Star Ring Mission Chapter 246


Chapter 246 Lost The neck swiped, and sparks suddenly flew, but unfortunately it still had no effect.


Everyone was sighed with regret.

At this time, Li Duhuai was also surprised by Sun Duoxiang’s superb skills.

β€œcourting death!”

Mobok was even more annoyed, it was extraordinary shame and humiliation, this guy scratched himself mecha again and again, he waved the beam again violently The saber swept across.

Su Mo’s ultimate control tearing claw does a back flip.

Dangerously and narrowly avoiding the beam saber, and at the same time pulling away, mecha landed on the ground in the distance.

Lin Yao, who was watching the battle from a distance, watched Sun Duoxiang’s battle, and his heart skipped a beat. This kid’s skills are really not good. He even attacked the opponent head-on and retreated.

But it’s a pity that the attack didn’t break the defense.

But it was too hard to rely on him alone, so Lin Yao shouted to the adjutant next to him: “Send someone to help!”


The adjutant responded quickly.

As the order was issued, green shield mecha rushed up and shot at Mo Baoke while shouting: “Brother Sun, we are here to help you.”

Morbak waved the beam saber in his hand at will, blocking all the incoming bullets, and then coldly snorted.


With the auxiliary jet wing ignited behind it, the Killing Blade sprinted directly at a low altitude, rushed towards the harassing mecha, and swept across it with a knife.


Taiwan green shield mecha was cut off!

The rumbling burst.

It happened that Mo Baoke couldn’t catch the monkey in front of him, and the others vented their anger.

Su Mo decisively turned on the beam cannon at this time and blasted it!


The beam of light hit the back of Mecha’s head with great precision and exploded.

However, after the dust of the explosion ended, Mo Baoke had nothing to do, but aroused his anger.

His shoulders unfolded to reveal two concealed beam cannons, pointing directly at Su Mo.


Su Mo eyes shrank, instinctively feeling extreme danger, and immediately controls the tearing claw to run.

“Run fast! Choppy!”

I saw Mo Baoke angrily roared, and then the two beam cannons fired one after another.


It was hit by a big explosion on the ground, and its formidable power was a mess, which is not comparable to the beam cannon of the second generation machine.

But it doesn’t matter, the most suffocating point is that this guy’s beam bombardment is useless, one shot after another, as if the energy is infinite.

You must know that the normal second-generation mecha beam cannon needs to be charged, and the attack has a gap.

Su Mo has reached the maximum power, and keeps jumping and dodging quickly, without daring to stop at all. At the same time, don’t dare to make a mistake, otherwise it will be exploded into waste.

“Hurry up, send people up to support, what are you doing? If there is a problem with Sun Duoxiang, I will come back and take care of you one by one.”

Lin Yao is also in a hurry, so fierce Earth fire force attack, who can stand it.

“Sir Lin Yao, the brothers who went up didn’t even get close, they were exploded into waste.”

The adjutant next to him was also wronged. It’s not that they didn’t send someone up to help. But simply can’t help.

“Remote fire support!”

Lin Yao gave an order with a change in his expression.

“Understood! I’ll let the rocket car volley!”

Soon one after another rocket was fired from the rear position, and densely packed moved towards Mo Baoke.


Mobak’s radar had already detected the rain of rockets, so he didn’t take it seriously at all. I saw him control mecha to squat down slightly, then jumped up and rushed into the sky.

Suddenly, the black pressure fell and the rain of rockets all failed.

Mo Baoke looked down and looked down at everyone, he locked on Su Mo again, and cursed in a low voice.

“Damn it, like a loach!”

Immediately he controlled the mecha and rushed towards Su Mo like a shooting star.

Su Mo controls the tearing claw lifts the head and stares at the opponent who swoops down, he does not immediately dodge. Because there is no way to avoid it, the opportunity to dodge is only for the moment when the opponent is close.

In the cab, Sun Duoxiang saw the shiver coldly, he felt like he was walking in Gates of Hell again and again, and now he was speechless.

Seeing that this guy didn’t dodge, Morbak’s face became more and more excited, and he swung his two beam saber staggeredly and swept over.

The moment Su Mo saw the opponent’s wrist move, he controlled the tearing claw and charged forward and jumped.

Mo Baoke was also stunned, completely didn’t expect, this guy didn’t dodge, but moved towards himself.

And the consequence is that Su Mo controlled the tearing claws to avoid sweeping the two beam saber, and jumped in front of him at the same time, fiercely swept the head of the killing blade, and the whole mecha staggered to the right After taking a step, his body was a little unstable.

But in the next second, Morbak pushed the lever, and the killing blade mecha directly stabilized the machine. And directly lift the right foot and kick Su Mo with one kick.

Su Mo raises his claws to cross block!


The entire tearing claw slipped out dozens of meters.

Lin Yao saw this scene with a telescope in the distance, immediately picked up the wireless communicator and gave an order.


No matter how stupid people are, they know that they can’t defeat them at all.

In the cab of the tearing claw, Su Mo heard the retreat order and controlled mecha moved towards another direction to escape.

“Big brother, you’re running in the wrong direction.”

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t help reminding Su Mo.

“You don’t need to tell me I know.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

At this time, the voices of Martial God guild members sounded in his communication channel: “Brother Sun, where are you running to?”

Sun Duoxiang looked like you can see.

Su Mo looked towards Sun Duoxiang and said to him in a low voice: “Tell them to run separately, otherwise no one can run!”


Sun Duoxiang pressed the communication button and replied domineeringly: “Run separately, otherwise no one will be able to run!”


Before waiting for the other party to speak, Su Mo directly turns off the communication device and cuts off the connection.

Mo Baoke saw that these guys were starting to retreat, and he wanted to chase after him for a big kill. At this time, seven green second-generation machines, green blades, rushed behind him, and they shouted. road.

“Mr. Mobaoke, are you all right?”

“A group of mice, what can I do? You lead someone to chase after me and beat the underdog. I’ll go back and rest first. , a little tired.”

Mo Baoke lost interest for a while.


Everyone responded.


On the other side, after Su Mo threw off the pursuers, he drove the tearing claws and hid in a forest. He stopped mecha, and then sighed slightly in relief .

On the side, Sun Duoxiang hurriedly took out a bottle of mineral water from the storage compartment of the cab and handed it to Su Mo, saying excitedly.

“Big brother, your fight just now was really cool. This time I see who else in the guild dares to question me.”

Su Mo took the water and drank it. After taking a sip, browsers tightly frowns said: “You should be thankful for the guy who drives that mecha, the technology is really not good. As long as his technology is better, we are all lying there, didn’t expect the second generation mecha and the third generation. The difference between mecha is so big.”

“What’s so strange, don’t you see the difference between Heaven and Earth between Type II monsters and Type III monsters? Besides, his mecha is in Among the third-generation mechas, they are all relatively good, big brother, if you have three-generation mechas, you will teach that guy how to behave in minutes!”

Sun Duoxiang kept patting Su Mo’s flattery.

If Su Mo didn’t return to Sun Duoxiang, his eyes became more and more gloomy. The previous battle was actually to test the performance of that mecha, but it turned out that he was still a little underestimated.

Seeing that Su Mo didn’t respond, Sun Duoxiang asked in a low voice, “big brother, the battle is over, should I go back?”

“Go back? What? The show has just begun.”

Su Mo’s eyes were sharp.

(end of this chapter)

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