Star Ring Mission Chapter 25


Chapter 25 Tinder

Su Mo stood in the crowd, also a little surprised, who is this guy? Even put things away here.

And looks like it’s very powerful.

One more thing, Su Mo took a look, this guy named Ye Jing, looks like a dandy, but the price of charging things is very good.

Don’t look at the things he drives are like dozens of dollars, you must know that money is very valuable in reality. Even in the first-tier cities of the city, usually a high-level salary is only about 1,000 yuan a month.

Not to mention other second- and third-tier cities outside, but fortunately the country has a minimum wage of 500.

And don’t underestimate the 500 yuan. In a small city, renting a house is only about 50 yuan, and three meals a day, including chicken and meat, are enough.

Of course, natural things are another matter. The magic capital where Su Mo is located is the most prosperous city only in Imperial Capital. Prices and other aspects are relatively more expensive than other places.

At this time, a big man walked up to Ye Jing.

“I want to join you, what kind of treatment can you give me.”

“What kind of ability do you have?”

Ye Jing smiled and hoped The big man in front of him.

“I am a combat player, and this is my battle record. I have single-handedly killed more than ten zombies, with a maximum of three in a row and two in close combat.”

This The big man raised his wristband to call up the record.

“It’s a talent, I like it, I’ll pay you 2,000 a month. You only need to work five hours a day, but when you have a task, you actually have to change the shift and participate in the task.” (Note: Five hours is the time of the external world.)

Ye Jing raised his left hand, stretched out two fingers and said.

Hearing Ye Jing’s words, the big man’s eyes widened in front of him.

“Really? Okay, no problem.”

All the people around were also agitated. This salary is quite high, and it doesn’t match the real job. conflict.

Many people looked very envious.

β€œWhat this Young Master says will never be discounted. I always convince people with money! Anyone who wants to join us, as long as you have the ability, we will accept it!”

Ye Jing said to everyone present.

“Can I do it?”

A pretty girl walked up and looked at Ye Jing.

“You, what do you know?”

“What will I not.”

“That’s fine, chat with someone, according to the outside time It’s 20 yuan an hour.”

Ye Jing responded cheerfully.

“A little bit.”

The girl seems a little dissatisfied.

“There are high prices, 1,000 yuan a day, it depends on whether you are interested.”

Ye Jing smiled and patted on his lap.

The girl showed hesitation, but her face was full of excitement, Ye Jing said simply: “If you want to make money, you have to let go. Besides, this is just a game, No loss.”

The girl gritted her teeth and sat up directly.

“Haha! That’s right.”

Ye Jing hugged him and kissed him on the face, as happy as he wanted.

All around the players watching, some are envious, some are jealous, some are unhappy.

But more players are going up to try and see if they can join. The reason is very simple. They have money. And whether it is welfare benefits or recycling things, not only the price is good, but also the efficiency is high, and there is never ink. In less than ten minutes, the bank card will be credited.

Ninety-nine out of 100 people who entered this game came for money.

Who can’t live with money!

“Young Master Ye, see if we can do it.”

“Yes, we will do it too.”

Ye Jing stood up, his face His smile became even brighter, and he said to all the players present: “As long as you have the ability, this Young Master will accept as many people as you have.”

“Then we leave the guild, you accept Is it?”

At this time, many players from the guild stood up and asked directly.

“Accept, why not accept it, as long as this Young Master likes, I will pay for the compensation for leaving the guild.”

“Young Master Ye is awesome!”

Many players with guilds who were present came forward and expressed their desire to leave the guild and join.

Of course, some people are happy and some people are sad. The presidents and executives of the trade unions at the scene are full of anger. But they all restrained their emotions, it’s useless to get angry. They can’t afford to offend this guy, and they’re still throwing money at it, what can they say?

Su Mo looked thoughtful. If you guessed correctly, this person called Ye Jing should be the person inside the high wall.

Don’t look at him like he’s taken advantage of, none of the business he did was a loss. When he received the materials, he seemed to be quite generous. It was necessary to know that each of these materials had to be acquired by the players with their lives. And there is no guide price now, and he is the richest here. What price he charges, naturally, what price, which dealer dares to charge higher than him?

As for recruiting thugs, it is even more impossible to lose money. Those thugs can create greater benefits for them. Of course, if Ye Jing is killed in battle, this Ye Jing is not a philanthropist and will definitely stop paying. The reason is also very simple. There is no way to create value, so naturally it is useless. Capital has never been humane.

Su Mo looked at it for a while, but was not very interested, he raised his bracelet and tapped it a few times.

“Log out!”

The world in front of me began to collapse like snowflakes, and then I fell into the endless darkness.

The moment Su Mo opened his eyes, he found himself lying in the game cabin.


The game hatch automatically popped open, Su Mo sat up, he picked up his phone and glanced at it, it was only after 4 am, and he had only played in total more than 4 hours.

But in his subconscious, he seems to have been playing the game for more than two days. The sense of generational difference at this time is really amazing, so that he is a little uncomfortable now.

At this time, Su Mo heard a very loud noise outside the private room, and the whole Star Travel Cafe seemed to be very lively.

Su Mo walked out of the game cabin. He took a bottle of water from the side, unscrewed it, and went out while drinking. He planned to exercise his muscles.

I saw hundreds of players take off their game helmets and rant about this game in the big star tour cafe.

“What the hell, I’m not ready yet, I swiped monster head-on and greeted me directly on my face.”

“What are you, I’m even worse, I hid in an alley and ended up being made dumplings.”

“What are you guys, do you know how Lao Tzu died? Lao Tzu hit a tall one more than ten meters tall, and his whole body was burning green. The type II variant of the flame. I haven’t seen clearly what the monster looks like, the bracelet directly shows that I have been exposed to high-intensity radiation, what a broken game!!!”

One The young man cursed angrily.

“Yes, we are dead, when will we be able to go online again.”

“Don’t dream, we can’t go online. The above shows that there must be fire to be resurrected, and You have to find other friends, run to find your corpse and ignite it with fire, and then you can be resurrected. Otherwise, you have to wait for the next version, don’t you guys do strategy? If you are not skilled, or you want to be a life player Yes, don’t go online so early. The first batch of people to go online are the pioneer pioneering group, and when the pioneering group stabilizes the situation and establishes its own station, when the time comes, choose a guild to join the line.”

At this time, a cheerful girl said with a smile.

(end of this chapter)

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