Star Ring Mission Chapter 265


Chapter 265 Interrogation (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (four more)

But now the situation is completely different, they did not It is clear how the enemy is approaching, and when it is discovered, all the anti-aircraft weapons are directly taken away.

A strategic bomber arrived over the city of Auroville, its bottom magazines were opened, and green cylindrical objects were thrown down.

These cylindrical things smashed to the ground, and immediately began to release green smoke in a large area.

In less than a few minutes, half of Auroville was instantly shrouded in poison mist.

The player who inhaled the green poison mist at the scene immediately strangled his neck in pain, fell to the ground with constant spasms and convulsions, and spit out white foam from his mouth.

“Run to the heights! Stay away from those gases!”

The surviving Dawnbreaker players shouted as they retreated to the taller buildings.

At this time, metal boxes in the sky hit the ground heavily.

The metal boxes then cracked open, the scarlet eyes lit up, and the black mechanical dogs crawled out. Heavy machine guns were erected on the shoulders of each mechanical dog, and they rushed out quickly.

In addition, a KDW-03 Juli large-scale no-load transport aircraft was hovering in the air, and the hatch was wide open!

The five second-generation silver light mechas with a height of 12 meters, silver armor, two alloy sharp blades and four pairs of auxiliary wings in the tail section are on standby.

At this time, the silver light mecha, who took the lead, waved his hand and jumped down.

The other four continued without any hesitation.

And after the five silver light mechas went down not very long, the two second-generation mecha green blades jumped down one after the other.

At the same time, all around transport aircraft, as well as thousands of paratroopers in protective suits and a large number of mecha, were also dropped.

At this time, a small number of mecha left behind in Auroville were shooting at those mechanical dogs.

“Damn bastard.”


The mechanical dogs were blown up.

But more often than not, the mechanical dogs dodge the shots, pounce on the mecha, and then detonate the bombs inside them.


One mecha was paralyzed.

There is no suspense, the troops left behind in Auroville were beaten and retreated, which was basically a one-sided massacre.

At this time, York was driving silver light mecha to stand on a ruin, overlooking the burning city, brows tightly frowns.

The voices of their players are heard in the communication channel.

“Instructor, I always feel that something is not right. The defense of this city is a mess, and our mechanized troops have not received much resistance at all. From the latest United Front information, we have occupied nearly In half of the area, the mechanical dog found more than 32 locations that were suspected to be hangars, and they found no trace of the third-generation mecha.”

“Hunt, you bring some people to catch some alive and come back and ask questions. Or lure it!”

York brows tightly frowns.


Hunter replied without the slightest hesitation.

Immediately after, York tuned the communication channel and asked Morbak and Jawori.

“Are you sure the information is fine, is that third-generation mecha here? And it’s still locked in the hangar?”

“Don’t worry, our intelligence is fine, according to As we know, after the Martial God Guild and the Dawn Guild jointly seized the mecha, they hid the mecha in the hangar for fear of the Heavenly Dragon Guild knowing. It’s in the hangar in the city of Black Glory.”

The reply of Morbak and Javori solemnly vowed.

York didn’t know why he didn’t calm down after listening to the words of the two, he asked worriedly.

“Are you sure? That third-generation mecha is locked and not used?”

“Rest assured, there is no problem, just these weak chickens, how could they be willing to use III Generation mecha. They all hid the third generation mecha as an apple of one’s eye, and they were ready to sell for a lot of money. This is the first-hand information we obtained at a great cost. Under such a powerful raid, I bet they simply didn’t have a chance to react and start that 3rd generation mecha.”

Mobak was absolutely replied.

York took a deep breath, and now there is no other way, only the information from the Wet God Guild can be trusted.

General Emmaia is determined to retake mecha, even if there is only a glimmer of hope, it can only be oneself.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, York would never agree to this kind of surprise attack plan, and at least have to apply to the headquarters for a III-generation mecha to fight.

Just as York was thinking about it, two green shield mecha suddenly rushed out from the side, and they shot at York with great heroism.

I saw York pushing the operating lever violently, silver light mecha dodged the shot at high speed, and moved towards the two green shield mecha at a very high speed.

He wields two sharp alloy blades!

Two precision cuts to the sides of the two mechas, the armored power transmission tubes.


The power transmission tube was cut off precisely, sparks flew, and the two first-generation mechas were immediately paralyzed.

Then York pulled the alloy blade back, forced it into the cockpit, and pried its door open.

The two drivers, a man and a woman, are naked.

York pointed the alloy blade at them, and threatened in a deep voice: “Tell us where your biggest hangar is. If you are willing to tell me, I will let you live.”

“Fuck, we’d rather die than tell you.”

The two players scolded angrily.

“It’s useless for you to threaten like this, it’s better to leave it to us, we have a way to get them to speak.”

Mo Baoke said with a smile very confidently.

Feeling that something was wrong, the two players in front of them immediately took out their pistols and shot them in the head!


Blood splatters.

York looked at this scene with awe. Although his opponent was very weak, he had this kind of spirit, which was worthy of admiration.

In less than two hours, Auroville completely fell.

More than 5,000 Dawnbreaker Guild players were gathered in the square.

There were a total of 20,000 players left behind in Auroville. Except for a small number of players who hid and engaged in sparrow battles, the rest were basically dead.

York and the others also came to the square area at this time, looking at the many prisoners.

His heart became heavier, and he asked the team members: “Vinnie! How is the operation in the city of black glory? Have you found mecha?”

“Just got the information, there The resistance is extremely fierce, but there is no trace of the third generation mecha, nor the third generation mecha participating in the battle. And our mechanical dog has basically searched all the areas suspected to be the hangar, but still did not find anything about the third generation mecha. Tracks.”

Vinnie was professional in reporting.

“I see.”

York solemnly replied .

“And the instructors, are we really just letting players like the Wet God Guild go to torture the information? Would it be too much? If there are chain consequences, it will be troublesome.”

Vinnie said worriedly.

I saw the players of the Wet God Guild go up and beat the captured male members. They even put shoes in their mouths, spit, and insults!

(end of this chapter)

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