Star Ring Mission Chapter 259


Chapter 259 Persuasion (for book lovers, of course, it is a plate) (three shifts)

That third generation mecha Β· Killer The blade was actually transported by the Free Victory Guild first, so it was used when establishing a strategic base here. However, due to the full-scale war with the Heavenly Dragon guild later, the Heavenly Dragon guild blocked all routes, and the operating driver couldn’t make it for a while, so it could only be placed here temporarily.

As for the Wet God group, seeing that the weapons were idle, they moved their minds. So I took it out and used it to attack the gold mining area.

Obviously everything went well, but didn’t expect mecha to be taken away in the end.

It’s a big problem this time.

Mo Baoke said with a guilty conscience: “Corps Head, what should I do now?”

“What should I do? I can only compensate.”

“Then How am I going to pay, our guild doesn’t have a third-generation mecha.”

Javori asked in confusion.

“It’s really not good, I can only reluctantly pay them half of the gold mine.”

Amokadi said with a heartache.

“How does this work? We took a lot of effort to get it, so we gave them half of it for nothing?”

Mobak’s reaction was more intense than anyone else’s , that’s all money, the money they’ve worked so hard to get.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, now is the time, the other party is coming soon. We have to consider how to calm the other party’s anger and give the other party an explanation.”

Amoka Di annoyed replied.

Although Mo Baoke was very unwilling, he finally closed his mouth.

At this time in the sky, a KDR-01 giant airborne aircraft with a width of one kilometer and a dovetail shape, carrying a whole air combat formation, entered the Yuechuan Plain.

In the cab of the no-load aircraft, a blond, blue-eyed woman with a hot body and her uniform almost couldn’t wrap her body, looked down at the entire Yuechuan Plain, and said very displeased.

“I’ve already said that my mecha should not be touched by anyone. Those pig-brained people would actually agree to let the people from the Wet God Guild use it for a while, and dirty my mecha. “

At this moment, a man with strong physique and muscles like steel said in a deep voice.

“Lord Emaya, this is decided by the above, who asked us to have a strategic cooperation agreement with the Wet God Guild. It is not easy to refuse if the other party wants to borrow it temporarily. When we come back and get the mecha back, we will maintain it again.


“York, I found that since the last time you died, your character has been smoothed out a lot. Although this is a good thing, I hope your wolfishness will not be smoothed out.”

Emmaia glanced sideways.


York solemnly replied .

“Alright, get ready, we’re going to meet those guys.”

Emmaia put away the displeased look on her face.

Shortly after, the air formation group landed on the Yuechuan base airport.

Amokadi and a group of executives were already present to pick up the plane, and soon the check-in exit for the empty plane opened, and Emmaia walked down with York and the others.

“Welcome! Miss Emaya, you are here.”

Amokadi warmly stepped forward to extend the hand.

“Hello Amocadi Corps Head, I like to correct a sentence, you shouldn’t call me Miss Emmaia, you should call me General Emmaia!”

Emmaia is also full of oppression.

Amokadi’s expression suddenly stiffened, and he squeezed out a smile.

“Okay, General Emmaia, I’ll prepare a sumptuous banquet for you.”

“No, take me to see my mecha first.”


Emmaia is not interested in any social banquets. She can’t wait to get back her third-generation mecha, knowing that the entire Freedom and Victory Guild is only five.


Amokadi immediately showed embarrassed expressions, and they wanted to say something, but they hesitated.

Emmaia suddenly had a very bad premonition, she took a deep breath and asked, “Where’s my mecha?”

“Lord Emmaia, how about How about we go to the office and talk?”

Amokady couldn’t hide, so he didn’t hide at all.


Emmaia could only suppress her irritability and went to the office to talk to the other party. She wanted to see what these guys were going to do?

A moment later, they came to the office.

Amokadi poured a cup of coffee and graciously handed it to Emaya.

“Have a coffee first.”

“Thanks, but Amorkady, what about my mecha?”

Emmaya is very Simply questioning, she now suspects that these people are having bad ideas. If something goes wrong, I’m not willing to hand it over by habit.

“General Emaya, we want to discuss with you, how about you sell us that third-generation mecha? We are willing to pay a high price, it is a mecha anyway.”


Amokadi also said it very lightly.

When York heard this, the flesh on his face couldn’t help twitching. This group of people were really bold and dared to speak like that.

“No, that mecha is very important to us.”

Emmaya replied with anger, if it wasn’t for the sake of the alliance, it was someone else who did this. Tell her that she has already killed it.

“General Emmaia, please listen to me first, the price we paid is very good.”

“It’s not even a good price, Amorkady Corps Head, please, please. Return the mecha to us.”

“That’s a pity.”

Amokadi said with a regretful expression when Emmaia refused to agree.

“What do you mean, is it possible that you want to swallow mecha?”

Emmaia asked with a smirk, knowing when she came It’s too reliable, but didn’t expect it to be so unreliable.

“I dare not, we are allies, how could we do such a thing, but the problem mecha is gone now.”

Amokadi regretfully replied.

Hearing Amorkadi’s words, Emmaia’s blood pressure suddenly soared, and she warned Amorkadi in a very serious tone: “You know, Amorkady, what are you talking about now? “

“I’m telling the truth, that mecha is really lost. But don’t worry, we’d like to give you half a gold mine, you know what it means. As long as you take this matter Let me fool you, hello, hello to me, hello to everyone.”

Amokadi said with a smile on his face.

York’s face keeps twitching, are these guys brainless? Bribe Emaya with money?

Let her give up her mecha?

“I don’t want to.”

Emmaia is going crazy.

The smile on Amokadi’s face stiffened, and he said to Emaya with some displeasure: “General Emaya, half of the gold mines are worth a lot of money, you are not satisfied with this, It’s a bit of a lion’s big mouth, and it’s almost done.”

“I want mecha, otherwise I will take responsibility for the consequences.”

Emmaya replied word by word with a black face , these guys dare to lose their mecha.

“General Emaya, shall we discuss it? What’s the use of that mecha you want, it will be scrapped sooner or later, it’s better to ask for the money. If the price is not satisfied, we can still negotiate, really. No, the mining area will give you the 7th Layer, we will just take the third layer.”

Amokadi persuaded in a good voice.

(end of this chapter)

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