Star Ring Mission Chapter 242


Chapter 242 is different (one more)

Su Mo returned to the group, he walked into the elevator, picked up his ID card swiped. Just as he was about to press his own floor number, he hesitated and tried to press the top floor button.

As a result, the button lights up, and I don’t know when his permissions were raised.

But this is just right, so I don’t have to go to Lin Zinuo and let her take me up.

At this point in time, Qianchengxue should also be offline. If you guess correctly, there is a high probability that he will eat and deal with some things on the top floor.

not very long, ding~

The elevator door opened.

As soon as Su Mo went out, he met several girls with their hair tied up, their faces serene, wearing professional attire, and with outstanding temperament.

“Hello Su Mo.”

They greeted Su Mo with big smiles.

Su Mo nods slightly, which is a response. Compared with the previous instinctive rejection, he now felt that he had adapted a lot, and he moved towards Qian Chengxue’s office.

It didn’t take long for Su Mo to come to the door of Qianchengxue’s office, the door was open and not closed.

Su Mo glanced inside and was surprised to find that there was no one in the office, and he looked puzzled.

“Where are the people?”

“Su Mo, are you looking for Sister Xue and the others?”

At this time, a clerk girl passing by asked enthusiastically .


“Sister Xue and the others are having a meeting in the conference hall over there.”

“Thank you.”

Su Mo nodded slightly, then moved towards the conference hall.

The huge Conference Hall was full of people, and nearly half of Legion’s important high-level executives were present.

The entire venue was extremely lively, and everyone was also fiercely complaining to Qianchengxue.

“Sister Xue, those guys are bully intolerably!”

“That’s right, sneak attack every day, too shameless.”

Qiancheng Xue Sitting at the desk, with a cold face brows slightly wrinkle, it seems to be very headache.

“Sister Xue, it’s not us complaining. Just now that gang of guys bombarded us again, even if they smashed the wool, there is no reason to catch a sheep and smash it hard, and it’s almost bald. “

“What is that, you don’t know, they have some fighter planes, and they throw cow dung on our heads! Me.”

Ye Lan (group leader of nine groups) His lungs were about to explode.

“Sister Xue, I think that our blind concession will only encourage their arrogance.”

Luo Mei (the leader of the eleventh group) also said somewhat unbearably. Except for Zhao Han’s group in the last six groups, most of them were in Auroville, and they were the worst bombed.

Qianchengxue was naturally angry in her heart, but she still maintained her rationality, she said to everyone.

“I understand your grievances, but we must face up to the reality. We can only back down now, because our priority now is to survive.”

“However, we always Can’t let the other party bombard us like this? Sister Xue, the people of the Wet God Guild will not stop like this, what should we do?”

Zhao Ying (the eighth group leader) with red eyes asked.

Qianchengxue was also lost in thought, she was a little bit difficult to do for a while, so she said to everyone.

“Let’s discuss it and see if there is a good solution?”

“I don’t think the soldiers can be humiliated. Beat them up.”

” No, it’s too impulsive, so bear with it.”

“You’re a bit cowardly!”

“What’s the cowardice, I’m thinking about the big market.”

Everyone present was discussing, and they were almost arguing, which made Qianchengxue even more headaches.

At this time, a secretary girl walked up to Qianchengxue and whispered, “Sister Xue, Su Mo is here, he has something to tell you.”

“Let him come in and talk, there is an important meeting going on here.”

Qianchengxue was also a little surprised.


The girl walked out.

Soon Su Mo, accompanied by his sister, moved towards Qianchengxue.

At this time, Zhao Han in the crowd noticed Su Mo, and also showed a look of surprise, why did Su Mo come here.

In the noisy discussion, Su Mo walked to Qianchengxue’s side, and he smelled the faint fragrance of bellflower.

He looked at Qiancheng’s snow-white face, and fell into a sluggishness for a while, his heart beating faster, this was something he had never felt before, and his expression also revealed a trace of unnaturalness.

However, he quickly controlled his emotions, summoned up his courage, and slowly approached Qianchengxue’s ear and said softly.

“I have an idea, we can do something to the Wet God Guild.”

After hearing this, Qiancheng Xue was shocked and looked at Su Mo with a serious face.


In the building of Imperial Capital Martial God Group, Sun Duoxiang was squatting in the toilet again, his expression was unrequited love.

He has been squatting in the toilet for almost an hour, and his legs are numb! He doubted whether he was squatting down and would squat out the hemorrhoids.

At this time, a group of senior members of the Martial God Guild gathered outside.

“Brother Sun, are you okay? Time is running out!”

“I’m fine, my stomach is not feeling well.”

Sun Duoxiang bronze oneself said.

“Brother Sun, it’s too late, those guys are almost reaching the last stronghold in our mining area.”

“Brother Sun, hurry up, those guys are simply Too cheap.”

In the bathroom, Sun Duoxiang kept texting Su Mo, but he didn’t receive any reply.

On the contrary, in the micro-chat group of Sun Duoxiang’s mobile phone, videos were posted to the group, and the whole group was full of scolding.

Sun Duoxiang clicked on one of the videos, and saw a group of Wet God players who captured players wearing Martial God guild costumes, took off their pants, and shush at them.

There are also people who do something to the girls of the guild, all kinds of vulgar words.

Seeing that Sun Duoxiang’s blood pressure has soared, these people are simply too cheap.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps at the door of the bathroom. Lin Yao (Vice-President) rushed over in a hurry. He knocked on Sun Duoxiang’s door.

“Sun Duoxiang is really too late.”

Sun Duoxiang heard Lin Yao’s words. door.

“Here, come.”

Lin Yao finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Sun Duoxiang come out of the toilet.

“Hurry up and play the game, it’s all fried.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go right now.”

Sun Duoxiang’s mouth couldn’t stop He twitched, thinking to himself that he was dead.

Not very long, Sun Duoxiang was online, I saw him appear in a camp, all around were the elite top experts of the Martial God Guild.

Many people saw that Sun Duoxiang was online, and they said with great joy: “Brother Sun, you are finally online!”

“We have been waiting for you for a long time, and we are almost dying. “

“It’s definitely no problem with you playing this time.”

Sun Duoxiang glanced all around, but he didn’t see Su Mo’s silhouette at all, and his heart was even more panicked. of a batch. He kept hinting to himself, don’t mess up, don’t panic!

He looked full of force and said to the crowd: “What’s the hurry, it’s still early.”

“hmph, it’s still early, or you don’t. Dare to go, afraid of revealing the secret?”

A sarcastic voice suddenly sounded.

(end of this chapter)

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