Star Ring Mission Chapter 249


Chapter 249 ambush Something?”

“A bunch of trash, let someone bring the supplies.”

Mo Baoke cursed.

The subordinates who rushed in also lowered their heads one after another and did not dare to say a word. This is indeed a shame.

The huge Legion was beaten by a player. The key is that the guy is still very strong, and the brothers who went out to encircle and suppress are planted in his hands.

It’s not right for them to encircle and suppress them now, because that would be right in the middle of the other party’s favor and send people away.

“Don’t be angry, Mr. Mo Baoke, we have prepared the transport plane at the rear, and the supplies will be delivered soon. As for that guy, we really.”

“A group of Guys who can’t get on the stage will only engage in sneak attacks and sabotage. Apart from this sparrow fighting ability, what other abilities can they have, I really think I can’t do anything about him, so come here.”

Mo Bao Ke waved at the subordinates present, signaling them to come over.

The subordinates who were present immediately joined in with joy.

Two days later, on the outskirts of Yuechuan Plain at night, a second-generation mecha green blade and four green shield mecha were patrolling normally.

At the back of the hill in the distance, Mo Baoke and the others were driving mecha to squat. This time Mo Baoke made a serious investment, and he used a powerful subordinate as a bait. As long as the other party dares to come to sneak attack, he can kill the other party.

“Lord Morbak, will that guy appear?”

“Don’t worry, that guy is staring at you, and it will definitely appear.”

Morbak is extremely confident.

And behind the rock in the distance, a pair of eyes lit up like a wild beast. Su Mo controlled Tear Claw and hid behind him, his eyes fixed on the mecha squad patrolling in front of him.

“Big brother, great opportunity, kill them.”

Sun Duoxiang was even more excited than Su Mo.

Su Mo watched for a while, but his eyes narrowed. He clearly felt that the patrolling mecha team was not normal, and their wandering range was too random.

Immediately, Su Mo was observing the terrain all around, and he found that this area is very suitable for ambush and hiding, with raised hillsides everywhere.

If there is no accident, there should be an ambush.

“big brother, why don’t you take such a good opportunity, they will run away.”

Sun Duoxiang saw that Su Mo didn’t respond, so he quickly reminded him to avoid getting it duck ran away.

Su Mo said to Sun Duoxiang in a very indifferent tone without any fluctuations: “This is a bait.”

“No, it is a bait, the bastards are so despicable, Fortunately, the boss is smart and saw it in advance, so let’s withdraw.”

Sun Duoxiang’s face was rejoicing, these people are really insidious.


Su Mo narrowed his eyes.

“Big brother, you’re not kidding, it’s a trap!”

Sun Duoxiang was stunned. Isn’t this an act of death.

Of course Su Mo wasn’t crazy, he knew it was a bait and he had to take a risky bite, in order to convince Mo Baoke that he was staring at the subordinates beside him.

Instead of staring at him, to prevent vigilance.

Su Mo didn’t explain to Sun Duoxiang. He took a look at the time when the opponent was closest to him, and controlled the tearing claw to charge up.

The green-blade mecha, the bait, saw the tearing claws coming, and it was like a big enemy!

At this time, Mo Baoke’s excited voice sounded from his communication device: “Go on Wadi! Hold me down and lead him to me a little bit, so that he doesn’t notice the difference.”



Wadi had no choice but to control mecha and lead his subordinates to fight.

When Su Mo was approaching, a beam of light bombarded it directly, and a green shield mecha beside Vadi was hit directly and fell down on the spot.

Wadi Brace oneself controlled mecha to meet him, raised the alloy blade in his hand and slashed it.

Su Mo raised his ripping claw to block.


Sparks are flying!

Wadi withdrew the alloy blade and slashed at it again, while Su Mo controlled the tearing claw to dodge and swept away with one claw.

The two mechas played well and it was intense! Of course, this was because Su Mo let out the water. He didn’t kill him, so that he could escape at any time.

In addition, Wadi was also suspected of releasing water, and he didn’t spare no effort. He deliberately showed weakness and wanted to fight back while fighting to attract the opponent.

At this time, the green shield mecha next to him raised his firearm and fired at Su Mo.

Su Mo’s eyes shined, and he quickly controlled the tearing claws to dodge behind, and suddenly pulled a distance away.

This pissed off Vardy, he scolded in the communication channel.

“You idiots, who told you to push him back, let me go around behind him and push forward!”

“Yes, it’s Captain Wadi .”

The three green shield mecha quickly stopped firing and then circled around.

Su Mo sensed the other party’s intention and knew what they were going to do, so he controlled the tearing claw to jump up suddenly, kicked the green blade mecha directly in the chest, kicked it out, turned and rushed towards the outflanking Green shield mecha.

Mo Baoke, who was hiding behind, looked at the battle scene in front of him, his face darkened.

A group of rice buckets, even seducing will not, his patience has reached the limit, and he can’t wait any longer.

So Morbock controlled the killing blade and rushed out very fast, and the two concealed beam cannons on his shoulders came up and blasted towards Su Mo.

Completely ignore the green shield mecha beside him.

β€œgo die for me!”

Although Su Mo was mentally prepared for a long time, he was still stunned. roll dodge.


One after another beam bombarded the ground with a big explosion, and the destructive power was super amazing.

At the same time, Morbak controlled mecha to approach quickly.

After Su Mo controlled mecha to roll out a distance, he put his claws on the ground and ran away.

Like a mouse seeing a cat, it was extremely embarrassing.

“I want to run, but there’s no way!”

Mo Baoke unfolded the tail jet device, flew high into the sky, and the beam cannon he used condescendingly shot at Su Mo.

Su Mo controls the serpentine movement of the tearing claw and keeps dodging attacks.

all around Big explosions.

In the cockpit, Sun Duoxiang was sweating coldly on his forehead, thinking in his heart that this time he was dead.

“Lord Mo Baoke, wait for us!”

The anxious voice of subordinates sounded in the communication channel.

The speed of the two of them is too fast, they can’t catch up at all.

Mo Baoke sees that guy is about to run out of the Yuechuan Plain, and he chases a little further. Dangerous, his expression changed for a while, and finally fiercely punched the joystick, controlling mecha to give up the target and turn back.

A moment later, Su Mo stopped in a sea of lush, towering trees while driving the Tear Claw.

“Finally got a life back, big brother is almost done, let’s go back? That grandson has already started to play asshole, this time it was a fluke that the other party didn’t chase him, and next time it won’t be so good luck. .”

Sun Duoxiang said happily, wiping cold sweat on his forehead.

“If you want to go back, go back first.”

Su Mo replied faintly. In fact, he felt very sorry in his heart, didn’t expect the other party to be so cautious, but he didn’t chase after him.

Sun Duoxiang squeezed out an ugly smile: “big brother, look at what you said, how could I go by myself? Big brother, I will follow you wherever you are.”

(end of chapter)

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