Star Ring Mission Chapter 247


Chapter 247 sneak attack (one more)

Sun Duoxiang was shocked, he didn’t know whether to cry or not Time to laugh. He really wanted to tell Su Mo, big brother, let’s take it as soon as we see it, but he still didn’t say it, because he closed his eyes and knew the result.

In the middle of the night, Su Mo drove the tearing claw to run fast in the Forgotten Plain. He was eyeing a group of five mecha squads in the distance, all of them were green shield mecha.

He dashed forward with the Rending Claw.

The patrolling mecha squad hadn’t reacted yet, and a mecha came up and was directly knocked down by Su Mo, and the sharp claw went straight through the cockpit.

“Enemy attack!”

The remaining four mechas reacted immediately and turned around to counterattack.

Su Mo directly controls the tearing claw and rushes towards another mecha very fast.

With a scream, not very long, the five mecha groups suddenly disappeared.

In the cab, Sun Duoxiang watched Su Mo keep hunting these worms, and suddenly sighed in relief secretly. As long as you don’t go to sneak attack Mo Baoke, you can say anything, at least your life is saved.

Su Mo continues to control mecha to move to the other side to find new targets.

Sun Duoxiang curiously asked.

“Big brother, do these people have any grudge against you? Otherwise, how can you keep their people and keep killing them?”

“Don’t ask things that shouldn’t be asked.”

Su Mo was not in the mood to explain to Sun Duoxiang.


Sun Duoxiang quickly shut his mouth.

In the middle of the night after Su Mo hunted and killed a group of armored squids, two second-generation green blade mechas rushed over in the distance.

“I found it!”

“Kill him!”

Sun Duoxiang suddenly became nervous, he said to Su Mo: “big brother , the other party’s expert is here, should we temporarily avoid it?”

“This is what we want!” , if you hit a small one, you will get old. Unfortunately, it seems that the weight is not enough, but it doesn’t matter, killing these two second-generation mecha should be enough.

In the center of Yuechuan Plain, a huge camp.

I saw Mo Baoke, a burly man with golden rings on his hands, eating meat with a big mouth, his mouth full of oil, what a fragrance!

A few fair-skinned girls beside her were pouring wine for her diligently.

“Mr. Vice Corps Head, you are really amazing. Now the whole army is praising your achievements. If it weren’t for you, it would be very difficult for us to win such a large gold mine.”

“Small idea! Just those scums, I’ll remove them in a couple of times.”

Mo Baoke was drinking and replied in a very good mood.

“Your lord is so brave.”

“Haha, I’m not just brave in battle, I’m also brave in that aspect, plus this.”

Mo Bao Ke said and took out a bottle of super divine oil, his face was full of excitement.

“Sir, how are you!”

“Not good for Mr. Mo Baoke.”

Suddenly a team member rushed in.

“What’s the matter.”

Mo Baoke was disturbed by Yaxing, and immediately cursed very displeasedly.

“Lord Morbak, Sanja and Captain Singh were killed by sneak attack.”

“What! Where are the enemies?”

Mo Bock was instantly furious and stood up straight.

“We don’t know either, the enemy is running around on every edge of the Yuechuan Plain.”


Mo Baoke said moved towards The hangar ran away.

Not very long, I saw Mo Baoke driving the third-generation mecha and rushing out of the camp with a group of younger brothers.

On a hillside in the distance, two figures lie on the ground, covered with camouflage cloaks, they are observing the three generations of mecha rushing out with a telescope.

These two figures are none other than Lin Zinuo and Qin Wang.

“Did you see it clearly?”

“I didn’t see it clearly, his mecha came from the hangar, I simply didn’t see it.”

Qin Wang replied helplessly.

“Okay, wait.”

Although Lin Zinuo was helpless, there was nothing he could do.

After a long time, Su Mo, who was killing a lot on the periphery of Yuechuan Plain, suddenly stopped, turned his head and looked towards the distance.

I saw Mo Baoke driving mecha with a large number of people, rushing over from a distance.

“Big brother, that evil star is here!”

Sun Duoxiang was so nervous that he stuttered.

Su Mo lowered the beam cannon without a word, shot Mo Baoke at a long distance, then turned around to control mecha and fled directly, not fighting the opponent at all.

Mo Baoke waved the beam saber in his hand and directly slashed the incoming beam cannon attack, and looked at Su Mo, who was running away, and cursed.


“Sir, what should we do now?”

The subordinate next to him asked when he saw that he was running away.

“What else can I do? Find a way to catch him. This group of damn yellow monkeys will also have the ability to fight sparrows.”

Mo Baoke responded angrily. .

In the cab of the tearing claw, Sun Duoxiang said excitedly to Su Mo: “boss is mighty, that bastard was so angry that he yelled in the back, and there was nothing he could do to us.”

However, there was no joy on Su Mo’s face. With the chasing speed of that third-generation mecha Killing Blade, it was possible to catch up.

But the other party has no intention of catching up at all, which shows that although the other party is arrogant, he is still very cautious and not as stupid as it looks on the surface.

But don’t worry, the most important thing Su Mo needs is patience.

“big brother?”

Sun Duoxiang saw that Su Mo didn’t speak, the excitement on his face suddenly disappeared, and he asked unnaturally.

“What’s wrong.”

“No, I’m just asking you, what are we going to do next?”

“Continue sneak attack.”

Su Mo’s voice is flat, but his words are remarkably firm.

Sun Duoxiang swallowed hard.

Yuechuan Gold Mine (open-pit mine), teams of Wet God Guild players are patrolling with weapons, and each patrolling squad is equipped with a green shield mecha.

In the mining area, heavy mining equipment is busy working.

At the same time, there are also many people with messy hair and dull eyes working. From time to time, a man with a beard and a slightly pale skin with a whip in his hand walks by, scolding you to hurry up. .

The gold mine source stone excavated here, after preliminary screening, is packed and loaded on a special transport vehicle, so that it can be sent to a nearby base for purification.

On the hillside in the distance, Su Mo emerges in his Rampage Claw.

In the cab, Sun Duoxiang swallowed hard and said, “big brother, there are too many people in this gold mining area, why don’t we change the location? And this is where they attack this area. The most important place, we stabbed this place, they can’t be mad.”

“The key point is to stab.”

Su Mo replied lightly, his target Although it is Mo Baoke, Su Mo keeps hinting to himself that his goal is everything but him. Only in this way will they not beat the grass to scare the snake and let the other party realize that there is an old saying that if you want to lie to others, lie to yourself first.


Sun Duoxiang is already somewhat numb.

“Sit down.”

Su Mo tone barely fell , pushed down the power rod to the maximum, the tearing claw mecha burst out, and rushed towards the gold mining area at an extremely fast speed.

The defending player saw the incoming tearing claw, with a look of fear on his face, and shouted in a panic.

β€œEnemy Attack!!”

(end of this chapter)

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