Star Ring Mission Chapter 277


Chapter 277 Foreign Aid (Part 1)

Qianchengxue agreed with Su Mo’s words very much, she waved it off indifferently He waved his hand and said to everyone: “Don’t worry about anything from now on, we’ll just dig hard and we’ll be done. Anyone who stands in our way is an enemy, regardless of alignment.”


The crowd responded with high spirits.

However, what happened next was far beyond everyone’s imagination.

Because the elite group of the five major guilds has cut into the Yuechuan Plain, countless wanderers with the dream of making a fortune are pouring in like a tide.

The entire Yuechuan Plain suddenly turned into a meat grinder battlefield.

The sound of warring explosions is everywhere.

The third legion of the Wet God Guild is speechless, the unfathomable mystery is losing ground, not to mention the recapture of the Koteto gold mine.

In less than six days, the Wet God Guild, large and small, lost control of more than twenty gold mines in total.

All kinds of gold panning videos and photos were posted on the forum for a while, and some people who didn’t think it was a big deal even posted on the forum.

“Do you want to make a fortune, do you want to get rich overnight? Do you want to have a beautiful car in a car? Come and see my story of Wang Xiaoer’s counterattack!”

Watching others make a fortune, countless players became jealous and rushed in frantically.

Even some players were so daring as to organize staff to attack Qianchengxue and the others, but all of them were destroyed when Su Mo arrived.

But this also made Su Mo speechless. This is a wave after wave of rhythm, which is really frustrating.

Of course the most speechless is not Su Mo and them, but Amokadi.

In the Yuechuan base, Amokadi’s eyes were red, and he slammed an angry fist on the table. He yelled at Mo Baoke and the two.

“Are you a rice bucket, so many mines have been laid down.”

“Corps Head, you can’t blame us! We are being attacked everywhere now, and the troops have just set off. , we stepped on thunder along the way, and the mining area in the east was attacked. As soon as we rushed over, they scattered in a hurry. It was just like flies, we couldn’t drive away even if we chased them away, and our people suffered heavy casualties!”

“There are also our people stationed in the mining area at night. These people are simply insane. They launch attacks every hour, so that we can’t even rest and have endless harassment”

“We are now There is really a serious shortage of manpower! However, that bitch, Emmaia, is determined not to help us, she is just watching jokes from behind.”

Mo Baoke and I said each sentence to me, just like singing Like the double reeds, he kept complaining.

Amokadi was so angry that his heart hurt, but he couldn’t continue like this. Every second, a huge amount of money was poached. Isn’t this the same as cutting his flesh with a knife?

But it’s clear that they can’t do it alone.

“Since Emmaia is unreliable, she can only find Old Fourth, fifth!”

Amokadi replied angrily.

“No, no, Corps Head, isn’t it the same as bringing wolves into the house to find those two guys, they have been peeping at the Yuechuan Plain for a long time.”

“You think we still Is there any other way? With us alone, we will lose all the gold mines in a few days, or maybe we will all be kicked out, and now we have to eat them.”

Amokadi He was also very unwilling. The meat he finally got, now he can only spit it out to separate people.


On the other side, Emaya was watching the latest battle situation from the drone.

More than half of the entire Yuechuan Plain has been occupied, and even their bases will be impacted as they fall.

York solemnly said: “Amokadi’s gang is crazy, under such a big impact. They continue to divide their troops and snatch all the mines at the same time, so that the enemy can take advantage of it. The casualties were heavy, and now they are looking for us every day for support.”

Emmaia was also speechless, this group of people simply fell into the eyes of money. It is obvious that a mine is unwilling to lose it, and then has no ability to get it back. To use the phrase as the saying goes, it means that you are not willing to give up, and you are simply confused about money.

“Ignore them, we’ll watch.”

“Got it.”

York nodded replied.

At this moment, a subordinate came over and reported respectfully: “General, we have monitored a new piece of information.”


Emaya turned her head and glanced.

“Amokadi and half an hour ago sent an invitation to the fourth Legion of the Wet God Guild, the Fifth Army regiment. Let these two Legions send troops to Yue Chuan. Pingyuan, promise to give up half of the mines.”

The subordinate reported in a low voice.

York coldly snorted: “I really obeyed them. I didn’t see them being so active during the battle. When they lost money, they were more anxious than anyone else. I don’t think they were saved.”

Emmaia tapped her finger on the table, lifts the head and said, “No matter what, let them fight, the harder they fight, maybe we really still have a chance.”

” Got it.”

York didn’t say much.

Then Emaya said to the subordinate: “Bila, you continue to monitor Amocadi and the others, and if there is any movement, immediately report back.”

“Understood! “

Bila simply nodded replied.

Although everyone shares a base now, Emaya never trusts this group of pig-like teammates, so it is natural to monitor them in all directions.

Wet God Guild Hengmu Military Base.

I saw hordes of troops marching out.

Twenty second-generation green blade messenger mechas lined up in a row, and behind them a thousand green shield mechas lined up in a square, and came out imposing manner like a rainbow.

Heavy tanks, rocket vehicles, armored vehicles, and transport vehicles followed like long dragons.

Then followed by the dark crowd of fully armed soldiers.

They shouted in high spirits.


A formation of fighter jets whistled past in the sky.

On the observation platform, a man with a face full of flesh and thick cheeks said confidently.

“didn’t expect our two Legions together to be so spectacular.”

“That is, who can stop our weapons? Our luck is also true. No, I’ve been looking for so long, let alone a gold mine, I haven’t even found a silver mine.”

A middle-aged man with a big nose standing next to him sighed. said.

The two are Sharut, the fourth Corps Head of the Wet God Guild, and Akshay, the head of the Fifth Army.

“Don’t mention the past, now we have the chance to grow up. As long as we help Amokadi drive away those robbers, half of the Yuechuan Plain will be ours.”

“Do you think that Amorkadi is suddenly so generous, will it be a pit?”

“What are you afraid of, we are so powerful that we can wipe out everything!”

“It makes sense! “

“Go! Get on the plane, let’s go first!”

Sharut said domineeringly.


Akshay responded excitedly.

(end of this chapter)

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