Star Ring Mission Chapter 266


Chapter 266 Preparation (adding sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (five shifts)

But this is nothing, the most disgusting The only thing is that they do the same to female players, and they keep wiping.

Although they are under the contract, they dare not do anything too outrageous, but all kinds of foul language and unbearable to look at words emerge in an endless stream.

This caused many female players of the Dawning Guild to have mental breakdowns, weeping bitter tears, and some were even embarrassed.

Mo Baoke shouted to the many captives arrogantly: “Listen to me, as long as anyone tells us where you hid mecha, we will not only let him go, but also willing to give it to him. He has a lot of money. But if you don’t cooperate, don’t blame us for being rude. We have more ways to deal with you in a hurry. Of course, you cooperate to hand over things. This is also a good deed and committed before you. To make atonement for the mistakes made, that thing was originally ours, and to put it bluntly, you are thieves and robbers.”

It is a pity that after Mo Baoke’s speech, what he ushered in was only angry eyes and angry curses. .

“Bah. Don’t say we don’t know, even if we do, we won’t tell you this group of cerebral palsy. You can only bully us, and when you see our regular army, one is more counseling than the other. .”

“That’s right, fuck you!”

At this time, York, who was on the side, just solemnly said: “No participation, no interference.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Vinnie sighed, although she couldn’t stand it, but she also knew the importance of this mission.

In extraordinary times, we can only use extraordinary means, and see if we can gain anything.


Inside the high wall, in the restaurant of Lin Family’s villa.

Lin Ming raised his glass and touched Sun Duoxiang, then drank it happily.


At this moment, Sun Duoxiang’s stomach was rolling, but in the face of such an enthusiastic Lin Ming, he could only drink oneself.


“Happy! Brother, I really didn’t see the wrong person. At critical moments, I still rely on you.”

“Big brother, you are too much. It’s overraised.”

“I have always said one thing, although the battle plan to attack the golden stronghold failed. But it has nothing to do with you. You have done a very good job. The mecha you had at the time was also a third-generation mecha, and that bastard was beheaded by you long ago.”

“Big brother, don’t talk about me, even if you drive a third-generation mecha, you can also kill that guy. , how could it be his turn to be so arrogant!”

When Sun Duoxiang talked about this matter, Jiujin raised his head for a while, and complained angrily.

“That’s right, it’s okay, we’ll remember this account first, and we’ll find the place together another day.”

Lin Ming also felt extremely aggrieved.

Lin Xiaoyu suddenly asked, “Mr. Sun Duoxiang, I’ve always been curious, which expert did you learn your mecha skills from?”

When Sun Duoxiang heard Lin Xiaoyu’s words, he was shivered, and his drinking sank a lot. He was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

At this time, Lin Ming also curiously asked: “Yes, brother, who did you learn from?”

“Well, in fact, I taught myself, and I naturally learned it. “

Sun Duoxiang responded embarrassedly.

“Oh, innate talent is so good.”

Lin Xiaoyu narrowed his eyes and didn’t believe it at all, knowing that they had been training since childhood.

“It’s okay.”

Sun Duoxiang laughed very embarrassedly, and he panicked a lot. This little girl is sick, she must be staring at him.

Just as Lin Xiaoyu was about to continue his inquiry, a subordinate suddenly rushed in.

“Not good, Heiyao City was attacked frantically by the Wet God Guild, and now the situation is extremely critical!” stand up.

“So arrogant!”

“That’s right, it’s too much, big brother must give them some color, we’ll gather troops.”

Lin Hai and other brothers said angrily.

Although the Martial God guild has only seven Legions, they are also the only one that has not disbanded the Legion, so the seven Legions have all been preserved.

“Okay! Everyone is online, clean up those guys with me.”

Lin Ming’s gloomy face said.

When Sun Duoxiang heard this, he was about to cry, but couldn’t he be able to eat with peace of mind?

No, no, this juncture must not be able to fight online, or it will be over.

So Sun Duoxiang licked his face and said to Lin Ming, “That big brother, if you go first, I’ll be there later.”

Lin Xiaoyu squinted at him. Looking at Sun Duoxiang, he said, “Aren’t you going to go to the toilet again?”

“Isn’t this a person’s three urgency?”

“You were fine just now, should you? Afraid right? ?”

“Young sister is not allowed to say that, please apologize to Sun Duoxiang.”

Lin Ming frowned said sternly.

“I’m sorry.”

Although Lin Xiaoyu was reluctant, he still obeyed his big brother.

Lin Ming said to Sun Duoxiang, “I remember that your mecha is still being repaired, so you don’t have to force it this time.”

“Hey, it’s holding you back. “

Sun Duoxiang looked very guilty.

“Don’t say this, it’s my own brother, everyone else will follow me.”

Lin Ming said solemnly, he is also a little upset now, the Wet God Guild This group of cerebral palsy, what kind of medicine did they take, they looked like a mad dog.

After waiting for Lin Ming and the others to leave, Sun Duoxiang quickly took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Su Mo to tip him off!

“The boss is not good, the guys from the Wet God Guild are going crazy, you have to be careful.”


Outside the city of Dawn, thousands of Cheng Xue led the elites from groups 1-6 and rushed back.

From a distance, they could see the City of Auroville.

Sun Li also hated gnashing teeth, and then said to Qiancheng Xue: “Sister Xue, according to the information returned by our dead brother sister, it is not only the players of the Wet God Guild who attacked the City of Dawn, It seems to be mixed with the players of the Free Victory Guild. The weapons they use are very advanced, and they are still pressing us for the location of each hangar, as if they are looking for the third generation mecha.”

Qianchengxue took a Deep breath, she said to Su Mo who was driving the Killing Blade next to her: “Su Mo don’t be impulsive, they are coming for mecha.”

“I know, some miscalculations, I thought about it at the beginning. Ushered in the revenge of the Wet God Guild. But didn’t expect the Free Victory Guild to be mixed in.”

Su Mo’s face was also a little ugly.

“It’s not your fault, no one would have expected it. Fortunately, we transferred our main force to the Hongshan Bay base at the beginning, otherwise, we would definitely be hit hard in the first round of attacks. “

Qianchengxue is also a little fortunate.

β€œWhat are you going to do now?”

Su Mo solemnly asked.

In his view, the current situation is not optimistic. The two official guilds joined forces, and it was not so easy to rescue.

(end of this chapter)

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