Star Ring Mission Chapter 26


Chapter 26 Emergency Power

“Oh, why is it so unfortunate, I haven’t had a good experience with this game, and I’ve been burping. My dream of making a fortune was shattered as soon as I started, which big brother has the fire to save the younger brother, and the younger brother is willing to go through water and tread on fire for him.”

Some players in the field were wail like ghosts and howl like wolves up.

“Okay, let’s save it, and return the fire. You know that on the biggest forum now, someone is asking for a price of 100W for a fire. What an astronomical figure, it’s not worth it to sell you. So much money, let’s talk about resurrecting you, maybe you will be a fart in the next second, 100W doesn’t mean it’s a waste of water.”

β€œFuck, it’s so expensive, it’s not Robbery?”

“That’s right, protest! How can you file a complaint against the operator of this game!”

“Count me in.”

Suddenly the whole Star Tour Hundreds of players who were eliminated from the coffee shouted excitedly.

“Everyone, please calm down, don’t be so excited.”

Xiao An and other girls quickly persuaded the players present, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

The hearts of the players present were filled with fire.

“Everyone, it’s just a game, don’t let those illusory things affect the reality. Otherwise, everything will be meaningless. I will prepare a cup of iced herbal tea for you to cool off the anger. Take a look. Learn from the images sent by others.”

At this time, walking down the stairs, a tall, extremely hot figure was wearing a red fur one-piece dress and red high-heeled shoes. A woman with long black hair scattered and her eyes full of infinite charm.

“Sister Lan.”

Xiao An and the others turned to look over and shouted in surprise.

When the players on the scene saw Sister Lan, their originally excited emotions all calmed down and replied a little sorry.

“Thank you, Sister Lan.”

Su Mo couldn’t help but take a look. The woman named Sister Lan was really strong.

As soon as he appeared on the stage, he calmed down these young people, and it seemed that he had a high prestige in this area.

Seemingly feeling Su Mo’s gaze, Sister Lan lifts the head moved towards the third floor and looked over, and saw Su Mo at a glance.

The two of them looked at each other, Su Mo put his hands in his pockets and turned back to the private room lightly.

Sister Lan took a few more glances at Su Mo.

Su Mo returned to the private room, he went to the toilet, and after coming out, he ate a little fruit on the table, filled his stomach, and then lay back in the game cabin.

I don’t know if it’s because the nerves are too excited or other reasons. After playing for more than four hours, Su Mo felt that he didn’t feel any tiredness.


By the time Su Mo came back to his senses, he had reappeared in the Safety Sector.

But the game time seems to have passed a lot.

The guy named Ye Jing has stopped accepting and receiving goods, and the people who gathered are scattered.

Su Mo didn’t sit still either, he wandered around. Because Young Master Ye did not continue to collect things, many players set up stalls on the spot and sold things.

However, most players sell things that don’t look very attractive.

Basically, kitchen knives, sticks, hammers, and some bauble are the main ones. Of course, the price is not very expensive, basically a few dollars.

Occasionally though, good things are seen, like Su Mo parked in front of a player’s booth.

This player’s booth has two silver automatic pistols engraved with eagles.

“Can I see?”

Su Mo asked with interest.

The person who sold this gun was a fatty who looked a little greasy, and he laughed and said: “Brother good eyesight, this is a M92F collector’s edition automatic pistol, 9MM bullet, 15 rounds in a single magazine, The entire Safety Sector, basically the pistols sold, are 64-type pistols. The formidable power of that kind of pistol is not as good as this. The most speechless thing is that the ammunition capacity is too low. You think, monsters will not give you time to change the magazines .”

“How to sell?”

Su Mo asked calmly.

“500 bucks a piece, and two extra magazines included.”

This greasy fatty charges a high price, this weapon is good, but it’s a pity The players present are basically poor. Whether it can be used with a 64-type pistol is a question, so I will consider this.

He tried to sell it to Young Master Ye, but unfortunately the price was too low. The main reason is that he is a second-hand dealer. He sells things for a living. The price that Young Master Ye gives is okay for first-hand people, but not very friendly to second-hand people.

“Bank card number.”

Su Mo’s simple and neat replied.

“Okay, Boss. My name is Zhu Qi. Do you need anything else? I have a lot of good things here, such as this grenade.”

Zhu Qicong He pulled out a pull-tab grenade from his pocket.

“How much.”

“This one is 100 yuan cheaper.”

“How many do you have.”

“Two A piece!”

“Anything else?”

Su Mo is also more and more interested, although the things this guy sells are expensive, but the quality is good.


Zhu Qi said here, looking all around cautiously.

Su Mo couldn’t help but raise a little interest, what good things this guy will come up with.

As a result, Zhu Qi cautiously took his backpack and opened a gap for Su Mo to see.

Su Mo has a look of surprise on his face. The backpack is full of messy gold accessories and some gold bars.

“How to sell?”

“I want 1.2 times the recovery price.”

Zhu Qi simply stated his request.

Su Mo isn’t really interested in gold points, but since so many people collect them, it should be of some use, so he asked.

“How heavy is this.”

“I have about 2.1KG of gold in my backpack, which can be exchanged for 2.1 gold points. Calculated at 1.2 times the recovery price, it is 5040 yuan, I’ll give you a zero and 5,000 yuan.”


Su Mo replied simply.

Then Su Mo went offline and sent Zhu Qi the money to get everything.

“Boss is so cool, if you need anything in the future, you can come to me.”

Zhu Qi laughed a little bit from ear to ear.

But after the transaction, Su Mo felt that the transaction was a little troublesome. If the seller is not trustworthy and runs away after receiving the money, it will be very pitiful, then you can only find him according to the provided bank card number.

Su Mo continued to browse the other stalls, dizzyingly many things, but none of them were what he wanted.

“Come and see, the good stuff, fresh out of the oven.”

“You can’t miss it.”

A few hours later, Su Mo’s eyes lit up slightly, and he stopped at a booth.

The stall owner is a young man with a sharp-mouthed monkey face.

He saw Su Mo and asked enthusiastically: “Boss, what should I order, these are all top-quality goods. If I miss this opportunity, there will be no next time. I originally planned to sell it. To Young Master Ye, it’s just that time didn’t catch up.”

Not to mention, Su Mo really likes something. A black material, a boxy portable emergency power supply with a lot of conversion interfaces, which can charge devices with low power.

β€œHow do you sell this?”

Su Mo crouched down and pointed at the portable emergency power supply.

“Aiya, Boss is really a good eye. You must know that there is no electricity here. This thing can charge regular equipment, and my built-in battery is fully charged.”

The young man in front of me smacking the lips is introduced.

β€œHow much.”

Su Mo is not in the mood to talk too much nonsense with him.

“100 yuan.”

The young man relentlessly quoted a high price.

Su Mo replied simply: “Deal.”

“Wait, I want this.”

At this time, a slightly familiar voice come.

(end of this chapter)

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