Star Ring Mission Chapter 243


Chapter 243 Worrying (Second Update)

Sun Duoxiang turned his head to look over, and said what he said was a man with ugly centipede-like scars all over his face the big guy.

This big man is none other than Li Duhuai, the most powerful expert except Lin Ming originally recognized by the Martial God Guild.

Originally, before Sun Duoxiang came, Li Duhuai was very prosperous in the guild, and no one would hold him.

Since Sun Duoxiang’s rat shit came in, many people have changed their minds and ran to support Sun Duoxiang.

In fact, under normal circumstances, this is nothing. After all, if Sun Duoxiang really kills the Type III general-level monster, then there is nothing wrong with him, and he has to be polite.

But the problem is that no matter how Li Duhuai looks at it, he doesn’t see that Sun Duoxiang is an expert. In addition, Sun Duoxiang has been in the Martial God Guild for a while, and he never saw him take action from beginning to end.

As soon as something happens to him, this guy will find all kinds of excuses to shirk, a typical person who only eats and does not pull.

Now people are bullying them to the face, and this guy is still delaying.

He was more and more convinced now that this guy was an embroidered pillow.

Sun Duoxiang knew that he was wrong, and he didn’t argue with the right one.

However, in the eyes of others, Sun Duoxiang was disdainful to argue with Li Duhuai, his bearing and demeanor were really unbearable, so they persuaded Li Duhuai.

“Brother Li, don’t say a few words.”

“Yes, everyone is their own.”

“You think I want to talk about him, I I just think he can’t be used!”

Li Duhuai was not afraid to offend Sun Duoxiang, he had already offended him anyway.

“Li is pregnant enough, don’t talk about it.”

At this time, Lin Yao came with a group of people with extraordinary bearing.

After everyone saw it, they quickly greeted: “Vice-President Lin Yao is good, Lin Hai Corps Head is good, Lin Yuxin Corps Head is good.”‘

At this time, the entire Martial God Guild Three of the core members came at once.

The president of Martial God is Lin Haotian, and his younger brother Lin Yao is Vice-President.

The first one, Lin Ming (male), aged 30, First Army Corps Head, serves as the Deputy General Manager of Martial God Group.

The second child, Lin Hai (male), age 28, Second Army Corps Head.

The third child, Lin Yuxin (female), age 26, Corps Head of the Third Army.

Old Fourth, Lin Muxi (male), age 25, Fourth Corps Head.

The fifth child, Lin Zhihan (male), aged 24, is the head of the Fifth Army.

The sixth, Lin Yixuan (male), age 21, Corps Head of the Sixth Army.

The seventh, Lin Xiaoyu (female), age 19, Seventh Army Corps Head.

In the face of so many executives in front of him, Li Duhuai didn’t mean to stop at all, but the more he talked, the more excited he became.

“Lin Yao, Vice-President, I’m really angry, we’re all in a hurry here. This guy is still shouting, don’t worry, I think he’s just a coward.”

At this time, a woman with a very beautiful appearance, fair skin, long black hair, a nervous smile on the corner of her mouth, wearing a second-generation red individual soldier mechanical armor, let out a harsh laugh.

“Interesting, since you don’t like him so much, Li Duhuai, just kill him.”

Hearing the woman in front of him, everyone in the room felt chilled and looked become very abnormal. But no one dared to say a word, saying that this woman is none other than Lin Family Seven Miss Lin Xiaoyu! Although her battle strength is not the strongest in the guild, it is definitely the most dangerous in the hearts of everyone, because this seventh lady is neurotic.

Lin Yao said to Lin Xiaoyu with a sullen face: “Don’t make trouble.”

“Is there anything wrong with what I said? The best way to test and question is to practice. Duoxiang is a powerhouse, then Li Duhuai will be killed. He will pay the price for his arrogance. If Sun Duoxiang has no ability, then he will just be eliminated.”

Lin Xiaoyu went straight Gou looked towards Sun Duoxiang.

Under normal circumstances, if a beautiful woman looked at Sun Duoxiang so directly, he would have blossomed with optimism. But now he was seen with chills behind his back and goosebumps all over him.

This chick really dares to chop herself up for no reason.

“Okay, don’t make a fuss, everyone is their own, now the wet god guild bastard bully intolerably, robbing our mining area, occupying our base, and insulting our people, this hatred is absolutely irreconcilable. The guild leader already knows, he said it, and allowed us to give it a shot. Now all the major Legions in the guild have mobilized elites to help, this time we will make those people pay a heavy price!”

Lin Yao did not Continue to stimulate Lin Xiaoyu, but directly start talking about business and change the subject.

As expected, everyone was excited when they heard Lin Yao’s words.

“Lin Yao Vice-President, we are ready, let’s go and kill those bastards!”

“Okay, then let’s go!”

Lin Yao took a deep breath, this time he will personally lead the team!

Sun Duoxiang swallowed hard, he actually wanted to cry, but the problem was that too many people were staring at him, and he didn’t even cry.

He kept shouting in his heart: “big brother, where are you, you won’t really ignore me.”

At this time, everyone present moved towards their mecha run. Go, the weapons are activated one by one, and the large army is about to set off.

Sun Duoxiang could only drive the ducks into battle. He awkwardly got on the second-generation mecha Β·Tear Claw and set off with the crowd.

After a long time, the Martial God Guild assembled tens of thousands of the most elite troops to reach the last stronghold on the edge of the Yuechuan Plain.

The battlefield in the distance is full of artillery fire and black smoke billows.

Lin Dong, the head of the Martial God guild in charge of guarding the stronghold, was excited to see the reinforcements assembled.

“Lin Yao-sir, you guys are finally here. The front line can’t be held anymore. There are too many people on the other side.”

“What’s the panic, there are us!”


Lin Yao was very calm.

“Yes, it’s an adult.”

Lin Dong responded quickly.

Lin Yao turned his head, looked towards the Corps Heads behind him, and began to issue a combat mission: “Lin Hai, you lead your people to detour to the left wing and block the opponent from there.”

“Lead the order. !”

Lin Hai replied unequivocally.

“Lin Yuxin, take your troops to block from the right flank!”

“Lin Xiaoyu, take your mobile troops to find a way to go around the opponent’s back and destroy the opponent’s firepower. Our air force will try to contain the other air force as much as possible.”

“I see.”

Lin Xiaoyu replied excitedly.

“What about the main battlefield? That guy Mo Baoke is killing a lot, he is unstoppable!”

Lin Dong swallowed and asked.

Lin Yao also felt very troubled when he heard this, knowing that even Lin Ming was defeated by the opponent, so he looked towards Sun Duoxiang.

It’s a pity that Sun Duoxiang was completely absent-minded. Sun Duoxiang, who was sitting in the tearing claw mecha, was all around. He was looking for Su Mo’s trace.

Lin Yao had a headache when he saw that Sun Duoxiang didn’t react at all.

How can this guy have such a weird temperament? He didn’t even make a statement, he could only ask with a thick face.

“Sun Duoxiang, why don’t you personally lead the team to contain the opponent?”

When Sun Duoxiang heard Lin Yao’s words, his brain was buzzing, and he swallowed hard. He spit, cheeky replied.

“Not yet.”

(end of chapter)

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