Star Ring Mission Chapter 275


Chapter 275 Snatch (adding sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four updates)

“In our north area there is a gold Ore processing base, I need you to seize that area and bring the equipment back.”

“No problem!”

“Then I will let Lin Zino cooperate with you.”

Qianchengxue nodded replied.

At this moment, one NVC-03 anti-aircraft missile vehicle suddenly started.

peng sound ignited, and missiles hit the dark night sky.

One after another gorgeous fireworks exploded in the sky in the distance.

Su Mo said with some emotion: “The support from the Wet God Guild is really fast this time.”

“Don’t underestimate the enemy, the rabbit will bite people in a hurry. Say, we are copying their lifeblood now.”

Qianchengxue was in a very good mood at this time.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Su Mo drove the mecha and turned away to find Lin Zinuo.

An hour later, Su Mo, Lin Zinuo and the others came to the periphery of the processing base on the north side, looking at the past, where the processing base was still in operation.

A group of guard soldiers at the door were smoking, talking and laughing.

Inside the processing base, black smoke billows, and the work is in full swing. It seems that they do not know that the nearby gold mines have been taken over.

Lin Zinuo excitedly said to Su Mo, “Su Mo, do you think there will be processed gold that hasn’t been shipped yet?”

“There must be, maybe? Fortunately, there are still a lot of unprocessed ores, but it doesn’t matter that they are brought together!”

Su Mo didn’t bother to think about it so much.

“I love hearing this, so what are we waiting for!”

Lin Zinuo was so excited that he wanted to rush up.

“Don’t be so excited, you follow me, I’ll go first!”

Su Mo pushed the lever and charged up with the Killing Blade.


Lin Zinuo waved his hand, Zhou Qian and the others all followed.

The guarded Wet God Guild player turned around and ran away when he saw the mecha being driven by Su Mo.


Su Mo swung his beam saber and swept over, and was instantly hit by someone, half of his body evaporated directly, as brutal as he wanted.

At this time, ten guard mechas rushed out from the processing base. Unfortunately, when I saw Su Mo, he turned around and ran faster than a rabbit.

As for the hard workers working in the processing plant, they directly kneel down and beg for mercy, and they don’t have the spirit to fight to the death at all.

A very ironic scene appeared. Su Mo’s hundreds of people took less than ten minutes to take down this processing base. that collapses.

Lin Zinuo led people to open the storage warehouses one by one, and piles of mined gold ore were exposed.

“I’ve made a fortune!”

“Sister Zino, come here, look this way!”

Zhou Qian shouted excitedly.

Su Mo turned his head to look and saw a transport truck with boxes of smelted gold piled up.

In the game, 1kg of gold can now be exchanged for a little gold point, and the official can exchange for 2,000 yuan.

The gold of this car is at least 2 tons, and this car alone is worth at least 4 million.

“Take it all away! Don’t let it go at all!”

Lin Zinuo didn’t even think about it, she wanted to take it all away. However, she was also in pain and happiness at this time, and it was very cool to grab it.

The problem is that she did not invest, double the income! Thinking of this Lin Zinuo wanted to cry.

Su Mo looked at the nervous Lin Zinuo and shook the head, he moved towards Qin Wang.

I saw Qin Wangzheng quickly instructing the people below to disassemble the equipment and let mecha load the equipment on the transporter.

“How long will it take?”

“It will take an hour at the fastest, thanks to that, this is a gold refining process that is not too complicated. If this is a fuel processing base, Even if you give me half a month, I won’t be able to do it.”

Qin Wang made an estimate and explained to Su Mo.


Su Mo nodded.

In the Yuechuan Plain Base, Amokadi angrily smashed the water glass on the table to the ground.

He sent several air strike formations, all of which were shot down by the opponent.

“A bunch of rubbish!”

“Corps Head is not the time to be angry now, the top priority now is to quickly grab the mining area. You can’t let those guys dig so unscrupulously, that’s not the case. It’s all our money.”

Mo Baoke was so anxious that he almost cried.

“How to get it back? According to the feedback from the people below, the third-generation machine is inside. Maybe the mining area is not recaptured, and all the people who sent it may be damaged.”

Amokadi said angrily.

Mo Baoke immediately closed his mouth and didn’t dare to say a word, after all, he was the culprit.

Javori said, “Corps Head, don’t worry, I think that third-generation mecha can be cleaned up by Emmaia’s gang.”

“Also As you say, I’ve got someone to inform her.”

Amokadi coldly snorted.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Amokadi took a deep breath and calmed down.

A herald, cowering, came in.

“How about it, let Emmaia know if they have not.”

“Already informed, but Lord Emmaia asked me to tell you that they have just experienced a fierce battle, it is true Too weak to deal with the invaders.”

“You didn’t tell them that the third-generation mecha Killing Blade was in there?”

Amokadi With a face of disbelief, it is clear that there is no problem with 9 out of 10.

“I said it, but the other side just doesn’t want to fight.”

“Go away!”

Amgrily roared.

The herald exited with fear.

“Damn bitch, shameless, I really thought it wouldn’t work without her. We can get it back on our own.”

Amokadi roared angrily. .

On the other side, York asked Emmaia very suspiciously.

“General, I don’t understand, since I know that the third-generation mecha is in the gold mine. Why don’t we take this opportunity to see if we can win it?”

” Do you really think that the 3rd generation mecha is a piece of paper, that’s the kind of idiot Moboke, can someone find a chance to take the mecha off and replace it with a normal operator, stop dreaming, not everyone is that stupid .In addition, the loss of the third generation mecha is very noisy, do you think the Heavenly Dragon guild will not notice? But they not only did not recycle this mecha, but let this mecha mess around, maybe they are fishing.”

“You mean, the Heavenly Dragon guild is fishing for you?”

“Apart from this, what’s the explanation? If we rashly assemble our weapons to encircle and suppress you, I can guarantee that the one who will die will definitely be the one who will die. We, when the time comes Heavenly Dragon guild troops, plus that 3rd generation mecha gossip, I have to fall. When the time comes our strategic plan is all shattered, and you don’t foolishly expect the wet god guild gang Humans?”

“Hehe, expect them to sell us?”

York replied angrily.

“That’s right.”

“But are we really doing nothing?”

“Don’t do anything, just wait and see! The number of troops we originally arrived here was not many. We have just fought two wars, and the casualties are nearly one third, which is already unbearable. Remember that our ultimate goal is to win the Cup of Earth, not to care about the gains and losses of local battlefields. Even we can sell ourselves at a critical moment.”

β€œGot it.”

(end of chapter)

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