Star Ring Mission Chapter 27


Chapter 27 Exclusion

Su Mo turned his head to look over, only to find that it was Ye Jing who walked over, followed by him A group of beautiful women and many elite subordinates.

“This is not Young Master Ye, you said it, then of course there is no problem.”

The stall owner betrayed very unscrupulously. Of course, this is normal. In this Safety Sector, Who would dare not give Young Master Ye face.

It’s a pity that Su Mo was the accident.

“I’ve already bought this.”

Su Mo said blankly.

“Uh, this brother, you are stupid, you want this, but Young Master Ye.”

“You already said the deal just now.”

Su Mo lifts the head looking at the stall owner in front of him.

The young man seemed to sense Su Mo’s chilling imposing manner, instinctively took a step back, and his face was also a little scared.

Ye Jing couldn’t help but glance at Su Mo, he showed a very interested expression.

“This brother’s imposing manner is quite good. Judging from the equipment on your body, you seem to be an expert, what the heck.”

“We don’t know each other well.”

Su Mo didn’t want to talk to Ye Jing very much.

“Interesting, okay, then we won’t get too close. Although you liked things, the Boss agreed, but there is a saying that you haven’t paid yet, so it doesn’t count. Why not Let’s just do it, the one with the highest price will get it, and it’s really possible to serve someone with money.”

Ye Jing hasn’t met such a person who doesn’t give him face, but he likes it very much, so it’s interesting.

At this time, the stall owner naturally has a hundred thousand willingness in his heart. Who doesn’t want to make more money, so he said directly.

“I think what Young Master Ye said makes sense, brother I’m sorry.”

Although Su Mo was very upset with this stall owner’s behavior, he didn’t want a direct conflict . Although this is the Safety Sector, there is actually no order here. He suffers a lot by himself. Anything that can be solved with money is not a problem.


Hearing Su Mo’s answer, the girls beside Ye Jing covered their mouths and chuckled. In their eyes, Su Mo was not a fool, but he wanted to talk to him. Young Master Ye compares money.

“500 yuan.”

Ye Jing stretched out a slap.

When the stall owner heard the price, his mouth could not close with laughter.

“1000 yuan.”

Su Mo was not used to Ye Jing either.

Ye Jing was also slightly surprised, even if five hundred yuan is a sky-high price, this thing normally costs seventy or eighty yuan. If it wasn’t for his great use, he wouldn’t have spent so much money on it.


Ye Jing brows slightly wrinkle and continued to bid.




The two kept asking each other, and soon Su Mo would The price is open to 5000 dollars. Ye Jing’s face has become a little dignified, and the girl next to him has stopped talking.

Even the stall owner was a little uneasy, he felt as if he had done something stupid, and the youngster in front of him seemed to be an incredible person.

Ye Jinggang wanted to continue bidding, but Steward reminded him in a low voice.

“Young Master, it’s almost there.”

Ye Jing immediately reacted, although this amount of money was nothing to him. But it is really inappropriate to spend so much money for such a piece of garbage. For this, Battle Qi also has a limit. They are rich, but they are not upstarts.

So Ye Jing smiled and said to Su Mo: “You won, I don’t know what you call it.”

“Do I need to tell you?”

Su Mo very calmly replied.

“Okay, your financial resources are good, you will meet again if you have the opportunity.”

Ye Jing laughed and left with people, not annoyed at all. Although he is arrogant, he has his own rules, and if he loses, he will lose.

At this time, the stall owner was a little uneasy, looking towards Su Mo, and he showed an embarrassed smile.

“This brother, I am also compelled by circumstances, this is not Young Master Ye, I can’t afford to offend, or I will charge less.”



Su Mo simply replies.

The stall owner hesitated, but still reported to Su Mo.

Not very long Su Mo finished paying and left with his stuff, leaving only the restless stall owner standing there.


In the west corner of the Safety Sector, the 70th and 80th members of the Dream Guild gathered together.

Tang Zhi is chatting with many sisters.

“I tell you, Lan Xi came back alive, and Sister Wu is taking her to report to the top executives.”

“Really, I remember her teammates. Isn’t it all dead?”

The girls next to her asked curiously.

“Yes, they are all dead, and Lan Xi killed them.”

Tang Zhi said seriously.

“Ah? Could there be any misunderstanding?”

Some girls said in surprise.

“It doesn’t matter if there are any misunderstandings, because it’s nothing. Do you know how Lan Xi came back alive? Let me tell you, she is the thigh of the enemy who killed her teammates, licking The face came back alive.”


“I have not wronged anyone, if you don’t believe me, you can wait and go offline, go to the guild logistics channel and ask, yes She didn’t kill her teammates. She also ran away with the enemy, hey, this person has become vicious and is too terrifying.”

“didn’t expect her to be such a person.”

“That’s right, too terrifying is really knowing the person and the face but not the heart.”

The girls next to her agreed.

At this time, a handsome man also echoed: “I have seen it for a long time, when I was in the training camp, I felt that there was something wrong with her, but fortunately I didn’t talk to her. A group.”

“Zhou Ji, I remember you wanted to be in a group with her back then? It’s just that you didn’t choose it later.”

A girl next to her asked suspiciously road.

“What, I was deceived by her surface at first. Later, I realized something was wrong, and I retreated bravely, otherwise I might also be sold. Now I guess I can’t die any longer.”

Zhou Ji quickly defended.

“It makes sense.”

The girls present echoed.

At this moment, Sister Wu led Lan Xi over, and they had already explained the situation to the top supervisor of the guild. The guild gave Lan Xi a one-month fine, and the matter was taken over.

Tang Zhi and the others stopped talking after seeing it.

“Everyone is here!”

Sister Wu greeted.

“Hello, Sister Wu.”

“Sister Wu, why are you free? Are you free?”

The girls present responded with a smile. .

Sister Wu replied with a smile: “What are you free, the game has just started, the guild has been severely reduced, and all aspects of things have to be coordinated, so busy.”

“Sister Wu has worked hard.”

“Yeah, so hard work, you have to pay attention to rest, otherwise it’s easy to get old.”

Many sisters were holding Sister Wu.

Sister Wu laughed and said to many sisters: “Okay, sisters, I will pay attention to rest. I came here to discuss something with you.”

“What’s the matter, Sister Wu, shouldn’t she help Lan Xi find a team?”

Tang Zhi said with a meaningful smile.

The people who were still very lively at first heard Tang Zhi’s words, everyone quieted down, and the atmosphere became very awkward for a while.

Sister Wu brows slightly wrinkle, she also dislikes Tang Zhi very much. This is not to add confusion to her, to disrupt everything she was going to say.

But since this is the case, she will not hide it, straight to the point said to many sisters.

(end of this chapter)

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