Star Ring Mission Chapter 250


Chapter 250 Pursuit (adding updates to the fire in the dream of book friends) (four updates)

“Then be quiet , I will rest for a while and continue the attack later.”

After Su Mo finished speaking, he closed his eyes and began to recover his strength.

In the following days, Su Mo soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed players of the Wet God Guild who drove the Rending Claws to sneak attack one after another.

Totally destroy more than 100 first-generation mechas, two second-generation mechas, and a few other weapons and personnel, causing serious losses to the opponent.

Mo Kebao’s blood pressure soared by Su Mo’s harassment, he drove the mecha with the people to hunt again and again.

But the mouse ran away every time it saw him, slipping like a loach, and didn’t give him a chance at all. Of course, it’s not that Mo Kebao can’t catch up with him, but the speed of the mecha is not slow, and the younger brother behind him can’t catch up.

In the late night camp, Mo Kebao failed to hunt down Su Mo again, and he drove the mecha back to the camp in annoyance.

This time he didn’t drive into the hangar, but parked directly in the camp. He went out to round up twice in one night. Tired and hungry, he jumped out of the cockpit and shouted angrily.

“Get me something to eat.”


The person beside me respectfully responded.

On the mountain in the distance, Lin Zinuo excitedly whispered: “Quick, look!”

“I see, we will withdraw.”

Holding the telescope Qin Wang, who was watching, also had a happy smile on his face. He finally saw the mechanism and mode of opening and closing the cockpit of the third-generation aircraft.

On the other side, in the cab of the Tear Claw, Su Mo is eating compressed beef jerky to regain his strength.

Sun Duoxiang diligently handed Su Mo a bottle of mineral water.

β€œThe old shouted some water.”

β€œen. ”

Su Mo was polite and took it.

At this moment, Su Mo’s wristband pops up a prompt: “Warning someone touches your outer helmet!”

Su Mo saw this message, and there was a hint of imperceptible in his eyes. Delighted, he put the mineral water in his hand aside and restarted the tearing claw.

Sun Duoxiang was also a little stunned, not that he just finished the attack not long ago.

“Big brother is so fast, you won’t rest?”


Su Mo controlled mecha and ran away.

In the Yuechuan Plain Camp, Mo Baoke did not forget to hold a plump girl in his arms, who was serving wine to Mo Baoke.

“Want another sip?”

“Okay, okay!”

The flushed Morbak smiled and drank it.

“Come and eat a piece of meat!”

The girl in her arms grabbed a piece of meat with her hands and stuffed it into Mo Baoke’s mouth.

“Is it delicious?”

“Haha, of course it’s delicious.”

At this moment, there was a sudden explosion in the camp, tight Then a harsh sound of an enemy attack warning sounded.

Mo Bock, who was flushed, woke up immediately and hurriedly got up to charge ahead.

There was a lot of chaos in the camp.

“What’s wrong?”

Morbak roared.

A captain who was in charge of the garrison ran over to report uneasy.

“It was the mecha, he ran outside the camp and fired two missiles at the camp. One was intercepted and the other fell into the camp, killing four people. ”

Mo Baoke himself has been suffocating fire these days and has nowhere to vent.

That guy actually dared to run into the camp to be wild, bully intolerably, Mo Baoke was so angry that his face twitched.

“What about people!”

“Escape over there.”

“Brothers, follow me!”

After he finished speaking, he moved towards the killing blade mecha III and ran, this time he must clean up Drop this mouse.

On the other side, Su Mo drove the mecha very fast to escape the opponent’s camp. What he did just now was as if he had stabbed a hornet’s nest.

If there is no accident, Mo Baoke will definitely catch up.

“Boss, you’re fleeing in the wrong direction, haven’t you been fleeing to the outside?”

Sun Duoxiang, who was on the sidelines, was keenly aware that something was wrong.

“Just watch it.”

Su Mo really didn’t have the mood to explain anything to Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang is more and more confused, he has no idea what Su Mo is doing?

However, at this moment, a group of red dots appeared on the edge of the scanning radar, and Sun Duoxiang stuttered to remind Su Mo.

“big brother, they’re catching up.”

Su Mo glanced at the radar, of course he knew he was catching up, and he started to speed up to flee.

It didn’t happen that they got rid of Mo Baoke again.

The flustered and exasperated Morbak swung the beam saber moved towards the boulders scattered next to it, slicing it in half!

“Damn bastard.”

The subordinate behind him asked trembling with fear: “Lord Mobaoke, what should we do now? Evacuate first?”

“Remove what, notify everyone and let them search for me immediately. Anyone who finds that guy will be rewarded!”

Mo Baoke roared angrily.


Immediately, all the members of the Wet God Guild in the entire Yuechuan Plain moved, and they began to conduct a net search.

At the same time, reconnaissance planes and drones whistled past in the sky.

At this time, Su Mo, who was the culprit, drove the tearing claws against a bare mountain wall like a gecko, hiding himself against the night.

“Boss, the other party seems to be really annoyed by us.”

Sun Duoxiang swallowed hard.

“This is what I want.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

At this time, a gunship used a searchlight to search here.

“Boss, boss, they belong to them, hurry up and hide!”

Sun Duoxiang raised his heart.

It’s a pity that Su Mo didn’t come as normal at all. He set up a beam cannon and fired at it.

Directly blowing up the gunship in mid-air, there is no doubt that this behavior is to expose himself. After Su Mo finishes, he moved towards the designated direction to escape.

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t close his mouth, some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Sure enough, not long after Su Mo escaped, Mo Baoke and the others caught up from the side. Seeing Su Mo fleeing, he immediately showed a look of ecstasy. He suddenly pushed the power lever to the bottom, and the power was fully activated. He threw off his subordinates directly behind him, and the Killing Blade attacked at a high speed and low altitude.

“Go to hell!”

As he approached Su Mo, Morbak swung his huge beam saber toward him.

Su Mo lunges forward, dodging a thrilling dodge.

But Mo Baoke didn’t intend to give Su Mo a chance to breathe, he raised another beam saber vigorously and slashed down.

Su Mo compelled by circumstances can only raise the sharp left claw to block!


The sharp claw shaved off.

Su Mo held his breath, controlled the tearing claw to jump up, kicked his feet on the body of the Killing Blade, and then used his strength to bounce back, followed by a backflip to spread the distance.

After landing, Su Mo controlled the tearing claw mecha to lie down, turned on crawling mode, and fled like a cheetah.

Mo Baoke mecha slightly paused before he stabilized his body. He looked at Su Mo who was fleeing like a stray dog.

Jiujin came up for a while, and he chased mecha at full speed without the slightest hesitation, and this time he would definitely not let him escape.

“Deputy Corps Head, wait for us!”

The voice of his subordinates echoed through the communication channel.

“I’m going to kill him, and you’ll follow after.”

(end of this chapter)

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