Star Ring Mission Chapter 253


Chapter 253 Worry (Second Update)

“You don’t need to guess, the weapon of this level, even the Heavenly Dragon The guild will not have a few. According to my previous investigation, this III mecha is the only III mecha in the Wet God Guild, and it is said that they got it from the M country. By the way, I have something I have to tell you all that everyone about this III mecha and the content of this operation must be kept secret, and no one is allowed to reveal a single bit to anyone.”

Qianchengxue reminded everyone seriously.

“Understood! Sister Xue, will we go back to Auroville or the Hongshan Bay Base?”

Sun Li and the others responded in nodded fashion.

“Returning to the Hongshan Bay Base to rest and recuperate, everyone has worked hard this time.”

Qiancheng Xue thought for a while, and finally decided to return to the Hongshan Bay Base. Be safer.

“It’s not hard work, it’s just a relief!”

Sun Li and the others couldn’t close their mouths with joy, knowing that they had been bombarded before, it was a shame Damn, this time finally fiercely let out a bad breath.

Su Mo was listening to Sun Li and the others discussing excitedly, while checking the parameter information of this third-generation mecha Killing Blade, let alone let him find it, looking at the displayed Overall parameters, the smile on Su Mo’s face is even better.

Body type: MD-01 nuclear power mecha (III generation) Β· Killing Blade.

Manufacturer: Giant Heavy Industries.

Initial equipment: M.E78.

Technical Parameters

Interior Environment: Standard Cockpit.

Dimensions Full height: 18 meters.

Weight: 200.08 tons.

Armor material and structure: Reinforced Luotitanium synthetic metal (resistance to high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, physical damage.).

Coating: Bronze

Water Resistance: A-Rank (S, A, B, C, D, E.)

Powerplant : MC-02 nuclear fission engine.

Operation system: Sky system version 3.0.

Fixed electronic equipment: BC-1 type eagle eye scanning device, 360-hour circulating air system, SAI intelligent auxiliary combat system, CRE type anti-jamming device.

Backup: 3rd-layer emergency escape.

Fixed armament: A-2 concealed shoulder high-concentration beam cannon*2, abdomen KH-03 miniature nuclear mine launcher (empty), NCR-01 beam saber*2.

Auxiliary devices: Eight groups of FY-3 rear-mounted rotary vector auxiliary injection devices (supporting 3W-meter altitude limit climbing).

Choose hand weapon: general

The performance of this III mecha is impeccable. But this doesn’t affect it at all, it’s not the more the better type of weapons loaded, the two beam sabers equipped with high mobility are enough to make most enemies feel a nightmare, not to mention the burst of beams. gun.

It’s really bad that the guy who drives this mecha is a guy named Mo Baoke, and his fighting skills are really bad. In addition, the self-confidence is extremely inflated, otherwise Su Mo and the others are really not good enough for each other.

“Su Mo! What are you in a daze.”

Lin Zino patted Su Mo mecha shouted.

“No, are you going?”

Su Mo came back to his senses and asked.



After a long time, Su Mo and the others returned to the Hongshan Bay base smoothly, and Qianchengxue specialized Free up a separate hangar for Su Mo to dock this III mecha.

In the hangar, Su Mo turned on the driver and jumped off. He took a deep breath, calmed down his excitement, and finally got this mecha.

At this time, Qianchengxue came over. She looked at this third-generation mecha, and her cold eyes showed a hint of joy. With this third-generation mecha, she can do a lot of things in the future.

She said to Su Mo, “I’ll give you this mecha in the future.”

“Thank you.”

Su Mo rarely shied away, I gladly accepted it, and sincerely thank you. You must know that being able to win this third-generation mecha is not only due to your own credit, but also to everyone’s cooperation, especially Qianchengxue’s precise and violent opening of the cabin at the end.

“No thanks, this is the reward you deserve. And this plan, didn’t you propose it?”

Qiancheng Xue’s cold face, facing Su Mo A faint soft smile leaked out.

Su Mo saw Qianchengxue’s faint smile, and the whole person froze in place, also somewhat absent-minded.

Qianchengxue then said: “Okay, you’ve worked hard for this operation, get off the assembly line early and rest, and mecha can be placed here. I have already sent an order to Haiyi at the watch base. , let her come to the Hongshan Bay base to maintain this mecha.”

Su Mo came back to his senses, and quickly nodded: “Okay!”

After all, maintenance is still very good. It’s necessary, the guys in the Wet God Guild basically don’t care about weapons. Before the weapons are broken, you don’t need to expect them to do maintenance.

On the other side, Sun Duoxiang drove back to the Martial God Guild’s residence with riddled with scars of the tearing claw.

The guards at the station shouted excitedly when they saw the returning tearing claw.

“Brother Sun is back.”

Not much, the crash-bang crowd directly surrounded the tearing claw.

In the driver, Sun Duoxiang watched the battle, touched his forehead and wanted to cry without tears, this time it was really over.

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way!”

I saw Li Duhuai, Lin Yao and the others pushed aside the crowd and walked over.

Sun Duoxiang took a deep breath, extending his head is a knife, and shrinking his head is also a knife. He couldn’t escape anyway, so he opened the cockpit and slowly climbed down.

At this time, Li Duhuai was aggressive and strode to the front of Sun Duoxiang.

“What are you doing?”

Sun Duoxiang instinctively took a small step back. This guy’s face and physique were already scary enough. He’s so aggressive again, shouldn’t he beat him? In fact, Sun Duoxiang almost blurted out, telling him not to slap his face.

As a result, a dramatic scene appeared, Li Duhuai bowed to Sun Duoxiang.

“I’m sorry! Brother Sun, I shouldn’t have questioned you!”

Sun Duoxiang was stunned.

Laughed Lin Yao stepped forward to smooth the game.

“It’s all my own family, Sun Duoxiang is so broad-minded, how can he compare?”

“Uh, what do I care about, that mecha”

Sun Duoxiang was a little messy and didn’t know what to say. He subconsciously looked towards his mecha, didn’t they see that this mecha was already ruined?

“Don’t worry about mecha, I’ll arrange someone to fix it for you as quickly as possible, this time I really wronged you. As long as you have a mecha that can match the opponent, that guy is simply not yours. The opponent.”

Lin Yao, with a self-blame look, comforted Sun Duoxiang and told him not to have any emotional dissatisfaction.

The executives of the Martial God Guild next to them also took photos of Sun Duoxiang’s flattery.

“Brother Sun, you’re so amazing. You don’t know, your battle videos have been posted online.”

“Yeah! You don’t even know, How popular is it now, you are famous!”

“Yes, Brother Sun, you don’t know, you also unlocked a new title called Toilet War God.”

A new player came over suddenly, and wanted to follow the flattery, so he shouted out the words without thinking.

Sun Duoxiang looked at the player with a black line on his face.

β€œToilet War God?”

(end of chapter)

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