Star Ring Mission Chapter 248


Chapter 248 sneak attack 2 (second update)

Immediately, the three green shield mecha raised their guns and aimed at Su Mo, pull the trigger and shoot like crazy.

peng~ peng~!

It’s a pity that the tearing claws exploded with super mobility under Su Mo’s control, easily dodging the shots and moving towards the three green shields mecha rushed up.

The three green shield mecha saw Su Mo getting closer, raised their hands in fear and made a defensive posture.

However, instead of attacking their three mechas, Su Mo jumped up, jumped over their heads, and moved towards the interior of the mine.

Immediately after, Mecha, the tearing claw, deployed a concealed short-range rifle, and shot at the heavy mining equipment in the distance.

You should know that the second-generation mecha tearing claw comes with a short-range rifle, and each bullet is no different from a small howitzer, hitting those devices.

Suddenly, one heavy mining equipment was directly paralyzed.

The players defending the mining area were immediately furious, and they drove their tanks and mecha to charge, and they shot Su Mo.

Su Mo controls the tearing claws to run around, simply not hitting hard.

As a result, the attacks on Su Mo exploded everywhere, causing the whole mining area to jump for a while. a Your own players are killed, or all around mining equipment is affected.

“Bastard! Stop me! (translation)”

At this moment, a furious voice roared, and a second-generation green blade mecha rushed over.

The person who came was the Captain Kedesang, who was guarding the gold mining area. At this time, he was in a state of rage, and a group of idiots caused damage to the mining area even more than the enemy.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes and locked Kedesang directly!

Kedesang inexplicably felt a chill behind him, instinctively sensed danger, and naturally noticed that the enemy was staring at him. But he didn’t take it too seriously. He is also a second-generation mecha, and this is still his territory. With so many subordinates, are you afraid that the other party will fail?

So Kedesang controlled the green blade mecha to copy out the alloy blade and rushed towards Su Mo, not forgetting to shout.

“I’ll make you regret everything you did here! (translation)”

Su Mo eyes shrank, controlling the tearing blade mecha and rushing forward.

At the moment when the two mechas touched, Kedesang waved the alloy blade in his hand and swept it towards Su Mo’s head. It’s a pity that Su Mo clearly understood Kedesang’s attack just now, he responded quickly and quickly entered a series of commands.

The tearing blade mecha tilted his head and avoided the alloy sharp edge directly. At the same time, the sharp claws restrained Kedesang mecha’s neck with great precision, and smashed his entire mecha on the ground.

Kedesang was confused by the fall, and his head was a little dazed.

He just wanted to control mecha to get up and fight back, Su Mo directly controlled the tearing claw mecha and jumped directly onto the green blade mecha body. The other sharp claw directly clamped the green blade mecha holding the right hand of the alloy blade and suppressed it in all directions.

“Quickly save Lord Kedesang!”

All around The subordinates were dumbfounded when they saw this scene, and rushed up one after another.

Too late!


The green blade mecha’s head was torn off, and the green blade mecha’s right hand was also removed.

The whole process is in a flash.

They also looked in disbelief, how could Captain Kedesang lose so quickly.

In fact, the Wet God Guild is not without experts, but most of their experts with innate talent often do not have the qualifications and opportunities to touch high-end weapons. Important positions and important weapons are always in the hands of a few high-ranking officers and the others, whether they are suitable or not.

In contrast to other large guilds, like the second-generation mecha this level weapons, every driver must be highly skilled in order to be qualified to drive.

While Su Mo was wreaking havoc in the mining area, Mo Baoke rushed over with people in a hurry in the distance.

Moving their gold mining area, Wuya would cut off their fortune, and he was about to explode with anger.

A moment later, Mo Baoke led the crowd to the gold mining area and saw Su Mo head-on.

It’s a pity that Su Mo just saw Mo Baoke coming from afar, and immediately controlled mecha to escape quickly, and in a flash, he escaped disappeared without a trace.

Mo Baoke’s lungs are about to explode!

“Bastard! Don’t run if you have the ability!”

“Mr. Mobaoke, don’t be angry, just go back and clean up that guy. Let’s make arrangements for the mining area first, we You can’t delay mining, what you dig out is real money!”

Subordinates are persuaded one after another.

Under the background of the depreciation of all equipment and materials, the price of gold and silver points did not fluctuate at all, and they were still exchanged in seconds according to the actual ratio.

In the middle of the night, on a concrete road, Su Mo was hiding behind a giant rock in the vicinity with the Ripping Claw mecha.

“Big brother, we are so deep behind the enemy, will it be a little too big, and it’s not good for us to squat here all the time.”

Sun Duoxiang’s voice was a little nervous. asked, if Su Mo just harassed and destroyed the enemy’s periphery before. So this time the real thing is to go deep behind the enemy’s ass, maybe something will happen.

“Squatting for supplies.”

Su Mo replied faintly. When he attacked and harassed the opponent, he also had a comprehensive understanding of the Yuechuan Plain. This place is a mountain, a forest, and a plain. Mixed terrain, no cities all around. Therefore, it is unlikely that there will be a production base for living materials, and the only production base is estimated to be ore processing.

Then the supplies for so many players in the Wet God Guild must have come from somewhere else, most likely from the rear.


Sun Duoxiang didn’t say much.

Time passed a little bit, and just as it was about to dawn, there was a sound of heavy transport vehicles driving in the distance, and dozens of heavy transport vehicles drove over.

And also equipped with ten green shield mecha escorts.

“Here, big brother is here!”

Sun Duoxiang, who had been waiting for sleep, suddenly woke up and said to Su Mo a little excitedly.

“Sit down!”

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed, he seized the opportunity to control the tearing claws and rushed forward!

In the early morning in the camp, Morbock got up with heavy dark circles under his eyes. After washing up, he sat at the dining table and prepared to enjoy a delicious meal.

Soon three female subordinates came up with three dinner plates made of gold and placed them in front of Mo Baoke, while aligning the yellow golden blade fork.

Mo Baoke picked up the knife and fork, and the three girls respectfully lifted the lid.

A plate of mashed potatoes, a plate of curry rice, and a plate of green vegetables.

Seeing these meals, Mo Baoke’s blood pressure soared, and he slammed the table angrily and said angrily: “That’s all? Where’s my meat, where’s my seafood?”

The girl Face deathly pale with fright, he quickly explained: “Lord Mo Baoke, this is what the back kitchen eats now. The supply convoy that was supposed to be delivered this morning was intercepted, and all the transport vehicles were blown up. ”

Hearing this, Mo Baoke bulged with blue veins on his forehead, swept his hands in anger, and immediately swept all the food to the ground.

The crackle sounds.

At this time, the Captains who were guarding outside ran in one after another and asked in shock.

(end of this chapter)

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