Star Ring Mission Chapter 244


Chapter 244 Excited (Add more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

Hear Sun Duoxiang If that was the case, Lin Yao almost didn’t mention it in one breath, the fuck people all hit the face, it’s not the time.

The people present also looked at each other in blank dismay and didn’t know what to say.

Li Duhuai rushed to the forehead with anger, and said angrily: “He won’t go, I’ll go!”

Lin Yao patiently continued to persuade Sun Duoxiang.

“Save face, the opponent’s strength is too strong, just because Li Duhuai they really can’t bear it, they really need your shot.”

“Yes. Ah, Brother Sun, you can do it.”

“Brother Sun, please.”

Everyone present began to persuade.

At this moment, Sun Duoxiang felt like an ant on a hot pan, sweating profusely.

But he still insisted on replied: “When the time is right, I will attend the meeting.”

Everyone present was extremely disappointed and didn’t know what to say.

“Aiya, what nonsense are you talking to him, he won’t come to us! Lord Lin Yao, please give an order.”

Li Duhuai is so angry that his Face is red.

Lin Yao can’t help seeing that Sun Duoxiang is so stubborn. After all, he was recruited by him at the beginning, and the conditions were also promised by him. He was not easy to attack, so he could only bear it. The specific situation will be discussed after the end of the war.

“Li Duhuai, you are taking a team of elite mecha members to contain that guy, just remember to contain him, don’t think about defeating the opponent, and keep yourself safe as much as possible.”



Li Duhuai answered cheerfully.

Lin Yao then took a deep breath and said: “In addition to the main battlefield, I will personally lead people to sit in town! Brothers will be successful this time if they fail! Let’s beat them!”

” Fuck them!”

Everyone in the audience shouted excitedly.

Then the Martial God guild troops began to act under the command of Lin Yao.

In this stronghold, only the reserve troops and some logistics executives of the guild are left. They talk about the direction of the entire battlefield by reconnaissance drones.

The only thing that doesn’t fit is Sun Duoxiang’s main battle strength. The rest of the people see Sun Duoxiang’s expressions all become very complicated.

It made Sun Duoxiang as embarrassed as he wanted to be in the cab. Of course, he knew how to use people, and he was soft-spoken, but the crux of the problem was that Sun Duoxiang really couldn’t handle it.

He was in the cab, muttering to himself.

“Big brother, come quickly, you won’t really abandon me.”

Of course, the war will not be suspended just because Sun Duoxiang participates in the war, and the frontal battlefield , The group of tanks of the Martial God Guild took the lead in cutting into the battlefield. After entering the designated position, these tanks all turned laterally and formed a line of defense, and all of them were equipped with reactive armor on the opposite side of the enemy.

in an instant These tanks form a defensive bulwark against attacks such as enemy rocket launchers.

At the same time, the infantry squads and the high-mobility green shield mecha rushed forward, using the tanks as cover, and launched a violent attack on the enemy.

At this time, the vanguard of the Wet God Guild was madly attacking the defense line of the Martial God Guild.

I saw their combat players shouting slogans and rushing up with a pot of porridge, and everyone’s face was full of fanatical confidence.


Lin Yao saw that the other party was so crowded, and he gave the order without saying a word.



Tanks fired in salvos, instantly turning the opponent’s bombers on their backs.

At the same time, the infantry squad and mecha were bluntly using tanks as bunkers and strafing the surviving players.

At this time, the mecha troops of the Wet God Guild rushed over when they saw that the vanguard troops were blocked. The Martial God guild’s mecha is also not to be outdone, and it is also on top.

At the same time, violent explosions also sounded in the left and right areas of the frontal battlefield, and the troops on both sides completely collided.

Time flies!

The war became more and more fierce, and the battle reports were continuously fed back to Lin Dong.

“Report! Our troops on the left wing successfully suppressed the opponent!”

“Report! Our troops on the right wing successfully suppressed the opponent and are destroying the opponent’s vital forces.”

“Report! Mr. Lin Xiaoyu successfully took over the opponent’s temporary airfield and destroyed more than 30 fighter jets.”

“Report! The frontal battlefield has defeated the opponent’s three waves of reorganization attacks and is forcing the opponent’s troops to retreat. “

Faced with good news, Lin Yao couldn’t be happy.

He solemnly asked: “How about Li Duhuai?”

“Report, except Li Duhuai, all the brothers who went to stop Mo Baoke were killed, hurry up. I can’t stop it!”

The adjutant below replied hesitantly.

Lin Yao’s face became more and more ugly, and another group of elites died, he didn’t know what to do.

At this moment, two super-thick beams of light suddenly hit the battlefield ahead, hitting two green shield mechas in an instant.


The two Green Shield mechas were blown to pieces.

I saw Morbak driving the III-generation mecha Β· Killing Blade to kill. The hands of the two terrifying beam sabers were waving, and everything they passed was destroyed!

Up a mecha die a mecha!

Its terrifying aura is daunting.

At this time, many tanks on the battlefield turned their muzzles to shoot at the third-generation mecha, and at the same time, the green shield mecha raised their short-range firearms to fire frantically.

Unfortunately, this has no effect on the III-generation mecha Killing Blade, Morbock drives the mecha to move very fast. And he seems to be able to budget for all the incoming attack trajectories in advance, and dodge incomparably calmly, but he really can’t dodge. He waved the beam saber in his hand a few times, and all the shells and bullets that were shot were cut off.

Then he controlled mecha and entered the Martial God Guild mecha group.

Mo Baoke shouted excitedly: “Just this ability? A group of trash! Haha! (Translation)”

In the stronghold, the people who stayed behind were watching the latest news. The battle images that were sent back made everyone’s throats almost smoke.

“Aiya! Stop him, don’t let him rush into the army”

At this time, in the cab of the tearing claw, Sun Duoxiang leaned against the back of the seat, like a dead man Like a fish, he kept mumbling to himself.

“It’s over, it’s over, get ready to run”

At this moment, Ding!

“Brother Sun!”

Sun Duoxiang heard the sound of tapping on the armor, as well as a familiar sound.

He suddenly sat up in shock, controlled mecha and looked down, only to see Zhang Hao and Ma Ke cover Su Mo and slipped to mecha’s feet.

Sun Duoxiang’s heart was beating rapidly, like a thief, he looked left and right, and made sure that everyone was paying attention to the frontline battlefield. After no one was paying attention to him, he quickly controlled mecha to squat. Come down and slowly open the cab.

Su Mo quickly crawled into the cab.

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly closed the cockpit and then got up to vacate the driver’s seat. He was so excited that he burst into tears and said to Su Mo mournfully.

“big brother, you finally came, I thought I was going to be abandoned.”

“I’ve come a long time ago, but the camp where you gathered before was too heavily guarded. Too many experts, I simply have no chance to get close!”

(end of this chapter)

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