Star Ring Mission Chapter 255


Chapter 255 Coincidence (adding updates for book friends The Dance of the Red Butterfly) (four updates)

At this time, I can’t beat Su Mo’s Lin Zinuo shouted with gnashing teeth: “Su Mo, if you have the ability, don’t hide.”

“What are you crazy about?”

Su Mo also has a dark face, is it possible That is because you have borrowed less money?

“Okay, you two, stop making trouble, everyone is gone, there’s nothing to see.”

At this time, Tang Yao and Sun Li came to persuade them.

Lin Zinuo coldly snorted when she saw Sun Li and the others coming. She put the cooking spoon back, really pissing her off.

“Sister Sun, Sister Tang, why are you here?”

“We came to inform you two that in the evening, Sister Xue prepared a small celebration banquet at the Shengyuan International Hotel at six o’clock. , don’t be late.”


Lin Zinuo replied nodded.

“And don’t make trouble here, so many people see it, the impact is not good.”

Sun Li asked Lin Zinuo a little worriedly.

Lin Zinuo knew she was right and didn’t say anything. In fact, she also knew that she was going too far, but she just couldn’t control it for a while.

Su Mo’s brain circuits are indeed different from normal people.

Then Sun Li and Tang Yao left, and they had to inform others.

“If the money is not enough, I’ll think of a way, don’t worry.”

Su Mo coughed and said to Lin Zino.

Lin Zinuo, who had calmed down and was planning to apologize to Su Mo, heard Su Mo’s words and almost recited it in one breath. She slapped the cash check directly on Su Mo’s hand and said angrily.

“Who’s going to borrow money!”

After saying that, she turned and left in annoyance.

Su Mo sighed, it’s so unfathomable mystery.


In the evening, Su Mo quit the Star Ring game, he left the computer room and went downstairs to the door of the Breaking Dawn Group.

After a rumbling sound.

Lin Zinuo parked in front of Su Mo in her luxury sports car that she bought with a lot of money.

β€œGet in the car!”

Su Mo opened the door and got into the co-pilot.

Lin Zinuo stepped on the accelerator, and the whole sports car sped out.

Su Mo lowered the window and leaned against the window to blow the wind and enjoy the view of the street, feeling very comfortable.

“I’m sorry for the noon thing.”

Suddenly, Lin Zinuo apologized coldly.

“It’s fine.”

Su Mo didn’t take seriously at all.

“By the way, I’m curious about something, where did you get that 100,000 yuan cash check.”

Lin Zinuo suddenly asked very curiously.

Su Mo, who was originally very comfortable, raised her eyebrows slightly, and replied after a while: “I made some money by doing some private work.”

“It’s really strange, you also do private work. Make money.”

Lin Zinuo whispered.

“Don’t think crooked!”

Su Mo hurriedly reminded.

“No way! believing or not I’ll hit you!”

Lin Zinuo was about to stretch out a hand to pinch Su Mo.

“Fuck, watch the road, car, car, car.”

After a while, Lin Zinuo drove to the surface parking lot of Shengyuan International Hotel. Incredibly splendorous and majestic. And also encircled a large garden with a lot of trees and flowers.

You must know that this is the top of the Second Ring Road, almost next to a high wall.

It can be said that this is not too much.

At this time, Qianchengxue and the others in formal clothes also arrived in their cars, and they happened to be parked together.

a Beautiful women and little fresh meat in uniform, very thoughtful, stepped forward to open the door for everyone.

“Dear guests, please!”

Qianchengxue nodded lightly and walked towards the hotel lobby with everyone moved.

The door of the hotel is open, the ground is all paved with high-grade and luxurious natural slate floor tiles, the overhead chandeliers are all pure natural crystal structures, all around the walls are hung with various luxury artworks, and the interior of the hotel adopts the highest Specifications natural purification system, you can feel the air is very fresh as soon as you enter the door.

“Wow! This hotel is at a high level. It’s expensive to eat here.”

Qin Wang and Zhou Qian couldn’t close their mouths. This was too luxurious. It was their first time in such a high level hotel.

“Of course it’s expensive. The per capita consumption starts at 5,000+, and the top is not capped. If it wasn’t for Sister Xue’s treat, we wouldn’t dare to come.”

Sun Li smiled and told Qin Wang and the others explained.

“It’s so expensive!”

Qin Wang and the others were also shocked.

“However, the price is expensive. The ingredients here are all natural and pollution-free, and the service is good and the taste is good. Basically, there is nothing wrong with raising upwards.”

Tang Yao is in a very good mood and agrees, it is rare to be able to come to such a high-level place for luxury.

Su Mo looked all around, the environment was really impeccable, but because of the very good, he felt very uncomfortable.

At this time, a female lobby manager with short hair and outstanding temperament came over and saluted Qiancheng Xue.

“Miss Ye, you’re here.”

“Are we ready for the private room?”

“Miss Ye, don’t worry, it’s ready. , I’ll take you there.”


Qianchengxue nodded lightly, leading the crowd as they prepared to leave with the female manager.

Suddenly a surprised voice sounded.

“Miss Ye!”

Qianchengxue stopped and turned to look.

I saw a handsome young man wearing a white shirt, a black tuxedo, and a black tie at the neckline. His hair was meticulously combed.

“Xiao Jie.”

Qianchengxue was slightly surprised and replied that she didn’t expect to meet him here.

Su Mo glanced at the man who appeared out of nowhere. He knew this guy, the guy who won the first kill of the mutant type III. This news has been reported for a long time, didn’t expect to meet Qianchengxue.

“didn’t expect to meet you here, luck is really good.”

Xiao Jie’s eyes were full of joy.

“Why are you here?”

“Not only me, but your big brother and them are here too.”



Qianchengxue answered lightly.

At this time, a group of people came over, headed by Ye Wuhen, followed by a group of Ye Family executives, such as Ye Jing, who was also present, and he was also dressed in fancy dress, wearing an explicit dress Tang Zhi.

“Little sister! You are here too! I heard Xiao Jie say to invite you before, but if you say you don’t have time, I don’t think it’s possible. It’s considered half-childhood sweethearts anyway.”


Ye Wuhen walked up with a smile on his face.

“It’s just a coincidence, I was going to invite Sun Li and the others to dinner today.”

Qianchengxue responded indifferently.

“It’s a coincidence, Xiao Jie wants to invite someone to dinner today, why don’t we come together.”

Ye Wuhen strongly invited.

Su Mo, who was watching from behind, couldn’t help but whispered to Lin Zino: “It doesn’t feel like a coincidence.”

“I also feel that there is no such thing as a coincidence, obviously someone Leaked sister Xue’s reservation information. You came late, you may not know that Xiao Jie used to run our group to pursue sister Xue. But then Star Ring opened and everyone was busy, so the number of visits was less. “

Lin Zinuo shared the gossip with Su Mo in a low voice.

p> “Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Su Mo nodded slightly<.

(end of this chapter)

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