Star Ring Mission Chapter 274


Chapter 274 Aura (adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

Of course, all confidants know well, What is this for. But in order to prevent someone from being betrayed, we still have to find an excuse to cover it up.

Soon the troops were fully armed and set off.


In the hangar of the Yuechuan Plain Base, a second-generation mecha cab was opened, and Emaya jumped out of the cab with a livid face.

The attack plan failed and the intelligence was wrong, causing her to attack the Martial God guild.

The information given by the Wet God Guild at the beginning was exactly what it said. The incident of robbing mecha was jointly planned by the Tenth Legion of the Dawning Guild and the Martial God Guild. So mecha has great potential in the Martial God Guild. After all, the Martial God Guild is the boss and has the most power, so it is most likely to be hidden by them.

As a result, she raided the Martial God guild with most of the weapons.

Now the surprise attack plan not only failed, but also well known.

If there is no accident, the Heavenly Dragon guild must know, even if she wants to get it back.

What made Emaya even more annoyed was that the Martial God Guild was no different from the regular army of the Heavenly Dragon Guild. Although her surprise attack was a great victory, she also paid a heavy price.

This is also the reason why she took so long to escape after getting the information that the third generation mecha appeared in Auroville.

The people of the Martial God guild are like a mad dog, biting them regardless of casualties.

“Lord Emaya, something happened!”

A subordinate hurried up to report.

“What’s the matter.”

“York slapped Mo Baoke and the others because of the intelligence problem, and the people on both sides fought. The people of the Wet God Guild relied on people Too many, surrounded our people.”

“A bunch of idiots!”

Emmaya was even more annoyed after hearing this.

In the dark night of Yuechuan Plain, Qianchengxue personally led all the elite troops and appeared on the periphery of the largest Kotedo gold mine in this area.

Looking from afar, this golden stronghold houses many defensive troops.

Su Mo said to Qianchengxue on the communication channel: “The defense is a little more strict than last time, but it’s okay.”

“Everyone listen, start from us , it will take at least 30 minutes for the enemy to receive the news that the mine has been attacked. So we have to take this mine within this time, do you have confidence?”




Sun Li and the others responded excitedly.


Qianchengxue without the slightest hesitation gives the order!

The next second, Su Mo and Qianchengxue rushed up first!

The Wet God Guild mecha squad guarded at the outermost periphery, immediately saw Su Mo and them.

“Isn’t that the third generation mecha Killing Blade, how come Lord Morbock?”

“What Lord Morbock, that’s the enemy!”

“My God! Enemy attack!”

Su Mo lowered his shoulder beam cannon, and shot after shot precisely moved towards the defensive mecha squad.


Kill this squad directly.

Immediately after, Su Mo controlled the killing blade and rushed into the gold mining area first.

But a very funny scene appeared.

A player from the Wet God Guild guarding the gold mining area saw the Killing Blade and was immediately frightened by its terrifying aura, and could not even resist.

I lost the will to fight and ran away.

“Run, it’s the killing blade!”

Su Mo felt helpless when he saw this scene, and he didn’t feel any fun in this battle.

In the office of Yuechuan Plain Base.

I saw Mobak and Javori standing there with bloody nose and swollen face.

Of course, York and the others are much better off. After all, there was a conflict in other people’s territory, and the number of players in the Wet God Guild was dozens of times that of them.

At this time, Amokadi also scolded the two idiots of Morbak to the blood, and then licked his face and explained to Emaya.

“General Emaya, don’t be angry, it’s all an accident.”

“Is it an accident? Your people beat our people like this. Forget it?”

“Sir Emmaia, you can’t say that, your people did it first, our people are already very restrained, and several of our people died.”

Amokadi explained with a smile.

“If it wasn’t for you people who gave information blindly and fled, our people would have died so miserably.”

York said angrily.

“If you can’t give me a reasonable explanation for Amokadi, I don’t mind complaining to your superiors!”

Emmaia’s patience has reached its limit.

Amokadi also began to greet Emmaia constantly in his heart, but he still squeezed out a smile to reassure him: “Don’t, there is something to discuss, so let’s let Mo Baoke and Jawori I apologize. But this is a misunderstanding after all, please don’t pursue it any more.”

Emmaia coldly snorted, it is a default.

Mo Baoke and Jawori could only suppress their unhappiness and apologize to York through gritted teeth.


York coldly snorted, turned and left the office.

Mo Baoke and Jawori were furious when they saw Yorke being so tugged, but they were still stared back by Amokadi.

Amokadi laughed about to say something nice to Emmaia and take things over.

Suddenly a herald rushed in with a look of lost one’s head out of fear.

“I didn’t see us in a meeting, who allowed you to rush in.”

Amokadi was annoyed scolded, really getting more and more unruly.

If it were the usual way, the herald would have been scared to death when he heard Amorkady’s scolding, but he couldn’t care less now.

I saw the herald ignoring Emaya who was present, ran directly to Amokadi, and whispered a few words.

Amokadi jumped up like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“Are you idiots, gold points can be served by others!”

Mo Baoke and Javori were also anxious and asked quickly.

“Which golden point was robbed!”

“Which one else, of course the biggest one.”

Amgrily roared , he was going crazy, they used the third-generation machine just for the gold mine, and now the third-generation machine has lost its butt and hasn’t been wiped clean, and now even the gold mine has problems.

Emaya didn’t know whether to laugh or be sad when she heard what they said, when are they still paying attention to that gold mine.

These guys were not saved, so Emaya didn’t bother to stay here, turned around and left.

Kotedo Gold Mine, Sun Li and the others are urgently instructing the brothers to set up ground and air defense nets.

Zhao Han and several other team leaders led the production of players and went up to operate the mining equipment, thanks to the players from the Wet God Guild who did not destroy these equipment.

Soon the devices rebooted and they started mining in situ.

At this time, Qianchengxue found Su Mo and said solemnly: “Su Mo has now won the mine, but I still need you to lead some people to do one thing.”

“Whatever, just say it.”

Su Mo asked calmly.

(end of this chapter)

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