Star Ring Mission Chapter 269


Chapter 269 Suppression (adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader in water) (three shifts)

He is extremely fast to enter operation instructions and kill The blade swung the beam saber in a very ruthless sweep with precision.

Cut the approaching mechanical dogs into pieces without giving them a chance to approach at all.

York saw this scene, and his heart sank to the bottom. Since they simply didn’t know that the third-generation machine was taken away, they didn’t have many weapons that could target the third-generation machine and were installed on the mechanical dog. The powerful electromagnetic bullets of , barely able to cause some effects on mecha, he originally planned to use the number to paralyze the enemy.

After all, it shouldn’t be too vigilant if it really is a wanderer who takes mecha away.

But this is a fart safari, obviously a top-level expert is driving, and he is very vigilant.

At this time, four silver light mechas led a group of mechas and rushed over.

“Instructor York!”

The overall situation is still in favor of York.

York stood up against the severe pain in his body and controlled the damaged silver light mecha, he said solemnly.

“Come on, everyone, and get me that mecha!”

“Don’t! This is not an act of death, don’t waste your life on meaningless acts, we still withdraw Let’s go.”

“If you can’t beat it, let’s withdraw.”

Mobak and Javori immediately retreated, both of them have a lot of love for this mecha. Serious psychological shadow. .

“Mobak, Javori, you guys!”

York almost didn’t mention it in one breath, and before the fight started, these two guys were cowardly.

“Anyway, if we don’t get in, we’re going to withdraw. We can’t let our subordinates die in vain.” Most of the troops in charge of the surprise attack were players from the Wet God Guild. If these guys withdrew, it would be a fart.

“Where do you want to escape, York?”

Su Mo controlled the killing blade and turned around looking towards York and the others, Su Mo was also surprised. He also didn’t expect to meet York here in front of him. If his teammates hadn’t spoken, he probably wouldn’t have known.

It’s really a special fate. As soon as I came up, I met three guys who were killed by him.

“It’s you!”

York heard Su Mo’s voice, a silhouette suddenly appeared in his mind, his skeleton rattled, his eyes fixed on Su Mo.

“That’s right, it’s me, we are really destined! Let me give you another ride!”

Su Mo raised the beam saber in his hand.

York woke up immediately, he turned his head to the Hunters and said, “Stop him! Get out!”

In his opinion, if that guy is really driving the III On behalf of mecha, there is no need to hope, it is definitely impossible to get it back. If you stay any longer, it is estimated that he will die at the hands of this guy.


Hunt and the others responded fearlessly.

At this point Morbak and Javori immediately turned the mecha and escaped.

York looked at the two who ran faster than rabbits, and wanted to chop these two guys. It was the fake information given by these two idiots that made them so passive.

Su Mo controlled mecha and rushed towards Hant and the others, raising high beam saber and slashing head-on.

He won’t show any pity or tenderness.


York, who had escaped a distance, stopped, turned his head and looked towards the distance behind him, his teeth were about to bite.

There is basically no need to guess, he also knows that his team members are bode ill rather than well.

But there is no way, the general trend is over, without the command of the giant airborne aircraft platform, it is difficult for the air fighter group to organize efficient fire support. In addition, the hidden weapon mechanical dog was detected, and there was no chance of winning.

More than an hour later, Su Mo was standing on the broken mechanical wreckage in his Killing Blade, looking out over the bustling city.

Su Mo was slightly sighed, without any joy of victory.

Sun Li and the others were searching and rescuing the surviving people everywhere, some of the rescued companions broke down and cried bitterly, especially those who were captured. Sometimes death is not terrifying, and torture without bottom line is the most hateful.

ka-cha ~

At this time, in a dark corner, a shadow wearing glasses secretly took a photo of Killing Blade.

It didn’t take long for the photo to circulate on the forum with the title of the post titled The Lonely King.

In just one hour, this post was reprinted more than 10 million times, and the click rate directly exceeded 100 million.

Breaking the entire forum.

Countless people were shocked and left comments below.

“What’s the situation, I’m not mistaken, the players of the Dawning Guild actually captured the third-generation mecha of the Wet God Guild?”


“Too worship, please accept our knees.”

“What is the mecha of the Wet God Guild, that is clearly the third generation mecha of the Free Victory Guild.”

“Dawn This is the rhythm of the guild’s rise!”

Of course, there are also many messages written in the M language under these posts.

“I’m not afraid of opponents like gods, but teammates like pigs. I don’t know what that group of idiots thinks, but they actually cooperate with a group of pigs”

“That’s right. It’s really a show of brains, can the players of the Wet God Guild believe it? What they say is like toilet paper. (Translation)”


Star Ring Β· City of giant steel.

Xiao Wen and other Corps Heads gathered together and are having a meeting to discuss a new round of combat plans.

“I heard that Emmayah has arrived in Yuechuan Plain.”

“Yes, if there is no accident, she should be planning to establish a new military force in Yuechuan Plain. Base.”

“Dreaming! That doesn’t mean putting a gun on our backs, we have to pull her out.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy to pull out, if it’s simple It’s the people from Emmaia, it’s better to unplug them. After all, no matter how powerful they are, the number of people is limited. But as far as I know, this new strategic base is in cooperation with the Wet God Guild. Once we start, the people of the Wet God Guild will I will do it too.”

Xiao Wen solemnly replied .

“The Wet God bastard.”

“Forget it, it’s useless for you to scold them. The Wet God Guild has been very arrogant recently. According to the information I got, they are now fighting against Dawn. The guild and the Martial God guild conduct a strategic strike.”

At this time, a short and sturdy man (41st Corps Head Zhao Shao) rubbed his temples with both hands and said with a headache.

“They will be able to bully and bully Sanyou, and have the ability to beat us?”

Chen Shan is also full of anger.

There was a sudden knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Xiao Wen turned his head and shouted.

I saw a herald walk in, he bowed respectfully to everyone present, and then reported.

“The latest information, the Wet God Guild has lost the third generation mecha Β·Killing Blade.”

“Fuck, who is it, who did it! Really talented people! ”

The numerous Corps Heads present immediately boiled, standing up one by one with disbelieving expressions on their faces.

“According to the latest news, it was done by Qianchengxue Corps Head of the Dawnbreaker Guild, and now the third-generation mecha is driven by a player named Su Mo. They used the III-generation mecha to defeat them a few hours ago. The incoming enemy.”

The Herald replied.

(end of this chapter)

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