Star Ring Mission Chapter 273


Chapter 273 Transactions (Second Update)

“I have made an appointment with Ye Jing, right next to the Commonwealth Bank. But I don’t quite understand one thing, we obviously have many channels to buy equipment, why should we choose Ye Jing?”

Sun Li asked very puzzled.

“I know this person, and he is half his own, anyway, he is surnamed Ye. Although Ye Jing seems to be playful, he is still very principled in dealing with transactions. Another point is that we will definitely be targeted for such a large purchase, so conventional channels are not suitable for it.”

“But, with his strength, can he eat our order?”

“Don’t underestimate everyone who does private work, there must be several online lines behind him.”

Qianchengxue saw it very thoroughly.


Sun Li nodded replied.

At noon, Ye Jing sat quietly in the corner of the casual dining room, his calm face revealed a hint of doubt.

In fact, he is also quite confused now. Qianchengxue, who is proud of one’s success, suddenly asked him what to do?

Time flies by.

In the end, Qianchengxue and Sun Li came. Of course, they had already gone to the Commonwealth Bank before and successfully got the mortgaged funds.

“Sister, you’re here.”

Ye Jing quickly stood up and greeted with a smile.

“Sorry for the delay.”

“No delay, I have nothing to do today.”

Ye Jing laughed replied.

“Okay, it’s all from my own family, and I won’t be polite to you anymore. I know you’ve been doing the private business of reselling supplies for a long time.”

Qianchengxue straight to the point mention.

After listening to Ye Jing, his thoughts turned quickly, and he recalled whether he had done anything special recently?

He thought about it carefully, and it seemed that there was nothing particularly bad, so he said with a slight smile: “Sister, I just mess around in my spare time, but I really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.”

“I’m not here to accuse you, I’m here to buy something from you.”

Qianchengxue said very seriously.

After Ye Jing heard Qiancheng Xue’s words, the smile on his face faded, and he replied seriously: “Sister, I don’t understand, you have many channels, why did you choose me?”

He never believed that a pie would suddenly fall from the sky, so when faced with Qian Chengxue’s abnormal behavior, his first reaction was not joy, but vigilance.

The shopping mall is like a battlefield, not to mention the business he does, which is a bit gray.

“Because I think you are reliable.”

Qiancheng Xue replied lightly.

Ye Jingshen’s situation is constantly changing, he tentatively asked: “I don’t know, what do you want to buy.”

“I want an anti-air defense weapon with better performance and a higher price. Cheaper, more quantity.”

Qianchengxue directly put forward very harsh conditions.

After hearing this, Ye Jing felt a lot less vigilant in his heart, but he started to get into trouble. This business is not easy to do.

“Sister, I’m not talking nonsense. Due to the recent series of slapstick operations by the Wet God Guild, the price of anti-aircraft weapons has nearly doubled, and they are very popular.”

Qiancheng Xue took out a list from her portfolio and handed it to Ye Jing.

“I want these.”

After reading it, Ye Jing’s eyelids kept twitching, and he asked with a dark face.

“Sister Xue, are you sure your quantity is correct? Did you fill in an extra zero? Where can I get so many items?”

“No, that’s all I need. I believe you should have a way to get it.”

“You think too highly of me, don’t you?”

“You tell me you can do it?”

Qianchengxue stared at Ye Jing.

Ye Jing’s expression changed for a while, and finally clenching one’s teeth and said: “It can be done, but in terms of price, I roughly estimate that this batch of goods will cost at least 420 million, and it must be in cash.”


“It’s too expensive, so I have a budget of 300 million.”

Qianchengxue directly rejected it.

“300 million won’t be won at all, so let’s take a step back, and I will take the 400 million order. The market is really expensive now, and when you purchase this batch of weapons, the market will definitely skyrocket. “

“It’s still too expensive, just 300 million! I’ve calculated it, and you still have a profit.”

“No, 300 million won’t come down at all. We are all one and the same.” For the family’s sake, at least 350 million. It’s really not good, I will let you owe the 50 million. It will be settled within a month, and I promise to keep the deal tight-lipped.”

Ye Jing It can also be seen that Qian Chengxue’s financial resources have reached this level, which should be the limit.


Qian Chengxue has made the deal directly.

“Happy cooperation!”

Ye Jing stood up and extended the hand.

“Wait, I have something ugly I want to say in front of you. I want you to deliver this batch of goods as quickly as possible.”

Qianchengxue said bluntly , because she wants to implement the plan as quickly as possible, and it is easy to change if it is too late.

After Ye Jing heard it, he couldn’t help but frowned, clenching one’s teeth and said.



In the lounge of the tenth building of the Breaking Dawn Group, Su Mo is lying on the bed resting.

At this time, the door was pushed open, and a familiar urging voice sounded.

“I’m still asleep, what time is it, get up quickly, I’m going online.”

Su Mo opened his eyes and looked towards Lin Zinuo in disbelief.

“Why did you come back?”

“Can I not come for such a big move? There is also investment, you didn’t notify me, I just missed the opportunity to make a fortune .”

Lin Zino said, excitedly stepped forward and directly pinched Su Mo’s neck.

Su Mo is also speechless.

“How can you invest?”

“I haven’t used the check you gave me, so I can invest it first.”

Lin Zino seems to have lost a lot of money, which is extremely painful.

Su Mo has a black line on his face and doesn’t know how to complain about Lin Zino.

“Forget it, let’s go.”

Lin Zino sighed and pulled Su Mo directly.


Hongshan Bay Base, Su Mo and the others just launched, and they saw the whole base is super lively.

NVC-03 anti-aircraft missile vehicles and sturdy heavy transport vehicles with canvas covers drove in.

“A lot of weapons.”

Su Mo and Lin Zino watched everyone unload their weapons there.

Lin Zinuo said with emotion: “This is not playing games, it’s clearly burning money and wasting money.”

“How can there be so much pay a small price for this world? The big rewards in return is a good thing, if you want to gain it, you have to pay. If you can successfully win the gold mine, this investment is still worthwhile.”

Su Mo also felt very excited at this time.

“Hey, you said that we are just a Legion for a war, and we have made such a big deal? How much did the Heavenly Dragon guild have to burn for a fight?”

” It’s too many to count, and there’s no way to count.”

Su Mo was also very shocked when he thought about it.

At this time, he suddenly saw a familiar silhouette, subconsciously said.

“Isn’t that Ye Jing? Why is he here.”

Lin Zinuo looked over and saw Ye Jing, and was a little puzzled, and immediately thought of something.

“Wait, shouldn’t these weapons be bought from him? This guy is so strong?”

“Most likely yes, that’s exactly what he said. If so, don’t underestimate anyone.”

Su Mo looked thoughtful and said.

Not very long, Qianchengxue accepts all purchased weapons. Without saying a word, she directly ordered all the weapons to be unsealed, and then distributed to all the elite fighters.

The exercise is then announced to the following people.

(end of this chapter)

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