Star Ring Mission Chapter 251


Chapter 251 Domination of Fear (Adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (five more)

Mo Baoke really doesn’t want to miss this There is a good chance to chase, and one-on-one, he has no fear at all.

In the cab of the tearing claw, Sun Duoxiang shouted in horror: “big brother, that guy is crazy, he is chasing after him alone!”

Su Mo’s blood boiled more and more , he wants this effect.

He entered commands quickly.

Suddenly a red warning box pops up.

“Warning, enter overclocking mode! The power increases by 20% for 3 minutes!”

The Ripping Claws suddenly accelerated again.

“I can’t run if I want to.”

Mo Baoke was also catching up with red eyes, and he accelerated to catch up. mecha.

The two chased back and forth, and soon rushed into the road with many mountains.

“Big brother, hurry up, the other party will catch up.”

Sun Duoxiang looked at the rear-view image, and his heart came to his throat.

Unfortunately, his urging didn’t have any effect. Instead, it had the opposite effect. The running speed of the tearing claw was reduced, and the overclocking time was over.

A prompt pops up.

“The power system is overloaded, and the power drops by 10%!”

“It’s over.”

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t help shivering. Although he greatly admired Su Mo’s combat skills, he did not go blindly. How could the second-generation machine driven by Su Mo be able to beat the opponent.

No surprise, just as the speed of the tearing claws dropped, the killing blade controlled by Morbak completely caught up, and a huge shadow shrouded Su Mo.

He controlled mecha hideously, raised the beam saber in his hand, and was about to kill Su Mo.


At this moment, a high-voltage metal chain suddenly pulled up from the ground, intercepting the killing blade mecha with great precision, a huge high-voltage current slammed into its body.

At the same time, on the cliffs on both sides, the rumbling sound of the engine suddenly sounded. One after another green shield mecha that was still not activated suddenly activated, tore off the camouflage cloth on the machine body, and jumped down from the cliff.

They killed the Killing Blade directly.

At the same time, Su Mo controlled the tearing claw to turn around at the limit, jumped to the back of the killing blade mecha, clamped its neck with both claws, and pulled it fiercely.

Everyone joined forces to forcibly bring down the killing blade. Sun Li, Tang Yao, Chen Meng, and Li Shi all pressed their mecha’s limbs.

“It’s just you?”

Mo Baoke, who was knocked down, said angrily. He controlled the mecha and began to struggle. Before, the high-voltage current only had a little effect, making the mecha perform slightly. paused , but quickly resumed as before.

At this time, Qianchengxue, driving the Dawn Guard, also jumped off and slammed heavily on the body of Mecha, the killing blade.

Qiancheng Xue decisively pulled out a special alloy sharp blade from his waist, and the head of the sharp blade was specially processed with a slightly curved arc.

She was facing the cockpit ready to penetrate.

Mo Baoke finally reacted at this moment. The goal of the emotional group is not to harass and destroy, but to himself from the beginning to the end.

He was in a hurry, desperate, struggling frantically.


The sharp blade that Qianchengxue stabbed directly crooked.

At this time, Mo Baoke controlled the killing blade mecha, raised his left hand fiercely and threw Sun Li away with the mecha threw.

Then the right hand flicked out the mecha driven by Tang Yao.

Su Mo, who was strangling his neck, was also dumbfounded, so powerful? So many people still can’t hold it down?

Immediately after, Morbak forced the back spray device on and struggled, throwing everyone out.

“A bunch of scumbags, go die for me.”

Mo Baoke roared furiously.

However, at this time, two green shield mecha rushed up.

Mo Baoke didn’t even think about it, just raised the beam saber in his hand and directly penetrated the bodies of the two green shield mechas that rushed up.

However, an accident happened. The two green shield mechas that were pierced through them rushed forward desperately, grabbing Morbak’s hands with both hands.

After Su Mo, Sun Li and the others got up, they jumped up again, grabbed all parts of their body, and tightly restrained the killing blade.

On the other side, Mo Baoke’s subordinates in the distance also caught up and were approaching quickly.

On the mountain, Lin Zinuo saw this scene, turned his head and shouted to his companions behind him: “Go! at all costs, stop them for me!”


One after another green shield mecha jumped down to intercept each other.

Of course, this kind of behavior is completely a mantis resisting a war chariot asking for his own death. You must know that Mo Baoke came out of the nest this time. Among the subordinates he carried, seven people were driving the second-generation mecha. .

Lin Zino looked anxiously towards the distance, praying constantly in his heart, bless Su Mo’s side with success.

At this point, Morbak was completely flustered, and he kept struggling to control mecha.

At this time, Su Mo’s heart slammed, and he directly controlled the tearing claw to climb up on the killing blade. The whole mecha was like an octopus, directly grabbing his head.

Everyone jumped up again, throwing him to the ground.

Qianchengxue rushed up instantly, her eyes narrowed, and she inserted the special alloy blade in her hand into the gap in her cockpit with unparalleled precision.

“It’s done!”

Seeing this scene, Sun Li and the others were all excited.

But in the next second, everyone’s heart fell to the bottom again, only to see Qianchengxue knocking hard, but they couldn’t pry it open.

At this time, there was a big explosion in the rear, and a second-generation mecha burst in!

“Lord Mo Baoke, we are here to save you!”

“It’s over!”

Tang Yao is also a little desperate.

Mo Baoke shouted excitedly: “Haha, my subordinates are down, you are all dead!”



I saw Qianchengxue use a special alloy sharp blade to pry open a large gap, and then slammed the shield tip of the Shield of Dawn into it. Then the two places exerted force at the same time, and with a ka-cha sound, the cockpit was suddenly pried open.

The smile on Morbak’s face suddenly stiffened, and his whole body seemed to fall into an ice cave.

“It’s over!”

Qianchengxue, without the slightest hesitation, stretched out his other hand and grabbed Mo Baoke in the cab to savagely grab it out of the driver’s seat.


Mo Baoke was angrily roared.

At this time, Mo Baoke and other subordinates also arrived in time, and they directly surrounded Qianchengxue and the others.

Lin Zinuo and the others on the top of the mountain were dumbfounded.

“Hey~ it’s almost done. Sister Xue and the others are finished now.”

Seeing this, Qiancheng Xue raised Mo Baoke to face everyone, using M Mandarin , said coldly.

“Who dares to come forward!”

She took it as a hostage without any hesitation.

Mobak’s subordinates were present for a while refraining from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

Su Mo took the opportunity to open the Tear Claw cockpit and flipped over to the Killing Blade cockpit.

Mo Baoke saw Su Mo jumping into the mecha driver, his entire face suddenly twisted, and then there was a trace of very ruthless.

“Everyone obeys the order to attack, even if I die, it is impossible for me to let the third generation mecha fall into their hands!” Execute through gritted teeth.

In an instant they lowered all their barrels to face Su Mo and the others.

Qiancheng Xue saw that Mo Baoke was useless, and directly pinched him to death without the slightest hesitation. At the same time, Sun Li and the others controlled mecha to stand in front of the killing blade, ready to use her body to resist the attack.

“Avenge the commander! Attack!”

The voice fell.


Enemies present fire one after another cannonball and missile.

Faced with so many attacks, Qianchengxue and the others are also ready to die.

Seeing these attacks, when they were about to hit, the killing blade suddenly moved, stood up suddenly, and waved two slender beam saber.

“Beam Flash!”


All the attacks that came in an instant were blocked.

After the gunpowder smoke, first a scarlet eye, and then a terrifying silhouette appeared.

“Uh, this”

Mo Baoke’s subordinates were completely stunned and stepped back in fear.

Now it’s their turn to face the fear domination of the third-generation mecha!

They subconsciously want to escape.

“Want to go?”

Su Mo controlled the killing blade and rushed forward, the beam saber in his hand swept away like an afterimage.


The two second-generation mechas headed by them are cut in half directly like vegetables.


A violent explosion scatters directly.

(end of this chapter)

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