Star Ring Mission Chapter 264


Chapter 264 Attack (adding sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

Lin Xiaoyu on the side is brows slightly wrinkle, she always felt that Sun Duoxiang was weird.

She couldn’t feel a trace of expert breath on him at all, but she had seen with her own eyes that Sun Duoxiang’s fighting skills were impeccable.

Thinking of this, Lin Xiaoyu became more and more suspicious.

A moment later, the black commercial vehicle drove into the manor, and Steward parked the car directly at the entrance of the manor villa.

A man in a black suit stepped forward to open the door for Sun Duoxiang. The three of Sun Duoxiang got out of the car and looked at the imposing villa in front of them. color.

The Lin Family villa is different from other families. Its architecture is more retro, and the surface walls are carved with various stone carvings like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing.

There is also a huge stone lion at the door, which is full of coercion.

“Please come in!”

The three of Sun Duoxiang walked in with their heads blurred, and soon came to the hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor.

He saw two rows of big men dressed in black suits and sunglasses standing upright. They bowed neatly and greeted loudly.


Sun Duoxiang was startled and shivered. He had never seen such a big battle, and he thought he was in the den of the underworld.

“Haha, brother, what are you doing there, come up and sit.”

Lin Ming changed into a black corset and enthusiastically stepped forward and patted Sun Duoxiang on the shoulder.

“Okay, big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang squeezed out an ugly smile and walked up.

Zhang Hao and Marco stepped back decisively.


In the hangar of Hongshan Bay, Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightly.

I saw Haiyi lying on the third generation mecha Killing Blade constantly rubbing against mecha, looking like a nympho.

“Wow, this texture, this streamline!”

Li Mu, who was following along, said awkwardly to Su Mo: “Don’t mind, don’t look at her like this, or Reliable!”

Su Mo long sighed and said: “Why do I feel Qin Wang is more reliable.”

Hai Yi suddenly turned her head looking towards Su Mo with a terrifying expression on her face: ” You are doubting my ability. Let me tell you, except that Qin Wang is better than me in unlocking, he has to be called a father in other areas.”

“Well, how long will it take to be able to do it? Well maintained?”

Su Mo curiously asked.

As a result, Haiyi unexpectedly said to Su Mo: “It can’t be maintained.”


Su Mo replies in astonishment.

Aside from Li Mu, he looked at Hai Yi with a twitchy face. Isn’t this a slap in the face? Just now, in front of Su Mo, I complimented her on how good and reliable her skills are.

“The unmaintained material, let me tell you this, let’s take the most commonly used oil. This mecha uses top special synthetic oil, we don’t have it at all, even one on it. We can’t find a replacement for the same type and strength of screws. Not to mention other parts, so you’d better not damage this mecha, otherwise you can’t repair it. If you insist on asking where to maintain and repair, Only the Heavenly Dragon guild’s top repair shop may be able to repair it, of course, if the damage is too serious, they may not be able to fix it.”

Haiyi explained to Su Mo from a professional point of view.


Su Mo nods.

“But I’ll probably check with you, you’re lucky, this mecha should be brand new, although the surface is a little scratched, but it hasn’t been attacked by any force, and there’s no major damage, so it’s not needed for the time being. Special maintenance. As for the parts that were pried open, I have already sewed them up for you.”


Su Mo frowned suddenly.

β€œAiya, you can close it anyway.”

Haiyi picked up a blank maintenance list, wrote down the inspection fee of 10,000, and the repair fee of 50,000, and then handed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo twitched the corners of his mouth, picked up a pen and crossed out a zero, then signed his name.


Hai Yi whispered a few words.

At this moment, the base suddenly sounded a harsh siren, Su Mo frowned, what’s the situation?

Suddenly there was a commotion outside!

“Damn it, wouldn’t it be attacked here too?”

Li Mu asked in confusion.

“You are stupid. If you were attacked, there would have been explosions outside. Obviously, this was the sound of an emergency assembly siren. It should have been attacked elsewhere. But with such a big movement, it shouldn’t be dawn. The city was attacked, right? It stands to reason that being attacked normally wouldn’t cause such a big reaction, because it has been bombed recently, and it wasn’t a fall.”

Hai Yi was also suspicious.

The tone barely fell, and Sun Li rushed in, she shouted to Su Mo anxiously.

“Su Mo on mecha, Auroville is about to fall.”

“What did you say? Auroville is about to fall?”

“It’s too late. I explained it to you.”

“Okay! I got it.”

After Su Mo finished listening, he quickly climbed up the mecha.

Hai Yi’s expression is dull, Damn, what are you really talking about.


Half an hour ago, the players left behind in Dawn City were cleaning up the bombed ruins.

“Hey, constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry, most of the Twelfth group went to the new base, and we stayed here and were bombed every day.”

” Who called good luck, received a great god, made so much credit, and now the twelve groups follow as the tide rises, the boat floats.”

“Isn’t this envious.”


A group of girls were chatting.

“Okay, don’t complain anymore.”

At this time, Luo Mei (the leader of the eleventh group) came over and said to his subordinates.

“Yes, Sister Mei.”

Everyone fell silent when they saw Luo Mei coming.

“The Twelve Group achieved today’s achievements by relying on their own ability. We have nothing to say. But I believe that we are not bad. As long as we work hard, although we may not be able to achieve the same achievements as them, always One day we will be able to achieve something.”

Rome said with great confidence.

“Sister Mei is right.”

The sisters who were in a depressed mood regained a sense of motivation.

“Okay, everyone, work hard now, take advantage of this time when the Wet God Guild stops, and quickly clean up the damaged facilities.”


The sisters nodded one after another.

However, at this moment, a sister looked at the sky in the distance, raised her hand and shouted in horror.

“Then, what is that?”

Rome and the others followed the sister’s fingers, looking towards the west side of the sky in confusion, only to see shrouding the heavens and hiding the earth The black spot is coming.

She immediately shouted to the crowd: “Everyone spread out, find a bunker nearby!”

All the sisters dispersed in fear.

At this time, a harsh siren sounded in Auroville, but it was obviously too late, and everyone was killing them.

If there is no accident, the radar system should be blocked, just relying on naked eyes to find the enemy group.

Just when the only remaining anti-aircraft weapons in Auroville began to turn around, high-speed missiles struck precisely in the distance.


The only remaining anti-aircraft weapons, all destroyed by crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

The player responsible for operating the anti-aircraft weapon had his head buzzing, completely confused as to what was going on. When the Wet God Guild launched an attack, they could still fight back.

(end of this chapter)

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