Star Ring Mission Chapter 245


Chapter 245 Counterattack (Add more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four more)

Su Mo was also secretly sighed in relief, before I did some preparations and almost missed the mark.

“I’ll just say it, big brother, how could you abandon me.”

Sun Duoxiang replied excitedly.

“Don’t talk nonsense with you, you can squat by yourself.”

After Su Mo finished speaking, he pushed the power lever directly.

In an instant, the originally stationary tearing claw mecha moved silently and rushed out of the camp at a very fast speed.

None of those who stayed at the camp noticed that it was the Tear Claw that had left.

On a hillside behind the frontal battlefield, Lin Yao was staring at the battle of the Killing Blade with a telescope.

I saw Mo Baoke wielding a huge beam saber, moving towards the earth-yellow second-generation mecha Β·defender driven by Li Duhuai.

Li Duhuai didn’t dare to let the opponent’s beam saber touch him, and kept pulling the operation limit to dodge. However, even if he avoided it, Mecha would be inexplicably sputtered by particles, cutting one after another horrible to see incision.

This is still untouched, if it is cut, it will definitely die.

At this time, three green shield mechas flanked up from different directions.

“Brother Li, we’re here to help!”

Mo Baoke turned his head and glanced, and said arrogantly.


He swung the slender beam saber with his backhand and swept across the area.


The three green shield mechas were cut off before they could react.

Li Duhuai suppressed his anger, seized the opportunity sharply, and slammed the alloy long spear in his hand.

“Go to hell, you bastard!”

The corner of Mo Baoke’s mouth raised slightly, showing a sneer, he controlled mecha and turned to face Li Duhuai with his backhand. Swipe the beam saber from bottom to top.


The long spear made of reinforced synthetic metal was cut off immediately, and the spear head flew up and landed on the ground in the distance.

Li Duhuai’s head was also covered in confusion, his whole body was extremely stiff, and he had an unbelievable look on his face.

At this time, Mo Baoke raised another beam saber, ready to meet Li Duhuai.

Suddenly a beam of light hit Mo Baoke, and a big explosion exploded.

Mo Baoke turned his head to look angrily, and saw two black second-generation mecha Β· Black Steel not far away, flanking over with a group of green shield mecha.

Li Duhuai came back to his senses and hurriedly controlled mecha back.

When Lin Yao saw this scene, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, the adjutant next to him said with great joy.

“Lin Yao Vice-President, the good news is that all areas are temporarily suppressed. Lin Hai, Lin Yuxin Corps Head and the others have brought people around. No matter how strong that guy is, it is it possible that they can still get it. Don’t you die?”


Lin Yao responded with excitement and nodded.

At this time, Lin Hai and Lin Yuxin dispersed, one left and one right moved towards Mo Baoke’s swift and violent raid, and the sharp long spear came through.

Mo Baoke raised his double beam saber to easily block the two charged attacks, and at the same time swept the two mecha out with a random sweep.

At this moment, a red mecha rushed over without warning like a gust of wind, and the two alloy thorns in its hands were slammed into the back of the killing blade.

Sparks burst forth.

Lin Xiaoyu also came to fight.

Li Duhuai and the others didn’t intend to give Mo Baoke a chance to breathe, they swarmed up again! “Haha, that’s all about the ability!”

Mo Baoke was angry with the sneak attack, and suddenly the entire Killing Blade was fully powered, the eyes suddenly lit up, and the powerful aura spread out. Come, as if the terrifying ominous beast had awakened, he swung his slender beam saber horizontally and swept away.

In an instant, all the mechas rushed up and were swept away. The weaker green shield mechas burst open one by one, and those that were not destroyed were also severely damaged.

The entire killing blade is like Heavenly God descended to earth, standing between Heaven and Earth, no one can match.

Lin Xiaoyu was keenly aware of the danger when he saw this, and controlled red mecha to step back and distance himself.

But Mo Baoke didn’t mean to let her go at all, he controlled mecha to fold and flash, and swung another beam saber to sweep it diagonally.


Lin Xiaoyu couldn’t dodge for a while, and his entire left arm was cut off.

This is also impossible, the opponent’s motivation is too strong, and the attack range is too far.

“Go to hell!”

Mobok face looks sinister, raises another beam saber and prepares to kill Lin Xiaoyu.

At this moment, an extremely fast silhouette charged from behind, with sharp claws and precise very ruthless claws on the back of its neck.

Sparks splashed all at once, scratching one after another.

It was the tearing claw that struck, and the people watching the battle immediately became excited.

“Brother Sun shot!”

Lin Yao saw that Sun Duoxiang finally shot, and he was also sighed in relief secretly, this guy was finally willing to move. But it is a pity, obviously the sneak attack succeeded, but the performance of mecha is too poor, and it has no effect.

At this time, the injured Lin Hai and the others also took this opportunity to quickly go up and drag Lin Xiaoyu’s mecha back out.

At this time, Su Mo also felt his attack, like his claws on an extremely hard rock, only some sparks were rubbed, and he simply didn’t tear the opponent’s armor, it was too hard.

β€œcourting death!”

Mo Baoke was also very annoyed when he saw the other side sneak attacking himself again, and even dared to destroy the surface paint of mecha, his perfect car was scratched, this It was unforgivable, so he gave up attacking Lin Xiaoyu and swept away with another beam saber in anger.

Su Mo controlled the tearing claw to retreat quickly and dodge the attack. His eyes were fixed on the third-generation mecha, his face was full of look of dreading, and his nerves were also highly tense. He would not fight in the next battle. Dare to make a mistake.

“Die, scum!”

Mo Baoke controlled the killing blade and slammed his feet on the ground, bursting at an extremely fast speed, and the slender beam saber slashed frontally go down.

In the driver of the tearing claw, Sun Duoxiang watched the huge light blade slash down and shouted in horror: “big brother, it’s going to die, it’s going to die!”

Su Mo Enter a series of commands with extremely fast hand speed, then quickly pull the joystick.

Tear Claw’s body tilted to the left, making a very precise evasion. And the dodging space is also reserved for a long distance, so the Yu Boguang beam particles swung by the beam saber still brushed the armor.

The sturdy armor was instantly scorched black.

This scene also made everyone tremble, thinking that the tearing claws were about to end.

At this moment, the mutation burst again, and another beam saber of Killing Blade swept over again.

Seeing that the tearing claws can no longer be avoided, everyone’s heart is in their throats.

“big brother, knife! Knife! Knife!”

At this time, Su Mo’s face also sank to the bottom, he totally didn’t expect the opponent to move so fast and so sensitive , so cruel.

Seeing that he was about to be slashed, Su Mo suddenly flashed in his mind the image of the confrontation with Qianchengxue that day.

Suddenly the entire tearing claw squatted back slightly, avoiding the slash. Leaning forward with his right foot, he suddenly exerted force, and the sharp claw in his hand was like an afterimage, and he rushed out, like a poisonous snake, straight to the throat of the enemy.

This scene also stunned everyone.


(end of this chapter)

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