ID was Sun Duoxiang.

Su Mo is also a little suspicious, what is this guy calling himself at noon? He got up and walked out, picking up the phone by the way.


“big brother most urgent help!”

Sun Duoxiang’s frightened and flustered voice sounded on the phone.

“Speak well, something happened.”

Su Mo was also speechless.

“I’m on the street diagonally across from your group company. Let’s meet face to face.”

Sun Duoxiang is still very cautiously.

After Su Mo finished listening, he hung up the phone without talking nonsense and moved towards the outside. It’s really misfortunes never come alone, there are a lot of things going on here, and Sun Duoxiang has problems here too.

Not long after, Su Mo walked out of the gate of the Breaking Dawn Group and onto the street. He looked around and locked on a dilapidated van.

I saw Sun Duoxiang wrapped up and sitting in the driver’s seat.

Su Mo walked over, he came to the van, opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

“Tell me, what’s the matter.”

“Big brother, you really want to save me.”

Sun Duoxiang quickly pulled Su Mo’s hand, for fear that Su Mo ran away.

Su Mo pulled back his hand with a dark face, and asked with a hint of annoyance: “Speak human words.”

“Okay, okay, that’s it, our guild is preparing Attack the Wet God Guild. The guild intends to make me the vanguard War General, and as far as my jack of all trades is concerned, isn’t this going to kill me?”

Sun Duoxiang explained with a sad face.

Su Mo was also stunned, and answered incredulously: “You guys want to wet the God Guild? What’s going on?”

“You don’t know that those people are bully intolerably bombing for no reason. Let’s forget it. The worst thing is that they also attacked our guild’s giant gold mine in Yuechuan Plain, not only taking up all the mines, but also our guild’s giant tooth base near the mine. You must know that piece of gold. The mine was originally won by our guild and the wandering, our guild will eat the big head, and the wandering will eat the small head.”

“Can’t you find a reason to shirk it?”

Su Mo asked after pondering.

“There’s no way to escape, you don’t know that my big brother, Lin Ming, took people up several times, trying to retake the mining area, but he was overturned by the other side. Now my big brother is seriously injured and is still lying in the hospital.

As for self-cultivation, now they are clamoring for me to avenge my big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang slapped his thigh fiercely

“Your big brother?”

Su Mo looked weird towards Sun Duoxiang.

Originally very excited, Sun Duoxiang suddenly reacted, his heart pounded, and the bad dish said the wrong thing.

“Okay, it took me a while to go to the Martial God guild to recognize the new big brother.”

Su Mo replied with great interest.

“No, it’s not the big brother. Listen to me. I can’t help it. As soon as I entered the Martial God guild, that Lin Ming treated me as an expert. You don’t know which one is polite. It’s indescribable, give me everything. You also know that I don’t dare to ask for anything, and then the more I push back, the more he values me, and I don’t even know what to do. In the end, he had to call me brother, I really It is impossible to shirk. But boss, don’t worry, in my heart you are my big brother, I am in Cao Ying and my heart is in Han!”

Sun Duoxiang quickly explained to Su Mo.

“Let’s not talk about this first, is the opponent so strong? Lin Ming has never fought before?”

Su Mo asked with a very solemn expression. That Lin Ming is recognized as the number one expert. Although he has water, he did it spontaneously after wandering around. But Su Mo has actually seen his battle videos, and his skills are completely unremarkable, even stronger than Qianchengxue.

“What kind of shit is that strong, that guy in the lead is just as strong as the three generations of mecha in his hands.”

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t help but sigh.

“Three generations of mecha? Do you have a video?”

Su Mo became interested.

“You asked the right person, boss. I don’t have the video, but I do have it. First-hand information!”

Sun Duoxiang saw that Su Mo was interested, and quickly picked up the phone Play a video for Su Mo to see.

I saw one with a height of 18 meters. The whole body was constructed of reinforced bronze-colored titanium alloy. Two concealed beam cannons were embedded in the shoulders, and two beams with a length of 15 meters were held in both hands. Saber, behind eight pairs of automatic rotating auxiliary jet wings.

I saw hordes of mecha besieging and rushing up!

That third-generation mecha is like a father beating his son, waving the beam saber in his hand, one child at a time.

A mecha is easily cut like a watermelon.

When facing a long-range attack, it immediately waved its beam saber, and the particles spread by its beam saber easily blocked all attacks in a range.

And this mecha is extremely maneuverable, and is not restricted by his large size.

After watching it, Su Mo pondered, this mecha performance is so sturdy!

He felt that even if the black steel messenger he had previously hadn’t been destroyed, it wasn’t enough to cut through in front of him.

The two beam sabers are not only long, but the key point is that the beam particles continue to spread out, and when they are waved, they become an area attack, which is simply too easy to use.

However, there is one thing that Sun Duoxiang said is right. The person driving this mecha seems to be really skilled, and several times he attacked and slashed crookedly.

“big brother?”

Sun Duoxiang was a little anxious when he saw that Su Mo didn’t say anything. He could rely on big brother now. He was about to be cowardly, and he estimated that he could only prepare to run away.

“Let me think about it.”

Su Mo’s expression became more serious, his mind is a little confused now, and his blood is a little restless, to be honest, he likes that third-generation mecha , the more you look, the more greedy you are.

“Okay, okay.”

Sun Duoxiang responded quickly, then closed his mouth and didn’t disturb Su Mo.

Half an hour later, Su Mo’s eyes flashed with determination, he made up his mind, so he said to Sun Duoxiang.

“You go back first, delay as much time as possible, I’m ready here, I’ll send you a message when the time comes.”

“Good big brother, with you I’m relieved.”

Seeing that Su Mo agreed, Sun Duoxiang suddenly relaxed.

“It’s settled.”

Su Mo opened the car door and walked down, moved towards the Breaking Dawn Group.

(end of this chapter)

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