Star Ring Mission Chapter 263


Chapter 263 Lin Family (Second Update)

The three of Sun Duoxiang swallowed and got out of the car!

They were even more nervous looking at this real gun. Don’t see too much in Star Ring. After all, it won’t kill people, but reality will kill people.

It was also obvious that Sun Duoxiang saw that the weapons in the hands of these soldiers were all loaded. That is to say, you can open fire at any time, and there is really no one in this security.

The female prosecutor then separated the three of Sun Duoxiang, asking and verifying their identity information one by one.

The old steward of the Lin Family stood by and watched without saying a word.

The whole inquiry process is very fast, only five or six minutes, and some simple questions are asked.

Finally, the female prosecutor said to the three Sun Duoxiang: “Thank you for your cooperation, please bring a temporary electronic bracelet, and remember not to take it off inside the high wall. In addition, you only have 48 hours to pass through. , you must leave the wall within this time period, or apply for an extension, otherwise you may be arrested and prosecuted for illegal stay.”


Sun Duoxiang complained in his heart, and slipped away after eating, really not used to it.

Soon they ride through the checkpoint and into the high wall.

In an instant, Sun Duoxiang felt as if he had come to another world. All of them are futuristic-style villa houses at a glance, and there are greenery everywhere, and it feels like coming to the forest.

Even the sky was cut off with a celestial shield.

And all road traffic is guided by virtual images intelligently. There are many bionic robots active on both sides of the street, these bionic robots act as gardeners, cleaners, and various service personnel.

Of course, if necessary, these bionic robots can be made exactly like daoist. But in order to distinguish the daoist from the bionic robot, they specially added a halo circular mark on its forehead.

The air in the high wall is also exceptionally fresh. A wide range of top-level air circulation purification devices and special thermostatic devices are used here. If it is said that it is a little cold outside the high wall after the beginning of autumn, the temperature here is maintained at 25 degrees in real time, which makes the human body feel very comfortable.

Of course, high-level public services mean huge expenses. All those who live in the high walls have to pay a large public fee every month.

In the confusion of the three of Sun Duoxiang, Steward drove the car to the east of the high wall, where there was a garden-style manor.

In the Lin Family Villa Training Center.

Lin Ming’s upper body was naked, and three strong bodyguards surrounded him as if he was facing an enemy.

Besides, Lin Hai, Lin Yuxin, Lin Muxi, Lin Zhihan, Lin Yixuan, and Lin Xiaoyu’s brother sisters lined up to watch.

I saw the three bodyguards strike at the same time. Lin Ming avoided a bodyguard’s kick on one side, raised his left hand to block the other bodyguard’s fierce fist, and punched a sturdy right hand. Fist meet force with force with the third bodyguard.

Suddenly the bodyguard was in pain, his face showed pain, and he quickly retracted his hand.

Lin Ming strode forward, swept his foot sharply, hit a bodyguard’s chest, and threw him to the ground.

Then caught the fist coming from behind with a backhand and threw it to the ground with an over-the-shoulder throw.

Immediately after, he rushed to the last bodyguard, smashing his fists like a rainstorm, knocking him down cleanly.

After dealing with the three bodyguards, Lin Ming felt unhappy at all, he turned his head and looked towards Lin Yixuan and shouted at him.

“Come up!”

Lin Yixuan bit his lips lightly and braced oneself up.

After the two bowed to each other, Lin Yixuan took the lead in attacking and punched Lin Ming.

Lin Ming tilted his head and avoided Lin Yixuan’s fist.

“Too slow! Hurry up!”

Lin Yixuan moved towards Lin Ming’s head with all his might.

It’s a pity that all of them were lost by Lin Ming Dodge, and counterattack at will.

Lin Yixuan raised his right hand to block!


His face showed an extremely painful look, and he felt as if his right hand was hit by a steel bar.

At this time, Lin Ming slammed another punch. Lin Yixuan could only raise his left hand to block, and he kept backing away in pain.

And Lin Ming’s attack was like a rainstorm, so Lin Yixuan could only keep retreating, he was powerless to fight, his entire arm seemed to be broken.

Then Lin Ming struck again. Lin Yixuan failed to block for a while, and was directly knocked to the ground with a punch.

Lying to the ground, Lin Yixuan clutched his chest, his expression very painful.

Lin Ming stepped forward and extended the hand to him. Lin Yixuan endured the pain and put his hand on Lin Ming’s hand

Lin Ming pulled Lin Yixuan up and said in a deep voice. He said to him: “too weak, the seven brothers, you are the worst in fighting. Even your younger sister Lin Xiaoyu can’t beat you. You still need stronger training.”

” Yes, big brother.”

Lin Yixuan couldn’t help lowering his inferiority complex, and he didn’t quite understand why he didn’t have the innate talent for melee combat at all.

It’s like not inheriting the genes of the Lin Family at all.

At this time, a female steward came over, saluted Lin Ming, and respectfully reported.

“Eldest Young Master, Mr. Sun Duoxiang is almost here, and the luncheon is ready.”

Lin Ming was very happy to hear this. He greeted many brothers and sisters. He said, “I will practice here today, and I will disband freely!”

As he said, he moved towards the bathroom, ready to rinse and change his clothes to officially receive Sun Duoxiang.

The brothers Lin Muxi and Lin Zhihan, who were unknown at the scene, couldn’t help chatting and said, “This Sun Duoxiang really has a face, and can let the big brother receive such a solemn reception.”

“You Not to mention, the big brother has always loved talents, that Sun Duoxiang’s strength is really amazing, he can beat the third generation mecha head-on and retreat, but it’s amazing!”

“That’s right, We can’t do it.”

“You’re right, of course I don’t doubt his strength, but I always think his temperament is very strange, every time something happens to fight , I always have to squat on the toilet.”

At this time, Lin Hai also interjected with great interest.

“Expert, it’s not surprising that he always has a special hobby. In fact, his habit is nothing. It’s not a problem at all in normal times. It’s just that the critical moment makes people anxious.”


“Yes, that’s right, does he have a bad stomach and diarrhea when he’s nervous.”

“Should I get him a doctor?”

Lin Yixuan’s expression darkened as he listened to the discussions of the brothers.

The Lin Family advocates martial arts, and the more they can fight, the more respected they are.

In addition, the Lin Family is a special existence in the Wulongshou family. Not only is it a leader, but it also operates part of the military industry and is extremely trusted by the parliament.

Most of their family elders hold various positions in the military.

And this year’s eldest son, Lin Ming, is Heaven’s Chosen Child. He joined the army at the age of 18 and has made many military exploits in the army, and has now been promoted to major general.

But he did not disclose his identity, but kept a low profile, secretly responsible for the delivery of materials.

The difference between Heaven and Earth also made Lin Yixuan feel out of place and extremely inferior.

(end of this chapter)

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