Star Ring Mission Chapter 272


Chapter 272 Mortgage (One Update)

“Long Live Sister Xue!”

The crowd cheered excitedly.

However, what they cheered was not because of Qianchengxue’s promise, but because the group finally had a way to go. Even if it’s a Road of No Return, they don’t hesitate.

Maybe that’s the sense of belonging the group brings.

Immediately, everyone began to count the amount of investment. Since the attack plan needs to be kept secret, the people below have limited financial resources and limited risk resistance. Therefore, the fundraising behavior is limited to all executives in the Conference Hall.


Sun Li (Deputy Corps Head) took the lead in writing down the amount of his investment.


Tang Yao (Deputy Corps Head) also echoed.


Chen Meng (the leader of the third group) then said.


This is basically all their deposit, if the bet loses. Although he didn’t sleep on the street, he also went bankrupt.

Su Mo touched his pocket and looked embarrassed, he didn’t seem to have much money! The only remaining check was also given to Lin Zinuo.

Of course, Su Mo can also choose to use the money in his card, although he may make a lot of money in this way. But then he thought about it carefully, and this amount of money meant nothing to him. And there’s also the potential to make this coming crisis insignificant, so that’s not at all challenging.

Life is full of challenges and pursuits, so he chose to give up this idea.

The statistics list will be handed over to Su Mo soon.

Sitting on the side, Zhao Han whispered to Su Mo: “Do what you can.”

She knew that Su Mo didn’t have much money.

I saw Su Mo write down the amount of 500 yuan on it. To be honest, when he wrote this number, his face was slightly red. There was no way he really had no money on him.

Zhao Han looked at the amount above, and the corner of her mouth couldn’t help twitching. When she took it over, she picked up a pen and added another zero on it.

“I’ll help you out. It will be deducted from your salary this month. Remember to get into the habit of saving money next time.”

In any case, Su Mo is now their twelve The group’s golden signboard can’t be too shabby.


Su Mo responded gratefully.

Soon the form was filled out and passed to Qianchengxue. There were about 50 executives in the entire Conference Hall, raising a total of about 2000W.

Looking at this amount, Qianchengxue fell into deep thought, and it was obvious that this amount of money was far from enough.

There is a saying that war is the strongest shredder.

Qianchengxue estimated that according to the planned plan, she would purchase at least more than 300 million air defense weapons. After all, it is the Wet God Guild that is going to fight, and even the Free Victory Guild may take part, and they have to purchase according to the highest specifications.

But she now has about 120 million cash in hand, and this money was originally used to pay wages.

Qiancheng Xue couldn’t help falling into silence, Sun Li asked concernedly when she saw this, “Isn’t Sister Xue enough?”

Su Mo heard this and looked at Qian again Chengxue brows slightly wrinkle, and basically guessed that the money is not enough.

He couldn’t help but shake, subconsciously wanting to ask for some money. But the words stopped again, and now I took out the money, how to explain it?

Just when Su Mo was hesitating, Qianchengxue seemed to make up her mind, she lifted the head and said to everyone: “It’s okay, I’ll take care of the rest of the money, now everyone goes down to rest, Adjust the state to the best.”


Everyone responded with nodded.

Qianchengxue stood up and left the Conference Hall, she had already made a decision in her heart, and decided to give it a try by cutting off one’s means of retreat. So she is ready to arrive at all the properties, stocks, and everything of value in her name.

If you win, everyone is happy. If you lose, you can only sell all the properties in the game and quit Star Ring.

It’s not that Qianchengxue likes to take risks, but that the situation is changing more and more severely, and simply will not give her time to develop slowly.

A moment later, Su Mo logged out of the game after placing the mecha and opened his eyes in the computer room.

Su Mo took off his helmet and exhaled.

Immediately, Su Mo took out the mobile phone in his pocket and took a look. When he saw the message sent by Sun Duoxiang, he opened it and looked thoughtful.

It seems that luck is good, the Free Victory Guild and the Wet God Guild will focus their attacks on the Martial God Guild, not on them, otherwise Qianchengxue’s side will definitely be more difficult.

Su Mo stretched his waist, moved his muscles and bones a little, then got out of the space chair and walked out of the computer room. He was going to go home and rest for a while.

As a result, he bumped into Zhao Han as soon as he went out.

“Where are you going, Su Mo?”

“Go home to rest, what’s the matter?”

Su Mo asked with a puzzled face.

“Don’t go out yet. Now there are so many reporters outside the Dawn Group, and the water around all the exits has been drained.”

“What’s going on?”

Su Mo was also a little stunned.

“What else can we do, the fact that we Legion has a third-generation mecha has been stabbed out, especially you, and now you have become a celebrity on the cusp of the limelight.”

Zhao Han touched her forehead to explain, to be honest, her mind is in a mess now, and no one didn’t expect things to ferment so violently.

“Then how do I go home?”

“Why don’t I go home? Let’s live in the company temporarily, or you will be harassed even if you squeeze out. Yes. Let me tell you, Sister Xue was going to leave just now, and she was in a private helicopter.”

Zhao Han patted Su Mo’s shoulder helplessly.


Su Mo can only accept the reality. It is also a good choice to stay in the company temporarily.

On the other side, Qianchengxue took a private helicopter to the Imperial Capital Federal Bank, accompanied by Sun Li.

On the plane, Qiancheng Xue picked up a red box in her hand. She slowly opened the box, which contained a gorgeous black gemstone necklace.

She reached out and stroked the surface of the gem lightly, tears glistening in her eyes.

This necklace was given to her by her mother when she was leaving. This is also a token of love that her father gave her when she married Ye Family. Only now the necklace still shines, but people have remained the same, but people have changed.

By chance, she overheard the conversation between her father and grandfather. Knowing that the Star Ring is about to open, and the winner of the Cup of Heaven, God will grant him a wish.

Although she knew the impossible would win, she didn’t want to give up.

In the cabin, Sun Li looked at Qianchengxue holding the red box and asset portfolio, and said with a very complicated expression: “Sister Xue, is it really necessary to do this? Why not? Applying for funds from the group?”

“Since we rejected a decent exit at the beginning and chose to rely on ourselves, then no matter how difficult this road is, we must continue!”

Qiancheng The snow face is gentle and calm.


Sun Li was still very nervous.

“By the way, how did I do what I asked you to do?”

(end of this chapter)

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