Star Ring Mission Chapter 257


Chapter 257 Classmates (One Update)

Soon Su Mo and the others entered a very spacious and luxurious private room Inside, there is a huge dining table that can accommodate a hundred people.

There are already many people at the table, all of them are young men and women wearing famous brand clothes, they are talking and laughing, and all of them are very good at conversation.

At this time, they saw Xiao Jie and the others walking in, and they stood up and greeted each other.

“Mr. Xiao is here, we are looking forward to the stars and the moon, and finally we see the landlord.”

“Sorry everyone, take a little time.”

Xiao Jie laughed the replied.

“Hey~ isn’t this Ye Xue? Didn’t expect you to come too. I said I didn’t see Xiao Jie for a long time, and my feelings are going to pick you up.”

One A girl dressed elegant and poised, said laughed.

“Xiaoen, hello everyone, long time no see.”

Qianchengxue looked at the familiar faces present and said hello lightly. There are not only people from the Zhang Family and Wang Family, but also many of their classmates.

They basically all attend the same Academy, after all, the circle is so big.

“Yeah! It’s been a long time since I saw you, sit down!”

Everyone present greeted each other with enthusiasm.

Qianchengxue was not polite, she took Su Mo and the others directly to the seat. Xiao Jie sat on the main seat, he gestured to the waiter next to him, and the waiter immediately stepped back and went to prepare the dishes.

Xiao En, who took the lead in greeting Qian Chengxue, was the laughed questioning Xiao Jie.

“Xiao Jie, don’t you want to introduce everyone present?”

“Of course, I will introduce you. This is Ye Wuhen, from the Breaking Dawn Group. The deputy general manager is also Ye Xue’s big brother, and the future successor of Xiaoxiao Group.”

Xiao Jie first introduced Ye Wuhen.

“Hello Mr. Ye!”

Everyone stood up to say hello.

“You’re welcome.”

Ye Wuhen responded with a smile.

Xiao Jie continued. He introduced to a young man with a weak body: “This is Zhang Bensheng, the Third Young Master of the Zhang Family.”

Su Mo listened in every possible way. As they chatted with each other, they couldn’t even get the slightest interest. These people sitting at the scene should be the so-called upper class personnel.

The only thing that makes Su Mo interesting is Tang Zhi, this woman has a good way. He actually got in through Ye Jing and kept staring at Xiao Jie the whole time.

Soon the door of the private room was pushed open, and a waiter came up with the highest delicious dishes.

Hundreds of dishes quickly filled the huge table. At the same time a waiter opens top white and red wine and pours everyone a drink. Of course, if you don’t want to drink, you can replace it with a drink. For example, Qianchengxue directly refused the waiter’s pour.

As the landlord, Xiao Jie stood up, raised his glass, and said respectfully to everyone present: “Thank you very much for giving me Xiao Jie’s face. I will be invited tonight as scheduled, so I won’t say much about my gratitude. If you need to use my Xiao Jie, just say it! I, Xiao Jie, will do my best, and I will serve this glass of wine first!”

Then Xiao Jie drank it.

Everyone in the audience also applauded, Xiaoen took the lead and said: “With Mr. Xiao’s words, we have made a lot of money. Who doesn’t know that Mr. Xiao, you are not what you used to be now.”

“Yes, you are now a top rich man.”

“My classmates and friends, you are too overpraised. We don’t talk about that, just friendship!”


Xiao Jie’s ten-branch replied.

“That’s a good sentence, I’ll just talk about friendship tonight.”

The atmosphere at the scene became more harmonious.

Su Mo picked up his chopsticks and started eating. He didn’t know many of them here, and even if he did, he wouldn’t bother to greet each other. There is no way, the circle and environment of life are different, so that he has no interest in this aspect at all.

So it’s better to eat. He tried a few dishes and found that the taste was very good.

Lin Zinuo, who was sitting on the side, put a piece of silver snowfish for Su Mo, and said to Su Mo kindly, “Try this.”

Su Mo tried it .

“Not bad.”

Lin Zinuo directly rolled the eyes to Su Mo: “What is not bad, just this dish costs tens of thousands, it’s really extravagant. After the meal, it will cost two or three million if you don’t count the drinks. Hey~, it’s really constant comparing oneself to others will only make one angry, didn’t expect this Xiao Jie to get along so well now.”

“Did he not do well before?”

Su Mo chatted with Lin Zino without a word while eating.

“It’s not bad. He used to be worse than Sister Xue. He belongs to the bottom of the family. Things in the rich family are similar to those in TV dramas. It’s not like that. But look now , how rich he is, he is giving away luxury cars, holding a black diamond card, and inviting him to dinner with such arrogance.”

Lin Zinuo said with emotion.


Su Mo continued to eat.

Lin Zinuo didn’t react at all to see Su Mo, and directly threw a contemptuous look at Su Mo.

“I tell you so much, don’t you feel very inspirational, full of energy, ready to work hard, so that you can break out into a career?”

“No, I just want to be a salted fish.”

Su Mo simply remained unmoved.

“I despise you.”

“No need to despise, although Star Ring is full of opportunities, it is not for everyone to make such a big profit from it. It requires unbelievable luck, and more importantly, a cold heart.”

Su Mo said at the end, his eyes narrowed.

“It makes sense, wait a minute, what do you mean by your last sentence, you probably suspect that Xiao Jie’s money is a little wrong.”

“I didn’t say it. “

“It’s quite reasonable for you to say that. We’ve been in Star Ring for so long, and with Sister Xue’s strong ability, we’re almost losing money. This guy has made a lot of money, indeed There is a problem, of course I’m not jealous, I heard that the reason why many big conglomerates are damaged and not withdraw from Star Ring is to bleach some money”

Lin Zino said to Su Mo in a low voice.

Su Mo was suddenly cold and kicked Lin Zinuo’s foot slightly.

Lin Zinuo reacted sharply and quickly closed his mouth, only to see Ye Jing came over with wine.

He said to Lin Zino and Su Mo with a big smile: “It’s rare to meet here. If you don’t dislike it, would you like to save face and have a drink!”

Su Mo and Lin Zinuo and the two also cooperated very well, picking up wine cup and touching them.

“Of course there’s no problem, Ye Jing, I heard that you are selling supplies in Star Ring, and you are doing well.”

Lin Zinuo drank the red wine from the glass. Do, lol hehe’s replied.

Ye Jing said very tactfully: “If there is nothing, I just eat it. Of course, Sister Zino, if you have any Star Ring supplies you don’t need, you can package them and sell them to me. You have to take care of them. Let’s talk about my business.”

The reason why Ye Jing didn’t have a relationship with Qianchengxuepan is very simple, they are all relatives, and he knows Qianchengxue’s temperament better than anyone else.

Lin Zinuo’s group is mainly responsible for materials, not close to her. Of course, he wasn’t quite clear, and Lin Zinuo’s group had reformed.

“If there is, I will.”

Lin Zinuo smiled and said perfunctorily.

“Then I’ll go to honor Sister Zhao Han, you guys eat slowly.”

Ye Jing explained with a smile, and moved towards Zhao Han.

(end of this chapter)

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