Star Ring Mission Chapter 260


Chapter 260 finished (adding more sugar for Silver Alliance Leader in water) (four more)

Emmaia is about to go crazy, this Help idiots, still talking about money!

“I said, I only want mecha without money, you better hand over mecha, don’t make mecha lost this joke with us! My patience is limited.”

“Aiya, forget it, forget it, the gold mining area is yours.”

Amokadi really couldn’t do anything about it either.

Mo Boke and the two on the side were in a hurry.

“Corps Head, in order to lay down this mining area, we have lost a lot of brothers, so we give them all, too much.”

York saw the reaction of these two idiots, and immediately Feeling over, most likely mecha is really lost.

Sure enough, Emaya also reacted. Mecha must have lost it. She directly smashed the coffee cup fiercely on the ground.


Coffee cups all split up and in pieces.

Emmaia’s eyes revealed a killing intent, and she questioned Amokadi directly.

β€œHow did the mecha lose it? Who stole it.”


Amokadi didn’t expect Emmaia’s reaction So strong.

“No, didn’t you guys still hold that mecha before, why was the mecha stolen in a blink of an eye?”

York also felt that this reason was a bit nonsense. Although the players of the Wet God Guild are not very elite, it should not be so easy for people to break in, steal the start key and steal the mecha, right?

“It’s all my fault, Mo Baoke, who fell into the enemy’s trap and let people force open the cockpit and take mecha away.”

Jawori said nothing directly Sold Morbak.

Mo Baoke was in a hurry, and quickly retorted: “It’s not that you made a mistake in command, let the other party take advantage of it!”

“Although there is a problem with my command, I obviously outflank In the past, it was you who went after alone.”


Emmaia scolded with rage. His chest was also shaken with anger.

Suddenly the office quieted down, Emaya took a deep breath, lifts the head looked towards the three of Amokadi.

“You can use my third-generation mecha privately, and now let mecha fall into the hands of the Heavenly Dragon guild?” Heavenly Dragon guild battles are not smooth, and now there is such a thing that makes people laugh, and the players of the Heavenly Dragon guild drive this three-generation mecha to run over and beat them, that is wonderful.

You must know that the third-generation mecha Killing Blade ranks among the top three in the performance of the guild’s five third-generation mechas. If it is matched with a top-level Mecha Master, it will be a nightmare.

She couldn’t even think about it.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Wet God Guild was an indispensable strategic partner in strategy, the Free Victory Guild would need to use them in many ways, and it would have turned its face long ago.

“Almost, but not in the hands of the Heavenly Dragon guild.”

Amokadi forced an ugly smile.

“Whose hands?”

Emmaia hurriedly asked.

“We’re not quite clear on whose hands it is, like Martial God or Dawn, but not Heavenly Dragon anyway.”

Morbak said hesitantly.

“Are you sure?”


Mobak immediately confirmed the reply.

Emaya’s expression changed for a while, and she turned to look at York: “Let the people below prepare, since it is not in the hands of the Heavenly Dragon guild, even if it is in the hands of the five dragon heads, it is also a wandering player. Prepare Take it back.”


York responded with a chill.

Emaya turned her head to see Amokadi, and said with anger: “Give you a chance, hurry up to collect and prepare information! If mecha is taken back, this matter will be forgotten. If you don’t come back, you know the consequences.”

“Okay, okay.”

The three of Amorkady looked overjoyed.


In the private room of Shengyuan International Hotel, Su Mo sent several messages to Lin Zino, but got no response.

He couldn’t sit still, and he didn’t like this kind of entertainment.

So Su Mo found a space and got up and left. Originally, he was not the protagonist of this banquet, so it shouldn’t matter if he went straight, after all, no one would pay attention to him.

It wasn’t long before Su Mo walked out of the San Yuan Hotel and came to a spacious street.

The streets are lined with grand buildings, and top-of-the-line private cars gallop past him from time to time.

Because this is a top wealthy area, and everyone in this Reverend has a car or a dedicated driver, there are not many taxis running here.

After all, there is no business to come here for a walk. If you accidentally rub the car here or offend a great character, it will be troublesome.

Su Mo picked up his phone and looked at the map, called out the location of the Imperial Capital Central Hospital, and determined the walking route.

He put his phone away, put his hands in his pockets, and walked forward alone.

A cool breeze blows through the night.

Su Mo lifts the head looked towards the trees on the road and noticed that the leaves had started to turn yellow.

Time flies so fast, and it’s the beginning of autumn again in a blink of an eye.

Su Mo is slightly touched, he feels that everything he has experienced recently is more exciting than in the past few years. Life seems to be a little more colorful and less monotonous.

Just as Su Mo was lost in thought, a rumbling sound came from far to near.

Su Mo subconsciously lifts the head, and saw an all-metal streamlined silver supercar, the Silver Fox, parked beside him.

A thousand city snow falls on the window, lightly saying.

“Get in the car!”

Su Mo was also a little surprised. He opened the scissor door and sat in the passenger seat.

As soon as Qianchengxue stepped on the accelerator, the silver fox galloped away.

In the silver fox car, Su Mo hesitated and said, “You don’t need to take me there yourself.”

“There was an accident in Lin Zinuo, and I just thought about it. Let’s go have a look, and I’ll take you for a ride.”

Qianchengxue was very easy-going and replied.

“You have so many old classmate reunion parties today, don’t you want to spend more time with them? Maybe it will help you in the future?”

Su Mo glanced at Qiancheng With a cold face, she asked curiously.

“If there are interests, old classmates can talk about it. If there are no interests, no matter how good personal relationships are, it is useless, so I don’t care about those.”

Qiancheng Xue is very open to replied, she is very clear that these people who came to eat today are all looking at Xiao Jie’s face. So the foundation of all relationships is Xiao Jie, which means nothing.


Su Mo didn’t say anything more.

Of course it’s not that Su Mo doesn’t want to say something, it’s that he simply doesn’t know what to say.

The car was quiet for a while, the atmosphere became a little subtle, and the two of them had an unusual tacit understanding and did not break the atmosphere.

Time flies by.

Not very long, Qianchengxue drove to Imperial Capital Central Hospital.

The two got out of the car. At night, the Imperial Capital Central Hospital was still a vast crowd, and there were doctors everywhere.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue look all around, and there are more than 20 hospital buildings alone.

“It’s too big, you can call Lin Zinuo and ask her where the ward is. I’ll go buy some fruit baskets nearby, and you’ll send me a message later.”

Qianchengxue turned her head and explained to Su Mo that it was inappropriate to visit so empty-handed.


Su Mo responded with a nod.

Qianchengxue then turned and left.

(end of this chapter)

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