Star Ring Mission Chapter 252


Chapter 252 Massacre (One Update)


The remaining soldiers saw In this situation, the will to fight was completely lost, and they turned around and fled one by one!

How could Su Mo let them go? He rushed forward like a god of death, and swept his beam saber.


one after another screams followed by an explosion!

He is like cutting a watermelon, a mecha and a tank are cut in half by him, this feeling is just like opening, don’t be too cool.

“Well! Run away!”

The surviving Wet God Guild players can’t wait to have a few more legs so that they can run faster.

At this moment, the large force supported by the Wet God Guild came together, and more than one hundred green shield mecha rushed out. Behind it, there are countless heavy tanks, and in the sky, a gunship is galloping.

And on the hillside in the distance, a heavy command armored vehicle galloped to the cliff on the hillside, and the door opened.

A very arrogant, handsome man in a high level uniform cloak and sunglasses came down.

“Lord Javori, the other party took away the three generations of Mecha from Lord Moboke!”

“hmph, then take it back, he can’t escape!”


Jawori replied confidently.

On the battlefield, the player who was crying and screaming for his mother and fleeing suddenly bumped into the large army that came to support, and suddenly regained his confidence and stopped escaping.

One by one, they turned and rushed to the opposite Su Mo, shouting gnashing teeth.

“Come on! You’re finished!”

Su Mo was also surprised that this helper supported him so fast.

At the same time, Qianchengxue and several others also chased after them. They originally wanted to come up to help, but they were completely shocked when they saw so many enemies.

“Su Mo, there are too many enemies, let’s withdraw!”

Qiancheng Xue said decisively to Su Mo.

“You retreat first, I will cover you, and then leave!”

Su Mo responded indifferently to Qianchengxue and the others.


Qianchengxue doesn’t have any nonsense, they can’t help much here, they will only drag back.

At this time, the communication device of the Wet God player sounded the command’s voice.

β€œMecha troops charge!”

In an instant, more than 100 green shield mechas rushed up like a torrent of steel, and the tanks behind them began to turn their barrels.

Fire hard!

A dense barrage moved towards Su Mo falls.

If it were changed to the old one, Su Mo would definitely be a formidable enemy. But now he didn’t have a trace of fear, and the blood in his body boiled instead.

Even inside, like a long-suppressed emotion, madly emerged. As if speaking.

“Come on! Come on, I’ll tear you all to pieces.”

At this moment, Su Mo’s eyes became extremely sharp, and he pushed the power rod violently . The entire Killing Blade instantly felt Su Mo’s suppressed emotions, and instantly burst into ultra-high mobility, rushing up in a very fast snake-like shape.

The shells that fell one after another were also perfectly avoided.

Then the killing blade collided with the rushing mecha group.

Su Mo swept the beam saber in his hands with all his strength.


The eight green shield mechas were instantly smashed!

The Slaughterblade is like a wolf entering a flock, killing it. This formidable power is simply not comparable to Mobak.

At this time, in the sky, the armed helicopters circled to different positions, moved towards Su Mo and fired high-speed missiles.

Unfortunately, it was useless. With a wave of Su Mo’s left hand, all the incoming missiles exploded.

Immediately after Su Mo entered the command to turn the beam barrel, use the auxiliary combat system, and shoot at the gunships in the sky.


A helicopter gunship was blown up in midair.

But then more troops came up and wanted to further encircle Su Mo.

Su Mo was certainly not wrong about them, but he was keenly aware that something was wrong. The tactical coordination of these guys is impossible so neat unless someone directs it.

So he controlled mecha to patrol all around, and soon the radar system was catching the signal source of the other party’s command, just on the distant hill.

Su Mo couldn’t help but press the buttons next to the joystick.

The killing blade of the third generation mecha suddenly lit up, the power soared rapidly, and the back injection device ignited instantly.

I saw the killing blade swooping at a low altitude, if the wind rushed towards the top of the mountain.

On the top of the hill, Javori was commanding angrily at this time.

“What are you doing to eat.”

“Sir’s third-generation mecha is too strong, we can’t stop him, the other party is breaking through at low altitude.”

” Stop him for me, let him run away and you wait to be punished.”

Just as Javori was scolding angrily, the next subordinate interrupted him in horror.

“Sir, it seems that the other party is not trying to escape, he is getting closer and closer to us!”

“What are you afraid of, wait for what you say.”

Javori came back to his senses violently and lifts the head violently!

The huge wind pressure swept in, making them all unsteady. Then the suffocating steel giant beast killing blade appeared in front of it, raising the beam saber in high’s hand.


“No! Ah”

A terrified scream rang out from the scene.

Su Mo looked at the commander who was killed, then turned his head and looked towards the troops that were frantically flanking over. Although he is not afraid of each other, he really has no interest in fighting with them anymore, and it is not worthwhile to hurt mecha.

So Su Mo pushed the jet with all his strength, and the entire Killing Blade mecha leaped into the sky.

At dawn, Su Mo also joined the crowd.

Then successfully evacuated from the Yuechuan Plain and stopped temporarily to rest in a forest.

Sun Duoxiang drove the tearing claw and looked up at the killing blade of the III-generation mecha, which was twice as fast as himself. The face is full of envy, this mecha is really a mess.

Su Mo extend the hand patted the head of the Rending Claw.


He said happily to Sun Duoxiang: “You should be smart when you return to the Martial God Guild, you should know how to deal with it? You can find anything else. Me, if you really can’t stay any longer, come to me!”

Sun Duoxiang glanced at the torn claws riddled with scars, but also wanted to cry without tears. After making mecha like this, it would be extremely unlucky to go back, but he could only replied with a smile.

“I know big brother, so I’ll go first.”

He thought to himself that he would make mecha like this bird, and it would be strange if he didn’t get scolded to death when he went back. But forget it, if I can’t stay, I’ll just go to the big brother, anyway, Su Mo is so strong now.

“Okay, pay attention to safety on the road.”

Su Mo replied nodded in a very good mood.

Sun Duoxiang then drove the mecha away.

After Lin Zinuo and the others came over, they all fumbled around Su Mo’s mecha, and their mouths almost couldn’t close their mouths with laughter.

“This texture really doesn’t exist anymore, how much do you think this weapon is worth?”

“You actually use money to measure, your brain was kicked by a donkey, right? This level All of the weapons belong to the strategic level, and money can’t buy them.”

Sun Li rolled his eyes directly.

“Sister Sun, how many such weapons are there?”

“I’m not quite clear about this, I guess Sister Xue knows a little.”

Sun Glass shock the head.

(end of this chapter)

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