Star Ring Mission Chapter 268


Chapter 268 Counterattack (Second Update)

But forget it, give him some time and he can win this Guys, and Hank and the others won’t be long before they win.

In fact, it was exactly as York expected.

The intruding troops were all ambushed and blocked.

The group that hit the Wet God Guild was in a good condition, barely able to support it. Hit a group of players from the Free Victory Guild and were quickly defeated.

The technical difference between the regular army and the casual players is still very big.

In Qianchengxue’s communication channel, the anxious voices of the members of each team continued to sound.

“No, the enemy’s battle strength is too strong, we simply can’t defeat it.”

Qianchengxue bit her lip lightly, holding on.

In the distance, Su Mo hides behind a hillside in his Killing Blade mecha, draped in camouflage.

A prompt pops up constantly on the operation screen: “The X2-type reconnaissance wave is detected, and the anti-scanning system is automatically turned on!”

Su Mo held the operation lever, and the blood in his body gradually boiled, Knowing why he was driving this mecha, he was inexplicably excited.

But Su Mo doesn’t have the energy to deal with that now. He keeps watching the Hegemon-modified airborne aircraft in the air.

It’s not so easy to destroy, too many fighters linger around. If attacked from a distance, these fighters will definitely act as shields for them.

So the best way is melee attack, Su Mo’s brain quickly calculates the distance between the two, and Killing Blade maximizes the attack speed.

It was at the moment when the airborne aircraft circled the closest to Su Mo and was facing him.

Su Mo pushes the power bar to the maximum, and a prompt pops up.

“The overclocking mode is automatically turned on, the power output is increased by 30%, and the maximum duration is ten minutes.” All the jet tails were ignited, and the killing blade rushed to the sky air carrier at an extremely fast speed.

In the cab of the airborne aircraft, a short-haired lady officer was coordinating the bombing of various formations of fighter jets.

Suddenly a warning pops up on the operating screen.

“Warning that the third-generation mecha is rapidly advancing!”

Immediately after the optical image popped up a capture photo, I saw the killing blade approaching rapidly.

Vinnie’s heart was suddenly startled, as if facing the enemy, she immediately shouted: “Quickly avoid!”

“It’s too late! The direction of our flight path is opposite to that of the other party. .”

The operator shouted in horror.

“Order all around fighter jets to intercept and dump interceptor bombs!”

While giving the order, Vinnie flicked the firing buttons one by one very quickly.


The bottom of the giant airborne aircraft opened the one by one launch port, followed by a row of emergency interceptor catapults.

Su Mo approached with the Killing Blade at high speed, watching the incoming interceptor, he swung his beam saber and swept it.


The interceptor bombs were chopped up.

Then the Killing Blade slammed head-on into the nose of the giant airborne aircraft.


Su Mo drove the Killing Blade into the cab violently, and the huge wind pressure vented in, and many players of the Free Victory Guild were blown out of the cab, and the chairs and documents inside were slumped.

Vinnie, who was wearing the second-generation mechanical armor, held on to the metal handrail and looked incredible towards the huge monster mecha in front of her. Her heart was completely dominated by fear.

I saw the third generation killing blade mecha walked to the console, raised the beam saber, and slashed down.


The entire console was split straight away! The huge airborne aircraft began to fall diagonally towards Dawn City.

Immediately after, Su Mo took control of the Killing Blade and jumped and rammed out.

In an instant, the huge airborne aircraft hit the ground and exploded into the sky.

York, who was fighting Qianchengxue, turned his head and glanced at the explosion behind him, cursed inwardly.


At this moment, a stream of light came from high in the sky.

York eyes shrank, resolutely gave up attacking Qianchengxue, and jumped back to the limit to widen the distance.


The slender beam saber instantly cuts through the concrete ground, and the third generation mecha Β· Killing Blade cuts directly into the battlefield in a tyrannical imposing manner.

York looked at the blood pressure of the third generation mecha Β· Killing Blade soaring, and he wanted to smoke the two bastards of Mo Baoke. Is this called not starting?

This mecha was obviously not in Auroville, but came with the support troops, sneak attacked the airborne aircraft, and directly destroyed their combat platform.

“III mecha!”

Mobak shouted in horror, no one knew better than him how strong this mecha was. How he used this mecha to control other people’s fear, now it is his turn to be dominated by fear.

“What the hell!”

Yorke raised his mecha right hand without the slightest hesitation control, a concealed launch port on his arm opened, and a signal catapult shot into the sky.

Followed by the squad members who were originally fighting in all directions, without saying a word, they immediately gave up the battle and moved towards this side.

At the same time, countless mechanical dogs rushed over.

Su Mo held his breath and didn’t say a word of nonsense. He directly controlled the killing blade to rise up, rushing up at a very fast speed, and slashed at York.

York’s heart froze, he raised his double alloy blades to block!


The two sharp alloy blades cut directly.

York kept retreating, and then Su Mo directly lowered the beam cannon on his shoulder and fired at York.

Continuous attack without a single stagnation.

York turned on full power, opened the jet wing on the side, and rolled over to avoid it.

Unfortunately, just as his mecha landed, another shot of beam bombarded, instantly hitting York’s silver light mecha.


The whole silver light mecha was smashed and smashed to the ground.

In the cab, York’s head directly hit the operator’s console, sparks continued throughout the cab, and warning boxes for damage popped up on the operator screen.

Just one hit! York was hit hard.

The horizontal gap between the II-generation mecha and the III-generation mecha is simply the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Su Mo has never had the habit of being kind to the enemy. When he was about to fire a beam cannon to kill York, all of a sudden, mechanical dogs moved towards him like crazy.

The thoughts in his mind were spinning rapidly, and suddenly he felt something was wrong.

Under normal circumstances, if the other party is so stupid, they will definitely be prepared.

For this reason, Qianchengxue had repeatedly asked him before.

And with so many mechanical dogs rushing up, in addition to suicide attacks, maybe a mechanical dog has something special installed in it.

So Su Mo decisively turned the beam cannon and blasted at the attacking mechanical dog. He didn’t plan to give it any chance, nor did he plan to resist it.


The mechanical dogs were blasted to pieces.

At this time, Qianchengxue was keenly aware that something was wrong. When one of the mechanical dogs was smashed, a large area of red lightning appeared, and she immediately shouted.

“There is something wrong with those mechanical dogs! Everyone is attacking those mechanical dogs!”


Sun Li and the others reacted immediately, yes Shooting at those mechanical dogs.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed, as expected.

(end of this chapter)

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